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The ever-so-awesome-and-wonderful [livejournal.com profile] rubymulligan visited Japan recently, and as she knows I go all shiny-eyed at the prospect, she agreed to take along some of my spending money and pick up souvenirs for me. AND SHE FOUND SO MANY SPLENDID THINGS *TEARS OF JOY* It could not have arrived at a better time. I was so, so happy to open it. There was much squealing and handwaving of glee!


The little figurine is of Miku and Shumai-kun, who appears to be... a dumpling? A cloud-dumpling hybrid? I don't know, but he's cute XD And Miku is ADORABLE. The calendar is full of pictures of Nendoroid figurines, including several Mikus AND MADOKA AND HOMURA OMG. Rhi included several advertisements and flyers with Miku on them, and I just love them. I want all the Nendoroid figurines XD

THAT PACKAGE CONTAINS MIKU CANDY, BY THE WAY <3 <3 <3 I haven't brought myself to open it yet, because the picture on the package is so pretty, but I love gummy candy so I won't be able to hold off for long XD In this picture is also a Meiko pin (Meiko!!!), a teeny adorable collectable plate (perfectly sized for BJDs!), a little Rilakkuma bento box keychain (SO CUTE), and a bunny needle-felting kit <3 Miku had to be in the picture too!

I had to turn the calendar page to show you Madoka and Homura <3 Rhi sent me so many cool snacks! Green tea and sakura Kit Kat bars, a strawberry cheesecake Kit Kat bar, a honey Kit Kat bar, and a rum raisin Kit Kat bar (OMG RHI, HAVE YOU SEEN YURU YURI? It's a ridiculously cute anime full of girls dating and my favorite character is obsessed with rum raisin ice cream, and if you didn't know that you are surely psychic! <3) Also, petite donuts! XD Those I ate. They were VERY yummy :3 I saved the socks for last - My Melody rainbow socks! They couldn't be more perfect!

Aaaaaaaaaaah, I'm SO LUCKY <3 Thank you, Rhi! <3 <3 <3
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I keep doing Schwarz-related things in my free time! Translation is my new favorite time-sink.

So, I have this Weiß Kreuz artbook, Gakken Mook Animedia Special, and it's got screenshots from all of the opening and ending sequences. And all the screenshots have little captions beneath them. Because I was under the mistaken impression that figuring out what these say would give me secret insights into the characters, I've translated the ones that were under shots of Crawford and Schuldig.

Japanese and translations )
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After a full day of volunteer yard work, I'm exhausted. Sure beats sitting at my desk staring at a computer, though. Today I discovered that I'm not afraid of heights! Hello, 17-foot extension ladder. Why yes, I got to know you and your friend Mr. Paint Can quite well.

For your amusement and edification, I've been listening more closely to the Schwarz Dramatic Image Album to see if I can translate parts of it. What I wouldn't give for a transcription of this, even in Japanese! I could really use some kanji so I'd be certain of the meanings of some words, at least. When sentences are particularly complicated, I've mapped out the direct word correspondence below them.

This is largely Crawford-and-Schuldig-centric (you're surprised, I know) because 1) Nagi is fairly easy to understand, 2) Farfarello doesn't talk much and when he does I've been able to figure it out without much trouble, and 3) I really couldn't care less about Colonel Amlich and company.

Transliteration and translation attempts. I'm pretty pleased with what I managed to come up with. )

My eyeballs are spinning. I really wish I could come up with something significant to end this with, but I'm far too tired XD It took me several seconds to even think of the word "significant." I didn't do all this translating tonight, of course - no brains left for that. I think it's time for bed.
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So the other day I listened to the Weiss Kreuz Dramatic Image Album IV (part IV is the only one I own, amusingly. I bought it because it's part of the Schwarz story and it has Crawford and Schuldig's image songs). For those of you who aren't anime dorks, a dramatic image album (also called a drama CD) is like a radio play. I'd listened to this one when I bought it, of course, which was sometime probably in my first year of college, but I understand Japanese a lot better now (you know, after three years of classes instead of just what I'd picked up watching anime). Which isn't to say I always know exactly what's being said XD It's pretty easy to figure out what's going on, because the sound effects are rather self-explanatory and there's a lot of stock dialogue (as you would expect from Weiss Kreuz). You know, name-shouting and one-word imperatives and the like. But seriously, I would sit and listen to Okiayu Ryoutarou and Midorikawa Hikaru all day, no matter whether I have any idea what they're saying or not *fans self*

Ahem. Anyway. Here's the a rundown of what goes on, as far as I can tell. I was lucky enough to find a translation of the first half online today (here) and a summary of the second half (here), but I was pretty happy with what I understood on my own.

