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A few of you may remember back in late 2008 when a call for submissions went out from Lethe Press for a GLBTQ-themed Sherlock Holmes mystery anthology. I wrote a short story, which some of you (thank you so much!) edited/reviewed for me. I submitted it early in 2009, and in the summer, I received an e-mail that my story had been accepted. This is the first time I've submitted anything for publication, and I was elated. I didn't want to say anything here, though, in case there were delays or problems encountered with the publication, but now I think it's safe... because my copy of A Study in Lavender came in the mail this weekend :D

Katie's BOOK!

This one is my story :3 It's the third one from the beginning! BWEE! )

It's totally on Amazon and on Barnes & Noble's website. I kind of can't believe it, even though I've been doing the revisions and communicating with the publishers for two years.

Here's the summary of my story, written by Joseph R.G. DeMarco, the editor:

Watson, newly reinstalled as a roommate on Baker Street, accompanies Holmes on a case of the disappearance of a young woman. A possible kidnapping or worse, this case finds Holmes at his deductive best and delivers an unexpected side to his ideas about crime and justice. Raynes subtly shows the depth of the connection between Holmes and Watson in this tale. Interesting revelations are not only to be found in the details of the case in this adventure.

We just had champagne and strawberries, because I have the best wife in the whole UNIVERSE. HEEEYAAAAA XD
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In terms of realizations these may not rank high on the life-altering list, BUT STILL.

1. Do you remember that time I posted asking the LJ hivemind about some ancient practice where people would, for revenge, dig up the dead loved one of someone they were angry at and prop the body at the offending party's door? It was, and still is, for extended metaphor purposes in a Philip Marlowe ficlet that I've come quite close to finishing. We weren't able to come up with anything, but several people thought Mesopotamia sounded reasonable.

[livejournal.com profile] caitirin, kind indulgent wife that she is, told me to put in whatever movie I wanted this evening, so naturally I put in Titus (fabulously trippy Julie Taymor adaptation of "Titus Andronicus"). AND AND AND.

Act V Scene I
Oft have I digg'd up dead men from their graves,
And set them upright at their dear friends' doors,
Even when their sorrows almost were forgot

*FACE. PALM.* How did I not remember that?! It's TA for god's sake! I spent the most painful semester of my life underneath an avalanche of patriarchical Titus Andronicus scholarship! Nevertheless, I feel ridiculously satisfied to have finally figured out where I heard this.

2. Somewhere we were talking about Lestrade - it was in The Slasher's Annotated Sherlock Holmes, I think - and we came upon Lestrade's comment in SIXN that "You wouldn't think there was anyone living at this time of day who had such a hatred of Napoleon the First that he would break any image of him that he could see." I noted in my annotation that "at this time of day" sounded odd to me, and that since the only other usages of it I found were in the 1850s and '60s, maybe it was archaic. However, I was poking around Wikipedia learning about English dialects today, and on the page about the Norfolk dialect, I found this in the "phrases" section: at that time of day (in those days, e.g. beer only cost tuppence a pint at that time of day)

Perhaps Lestrade's family is from Norfolk?
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I'm feeling somewhat better; at least I'm no longer like @_@ all day long, which means I can be upright for longer periods of time. Yesterday I only had a couple of hours where I felt awful and today we even managed to get out of the house for a little while. I got exhausted pretty quickly, but I bounced back after some rest :) Back to work tomorrow!

My Nano has suffered :\ I'm way behind. But I know where the rest of the story is going, which is kind of a new one on me, and I want to continue this first draft. I feel like writing this draft has really gotten me to figure out what parts I'm not doing right (like maybe get to your other main character BEFORE you hit 25K words, dingbat!) and I think I need to do that for the rest of the story. Otherwise, I'll just plan and plan and not ever write it.

I've had some interesting dreams lately. It's the return of the Holmes dreams! Two, even! And one about Dracula, which was rather unfortunate because it was too scary to be cool.

Dreams )
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Spent an hour revising fic tonight. Wrote like probably 50 words in total XD But they were good words!

Writing fanfic is so weird, because you (and by that I mean I) spend the whole time alluding to this vast well of shared, already-known information. When I write fanfic, my intent is to make subtle, or not-so-subtle, references to elements of the original. Sometimes it's a very obvious reference, like "A week after Holmes came back from the dead, Watson was reading the newspaper..." But I take joy in putting tiny little hints in my fic that people will recognize if they've paid particular attention to a part that I also happened to pay particular attention to. On the one hand, that narrows your audience, but on the other, it strengthens the bonds between the people who do know the source material, or certain parts of it, well enough to get the reference. All I have to do is say "We're not jealous of you" and a segment of the Holmes fandom throws up their arms in squee. When you're writing original fiction, you have to give people the source material before you can reference it.* And it's awesome when you do that, but I don't write fanfic long enough for it, and that's not even what I write fic for. It's to see how subtly I can allude to things in canon. But even though I'm reading LotR right now and it's fresh in my mind, I can't expect my readers to remember every tiny detail, and so I get caught up in figuring out how much to tell. I know that, personally, only a handful of scenes stand out when I haven't read this series in a couple of years, and all the rest blend together in a big blurry lump categorized by general geographic location.