This stuff is seriously hilarious, guys. )
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Life update! Well, more of a fandom update, really. Or a "what I've been up to" update.

What I've been up to has not been writing ¬_¬ The writing has just not been happening. I'm not going to worry too much about it, though, because drawing has been happening instead. Anime and manga have staged a brain-coup, and I've also started studying Japanese again. I bought volume 2 of "Japanese in Mangaland," a textbook and workbook that teaches the Japanese language through lessons with examples from real manga (the dialogue is from real manga, but the pictures have been re-drawn due to copyright reasons, which makes it kind of fun to try to figure out what might've been going on in the original). Volume 2 covers what I covered in my end-of-second and beginning-of-third years of Japanese, so it's a refresher for the more complicated grammar points with some added stuff that I didn't learn in class. There's a volume 3 as well that I want to get when I finish this one.

Last week, I got the third volume of The Last Uniform in the mail from Japan! *armwaving* This way to translation babbling. )

A couple of weeks ago, I borrowed the first volume of Kashimashi ~Girl Meets Girl~ from the library. It was interesting; I had been avoiding it because I figured it was one of those standard cop-out "boy gets turned into girl and makes out with girls" yuri storylines, and I was highly skeptical about its sensitivity to transgender issues. After reading it, I'm actually more impressed with the way the story handles the main character's transition than the way it portrays same-sex attraction. Lengthy thoughts, and spoilers for the first volume. )

I've also been watching (over the past month or two) the first half of the anime Romeo x Juliet. It's pretty freaking awesome, actually - and this is me: not a big fan of the play. The opening sequence was clearly designed for me personally, or at least for anyone who the Utena opening sequence sends into raptures. As [livejournal.com profile] caitirin pointed out, it's like they made a list of all the cool things from the Utena opening. Flower imagery? Check. Kickass girls in boys' clothes? Check. Swordfighting? Check. Reaching hands? Check. Gravity-defying exploding architecture? Double freaking check XD The characters are pretty cool, too. Squee, blah, spoilers. You know the drill. )
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It's random lyrics time again!

But first, looky! Niji I got my translation of Niji up on Animelyrics.com!

Now, some Sakamoto Maaya, because she roxxors. Usually, when I read translations of or understand some of Japanese songs, I usually go "Okay... okay... I get what they're saying, but that doesn't really make a lot of sense." Gackt, YUKI, and Shinohara Tomoe come to mind. Gackt's stuff is mostly angsty relationship stuff, YUKI's is varied, but a lot of the time it makes little sense to me, as does Shinohara's. But Maaya's stuff makes sense, and is awesome, and unique. Her music has the kind of lyrics I'd be impressed with if I heard them on the American radio (as opposed to most Japanese stuff, which I tend to just think is always pretty since I don't really understand it most of the time).

So! Have some!

I'll post the English translation if the song's in Japanese, and just the English if the song's in English.

This is the song of a kingfisher girl
Who sits by the side of the River of Life
And flies in her mind over seven sad seas
Fiery her wings as so brightly she sings

Kingfisher Girl )


one day, sitting in a tree
I couldn't help but notice you there in the park
you weren't like all the others
you could fit me in your pocket
and just seemed so large

Park in Amsterdam (the whole story) )


san-gatsu jyuu-roku nichi gozen go-ji san-jyuppun

March 16 5:30 A.M.

watashi wa kyou, kono machi wo dete ikimasu.
kariteta mama no hon wa tsukue no ue.
ORENJI no NITTO wa imouto ni.
SAKANA no ESA wa ichi-nichi ni-kai desu.

Today, I will be leaving this town.
The book I borrowed is on the desk.
The orange knit is for my little sister.
The fish need to be fed twice a day.

Okitegami - Farewell Letter )


Yomikake no hon wo toji, kajirikake no pan wo nokoshi
akehanatsu mado ni wa hane ga hitotsu ochite ita
daremo kodomo no yume
kieta yukue wo shiranai

Closing the book I was reading and putting down the bread I was nibbling, I open the window and notice
that a single feather has fallen on the windowboard.
Nobody knows where the dreams of children disappeared

Chibikko Folk - Little Folk )

Ooh, and as a bonus, The Garden of Everything (sung with Steve Conte, of "Call Me Call Me" and "Rain" from Cowboy Bebop fame):

Here you are
Daylight's star
Made out of miracles

Of your own
You alone
O so incredible

Each atom
Sings to me
"Set me free
From chains of the physical."

O free me, O free me

The Garden of Everything )
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My first successful translation in, like, forever! I tried an Under17 song a few weeks ago and got so discouraged in the first stanza that I gave up. But I got through this song without a single snag (not to be confused with uncertainties, of which I have plenty) and some things even fell into magical place like they used to when I was actually studying Japanese at school.

So :)

Niji, "Rainbow", by Masaharu Fukuyama.

kiite hoshii uta ga aru yo
itsuka iitakatta kotoba ga aru yo

I have a song I want you to listen to
There are words I once said

To the other side of the sky )

Notes )

Does anybody on my f'list speak Japanese? If you do, please let me know if there's anything I translated weirdly or wrong! I really want to know :)

YAY, I feel all accomplished.
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Caitirin made me cucumber sandwiches in my bento today. They were SO good. She made it with love n____n

*had to get out her Genki Japanese textbook because she had the wrong giving verb*
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One of my recent music obsessions is YUKI, who used to sing for Judy and Mary before the band broke up. She's on her own now, and her music is so damn cute I could just die. It's bouncy and happy and it's the kind of thing that makes you want to dance on stone walls and jump in puddles. I just came upon a wealth of romanji lyrics online, and I had searched before and found only one of the songs I have - this page has all of them. I squee loudly with joy now for being able to read along. The English lyrics, which aren't translated but are left in Japanese-English, are so hysterical. Particularly in Maiagare.


That being

"Come on! Hit the floor
Let it flow, it's party time
Throw your hands up and let out a scream!
We'll teach you how to play in a way
We'll really learn
The meaning of 'to have some fun'"

... as far as I can tell.

So cute.

Today I had adventures in finding Hitchcock Hall (to deliver posters for the Writing Center), and then adventures in attempting to get in - I didn't know that the Res Life door is down another road on one side of the building, not on any of the other... um... like sixteen sides (very weirdly shaped bunch of buildings here) so I went to the computer cluster to get their phone number so they could let me in. Then I had to figure out how to use the call boxes on the front of the dorm. THEN they told me where the real door was. After all that, it turned out we were supposed to sort our flyers before we brought them in, but I did it there - we were still short, but we got a bunch out to the dorms to post so hopefully we'll have more students come.

Since this is apparently the post of random subject-switching, I saw Pride and Prejudice last night with [livejournal.com profile] caitirin and [livejournal.com profile] _melisande_. It was absolutely delightful. There is the way to do Jane Austen in movies and the way not to do Jane Austen in movies, and this version (the newer one with Keira Knightley et al, though I haven't seen the Colin Firth one) totally does it the right way. Emma Thompson's version of Sense and Sensibility was the same way. It was funny, pretty, had beautiful music and great actors, and was just fantastically entertaining. There were some kind of weird artsy transitions, and some shots that could have dragged, but you could overlook those because the music was just so pretty. I'd listen for a while, go "Geez, is he STILL walking across that field? Oh well! Pretty music!" and go back to listening contentedly. My absolute favorite thing about it was that Donald Sutherland played Mr. Bennet and that Judi Dench played, er, the Token Bitchy Imperious Old Lady. I pondered for a bit on how weird it was that I went "SQUEEEE!" when I saw Donald Sutherland, yet had no reaction to any of the younger actors ^^;; Leave it to me to fangirl the old people. This also changed my opinion of Keira Knightley, because I didn't particularly like her in PotC or King Arthur, but she was quite good in this. She has the longest neck and the flattest chest I have ever seen on a woman; this makes me feel better for more reasons than that I mistook her for a boy in the King Arthur previews. She has such skinny arms. She'd be really fun to draw or sculpt, but I don't find her attractive other than artistically. Anyway, it was really a wonderful movie.

Good lord, it's late! Hah! I feel like my young college self ^_^
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Holy GOD, they should market this dijon mustard as a nasal decongestant. *picks self up off floor after first bite of sandwich*

I have designated this a "no homework" morning, because for some insane reason, TWO out of my three classes didn't assign reading for next week O.o And I've already done the reading for the other one. So, this morning I:

- dreamed about non-malevolent ghost children
- washed dishes (though not all, just until the drainer was full)
- played online a little
- starting translating a Gackt song
- realized that if I can't read the teeny tiny kanji in the lyrics booklet and I know how the word would be spelled in hiragana, I can just type it into a Word document with my keyboard settings on Japanese and let the magical automatic hiragana-into-kanji device show me in big font what the kanji looks like, so's I can look it up in my dictionary.
- decided that "on trembling nights (furueru yoru ni wa)" should be added to Gackt's list of overused phrases*

I'm very fond of these new 100-calorie snack packs they're bringing out. I get to have a thing of Pringles for 2 points, or a packet of fruit snacks for 2 points, or a cheese-and-crackers handisnack for 2 points.

I've been very bad with [livejournal.com profile] bodyandsoul100 lately, not having posted anything for at least two weeks. But I started a picture of Roland and Olivier from Song of Roland and I'd kind of like to work on that. Hmm.

I keep thinking I should be spending all my time doing classwork, but I just don't HAVE any. And I don't have any ideas for my final papers yet, because I've only read like one or two books for each class so far. Eh *shrugs*

*which also include "hold me tightly (tsuyoku dakishimete)", "hold me once more (mou ichido dakishimete)", "stolen away (sarawareta)", and "raise your/my eyes to the sky (sora ni miageru)".
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Haha, this colorbar thing is SO cool.

Icon colorbar )

We have prettyful new windows! They're gorgeous and white and clean and good GOD, they actually OPEN. I know, I know, hard to believe. But they do. And they tilt in to wash, just like the ones my dad put into our old house.

The maintenance guys even moved my bed back and put my curtains back up. Weirdly enough, they didn't do this in any of the other rooms O.o

I went to Barnes and Noble once they got here, to keep out of their way, but didn't buy anything. I just sat in the café and read some, and lugged along my kanji dictionary so I could translate some manga. My Shinsengumi smut manga is entitled Bakumatsu* Adolescence Flowerstorm. Why yes, everyone in it IS gay, thank you. *snickers* It's pretty... dumb, though, which makes me sad. Of course, I shouldn't expect much from just some random manga, and even if the dialogue and plot WAS spectacular, I probably wouldn't be able to translate it. So I should be glad that it was as easy to read as it was. Lots of "Hijikata-saaaaaan!"s and Okita being all "I killed exactly 20 people today ♥ !" and then asking Hijikata out on a date to a new shop he found, just the two of them. Then getting drunk and passing out and catching a fever and asking Hijikata to sleep with him. Not like, sleep with him (because if Okita is the type to say that Hijikata is his kono sekai de ichiban suki (favorite in the whole world!) I don't think he even knows what sex IS) but just sleep in the same futon with him.

I also refrained from buying any manga. But then I went and had lunch at Panera, which was probably bad for me, but I had lowfat soup.

*The Bakumatsu was the civil war in Japan where the revolutionists were trying to reinstate the emperor and overthrow the shogunate. I have no idea how to translate it in one word, so I left it as is.
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Saw that [livejournal.com profile] glr1114 had done it, very niftily, and thought I'd do it as well!

Meeeeme. )

And a small test.



And something for you, [livejournal.com profile] glr1114, to see if you've been studying! I put the spaces in even though they wouldn't be in Japanese, so you could deferentiate the words.

おおかみ は おおかみ
しんせんぐみ は しんせんぐみ
そして、 ひときり は ひときり
だろう、 ばっとうさい?

Wheee! Just watched Dr. No!

First day of job was really nice, by the way. *happies*

Rie Fu

Jul. 29th, 2005 03:34 pm
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Ahh, mystery solved.

[livejournal.com profile] caitirin and I had been listening to Rie Fu's song from Bleach, Life is Like a Boat, over and over, because it's OMG so pretty. And Caitirin mentioned to me that her English was so good and her Japanese was so... well, articulated, that it didn't sound like a native Japanese speaker when compared to other Japanese singers. So we theorized that it was an English speaker who was just very good at Japanese and could pronounce everything really really well. Then I actually noticed that I had the singer's name on the song file, and as it was Rie Fu, that theory was slightly jostled. Anyway, I was looking her up and I found a Wikipedia article about her.

She is Japanese and was born in Tokyo, but she lived in Maryland from the age of 7 until she was 10, and apparently now she goes to college at the University of Arts, London, and commutes between England and Japan for her career purposes. And she's only 20. She's also a fairly new talent, because her first single was released in March of '04.

Going to see Caitirin now ^_^
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Well, I've translated the first 25 pages of Kaze to Ki no Uta (Song of the Wind and Trees). Considering that there are about 330 pages in the first volume, that's not any amazing feat, but it's something. It's not terribly hard to understand, and there have only been two or three sentences I couldn't figure out once I looked up the vocabulary. They seem to have all the furigana by the kanji, so that's lucky.

Whee for pretty 70's-style shounen ai manga of weirdness!

Shower now.
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Trying to translate Cyber Rose. Chisato sings way too bloody fast to make up for mistakes in the romanji I have saved on my computer. I need the kanji for this, because without it, tsuku is heinous.

Got my Kaze to Ki no Uta manga in the mail today! WHEE! Each volume is very long, but OMG tiny @_@ The printing is so little I'll be lucky to be able to read the regular lettering, let alone the furigana by the kanji. Hwuah.

Had dinner at parents' house tonight. Fiddleheads! Very yummy! It felt good to be there and see them and talk to them. *loves them*

... My parents, not the fiddleheads. Though I did love those, I did not talk to them.

And while I was there, [livejournal.com profile] caitirin called n_____________n
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I am laaaaazy and never did this, though I was tagged by at least one person. [livejournal.com profile] glr1114 reminded me ^_^

List your 6 favorite songs and tag 6 others to do the same.

Six Favorite Songs of the Moment:

Gackt - Hoshi no Suna (Star Sand). Just piano and vocals. Angst. Wheeeee.
Gackt and HYDE - Orenji no Taiyou (Orange Sunset). From Moonchild. I loved it even before I knew the characters in which (er...) Gackt and HYDE sing the song. More angst. Violins and electric guitars together. Gorgeous Harmony Of Doom (tm). Yes.
Smashing Pumpkins - Behold! The Night Mare. I have the CD in my car right now, so I've been listening to it a lot. This is really pretty, and it makes me think of Anthy. Um, from Utena's point of view. Lyrics )
Evanescence - Taking Over Me. Also Utena/Anthy in my head, but with some inexplicable Hamlet imagery before any of the words start. It's just got a neat beat, and piano.
It's Gonna Rain - Bonnie Pink. The, uh... fourth Kenshin ending song, I think. I could just play this song over and over and over. Someday, I'm going to blast it from a boom box outside in the rain.
Tenshi ni Narumon - Natsumi to Huyu Yuki*. This is just instrumental and some wordless vocals, but I LOVE it. It's really relaxing, and very sad because of what's going on in Tenshi ni Narumon at the time. But it's so pretty. And belongs to Mei and Cai.

*I'm Gonna Be an Angel - Natsumi and Winter Snow. Natsumi is a character in the anime, and her name is natsu (summer) + umi (sea) stuck together. Her brother's name is Fuyuki, which is fuyu (winter) + yuki (snow) stuck together.


Dec. 15th, 2004 11:52 am
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I love sort-of-knowing Japanese.

When Anthy talks to her champion/fiancé/the duellists, she uses humble language.

When she talks to anyone else at all, including Utena most of the time, she uses -masu form polite language.

When she runs
Utena through, and when she's in the coffin, and when she goes to find
Utena at the end, she uses plain form familiar language.

*dances in little circles*

[livejournal.com profile] caitirin,
the voice you heard on the radio when they were playing Akio's duel
song must have been spliced in from elsewhere, because the last person
to speak before the duel started was Akio. And I'm sure you wouldn't
get his voice confused with a girl's ^_^

Between practically
having the script memorized and what I've learned, I bet I could watch
this show with no subtitles. My DVD's subs are different than my
fansubs, too, and of course I like the latter better. Hee.


Aug. 26th, 2004 11:52 am
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Got my books today, much like [livejournal.com profile] hak42 and [livejournal.com profile] caitirin! Not all of them, but I
did get my Old English books and my companion to Shakespeare. The
Shakespeare text I had to get was the fifth edition of the complete
works, and I own the fourth edition from the last Shakespeare class I
took. So, I e-mailed my professor and she said it was fine to use that
edition. Yay for not having to spend sixty dollars on a textbook I
already practically have! And I get the added bonus of using a text
I've already written notes and drawn amusing illustrations in. Maybe
I'll make another book cover *rubs hands together*

going to see [livejournal.com profile] _melisande_ and her family tonight ^_^ We missed [livejournal.com profile] _melisande_ so
much! And she's so smart for getting such a good grade in her heinous
evil scary Latin class of difficultness. *cheers for her and throws
confetti* AND she's so brave and incredible for not dying after having
sinus surgery! [livejournal.com profile] _melisande_, you're my hero.

been working on my icon set. There's this one bit that I saw in the
pictures, that was really interesting( not that it all isn't). In the
episode in which Wakaba becomes a Black Rose Duelist, she (as they're
wont to due) challenges Utena to a duel. Her motives, other than being
controlled by Mikage, come from the fact that she was harboring Saionji
in her room after he got kicked out of school and then, when he had a
chance to get back in, he gave Mikage the hair clip he'd carved for
Wakaba. Wakaba saw Anthy wearing it and went to Mikage to become a
Duelist and challenged Utena in order to kill Anthy. Anyway, normally
during the duels, Anthy just stands around looking blank and watching.
If she does anything, it's usually to distract the other duelist or in
some other way screw with their minds. She usually does this very
innocently, though, and you'd miss it if you blinked; the only
exception being later on in the series when the Sword of Dios
disappears and she intervenes to pull it out of Utena's chest. However,
in this episode, Utena is reticent to draw the sword from Anthy because
she doesn't want to hurt Wakaba. She dodges a bit but never actually
draws the sword - and here's the interesting part. During all of this,
Anthy takes on this completely authoritative tone in asking her to pull
the sword. Utena refuses, and keeps refusing, even though Anthy
eventually gets to the point where she's ultimately saying, in
Anthy-polite terms, "Utena-sama. Draw the fucking sword NOW."

wins the duel without ever drawing the sword. She manages to twist
Wakaba's wrist, holding Saionji's spirit-sword, and cut the black rose
off her chest with that. But Anthy never acts like that in any other
duel. It's very interesting.


Feb. 13th, 2004 03:19 pm
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This page is SO bloody useful.

I definitely just found Mei's family crest.

Shibata is down there on the second row.

got all these samurai running about in my head because of my history
class, and the most interesting idea that during the Warring States
period (which ended in about 1600 with the unification of the country
by Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and Tokugawa Ieyasu) the daimyo
and other high-ranking lords had very close emotional relationships
with their retainers. According to my class, this changed during the
Tokugawa period because the lords now concerned themselves with
learning and cultural things, as opposed to warfare, and didn't spend
time with their vassals nearly as much since all the daimyo had to be
going back and forth to Edo for that alternate attendance thing. So,
lengthy explanation equals samurai in my head.

There's two, the retainer-type younger one, Honda Masahiko (See
the Honda family crest, third line down) and his lord, who has yet to
receive a name and a concrete rank. He can't be an actual daimyo
because there were records of all of them -_-;; And I've been looking
up names all day. I've found a few that I like, but none of those are
actually families on this page, and I want to have family crests and
kanji and things. This page also has the kanji writings for various
samurai names, although both the computers I've been on today don't
have the capacity to view kanji.

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*[livejournal.com profile] elaby watches as her head teeters and falls off, and then rolls around the floor in little confused circles*

about an hour is all I can take of looking up kanji. My brain is FRIED.
However, I did find out some neat things in my Utena artbook... one
thing, on a page of Mikage stuff, said "You don't have to run away
anymore, because my black rose has chosen you." And on Saionji and
Touga's page, it said "Their eternal apocalypse" and "the SOMETHING
that budded in winter," because I can't find the damn kanji for
whatever that something was.

And and and...

On Anthy
and Utena's page, they had The Foolish Lifeform Quote. This was right
when I was planning to stop because my neck hurt and I couldn't look
anything up satisfactorily, but then I had to examine the whole thing
because... BECAUSE. So I got most of it, except, again, for one kanji.
"Baka na ikimono..." (foolish living creature) "oujisama nado sai-KANJI
kara sekai no doko ni mo inai no ni..." Which as far as I know
translates to "there was never any prince to begin with," but my
translation abilities, as SPLENDID as they are, tell me it say
something like "there were never any princes in this world" and the "to
being with" part escapes me, because I just don't know the grammar well
enough. And besides... I could be wrong about the as-far-as-I-know
translation, since I can't manage without extreme self-control to keep
my eyes on the subtitles at that moment in the series.

I bet Milton was the first one to imagine how beautiful the Devil would be, when he cries.



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