*Unless you're Roger Zelazny, and then you send readers scurrying for Google with seeming non-sequiturs like "The sedge wasn't withered, but he was right about the no birds." I wasn't a member of the "had already read Keats" contingent.
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Apparently I really need to see the BBC's new modern-Holmes show Sherlock, because numerous people I respect have squeed over it already. And I have only seen the outside of cut tags, because I don't want to spoil myself even for details! I'll just have to find it online or wait until I can get a DVD of it :3

I'm SO glad they keep bringing out awesome new Holmes media that really respects the canon. According to my personal definition of respecting the canon. \o/
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I started writing this fic, like... a frillion years ago XD Okay, maybe last summer or something like that. It's the skating fic I kept talking about! It's taken me several months to get the Holmesian mojo to finish it, which is rather pathetic, but it's done and that's all that matters XD I quite like it, after all that. It's a companion piece to Musica Universalis, my other winter fic.

Title: Skating in Kensington Gardens
Characters: Holmes and Watson
Words: 1660
Summary: Watson convinces Holmes to go ice-skating at the Park.
Rating: G. Ridiculously, fluffily G. As usual, slash if you like or friendship if you like. I prefer to think of it as both, myself.
Warnings: Holmes and Watson acting utterly married? I don't think that needs a warning XD
Notes: This is for my lovely [livejournal.com profile] caitirin, who asked for Holmes and Watson ice-skating, and suggested just about everything in here that makes it good. <3 Most of the background information I used to write this was from www.victorianlondon.org, and Curiosities of London Life by Charles Manby Smith.

I don't think it would have ever happened if the ragged boy who accosted us in Kensington Gardens had not been the smaller brother of McGowan of the Irregulars. )
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One of my absolute favorite people on this green earth, [livejournal.com profile] janeturenne, is having a birthday today :D And in celebration of the occasion, I have written her a fic. Janie, acushla, you make the whole world better by being in it - a small but rather important-to-me part of that being my life, my writing, and my fannish enjoyment in general. *huggaluvs*

Title: Entirely Natural
Characters: Holmes/Watson
Words: 1541
Summary: Holmes falls ill after the close of a case.
Rating: PG
Warnings: I don't want to spoil anything, but those who don't like slash might want to steer clear of this one.
Notes: Shameless hurt/comfort. This is fairly early in the timeline, I think, certainly pre-SIGN. Most of the dialogue (or non-dialogue, as the case may be) is Clive Merrison's doing. And in the end it is all utterly yours, Jane-my-dear.

It was a combination of events, really. )
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And since I just posted a huge picture made up of old art, I figured some new art might be in order XD I drew this for [livejournal.com profile] _melisande_ for Christmas, as part of an IOU for the Holmes '09 movie soundtrack.

In which I illustrate a scene from the movie with chibis )

I have a new LJ program that came with my laptop, iJournal, and it's somewhat glitchy. It doesn't display any moods in the mood dropdown menu, and it only lists half of my icons. Hm.
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I've seen the new Holmes movie twice now XD And I wrote this earlier this week, but I keep forgetting to post it!

Spoiler cut, da yo! )
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I got this from [livejournal.com profile] elina_elsu :D Apparently it's a variation of a game where you find Hitler's Wikipedia page? I like this version much better!

The Internet proudly presents: The Find Sherlock Holmes game!!
1) Go to Wikipedia.
2) Click Random Article (on the left navigation bar)
3) From there, only using links in articles, navigate yourself to Holmes's page
4) Post your path here.

I wrote 1,000 words of my Nano and then let myself do this as a reward.

Random Article: Dysart Woods (a forest in Ohio, USA)
--> Old growth forest
--> Ancient woodland
--> Queen's Wood
--> Charing Cross railway station
--> Bakerloo line
--> Baker Street
--> Sherlock Holmes

Okay, back to writing.
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YAY, return of the Holmes dreams! I'm not quite sure whether this was a dream or a half-asleep daydream, but at any rate, it was very nice.

For those of you excited about the new movie, you'll be happy to hear that this was solidly RDJ-Holmes and Jude Law-Watson, and was actually more like I think they'd be than how I think canon H&W are. It was very short, but the image stuck with me, so there you go.

Slashiness, or not. Even my subconscious is ambiguous about it! )
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I had, I think, five separate weirdo dreams last night. Since two of them involved Colin Jeavons (one as Lestrade), I thought there might be interest in reading what I can remember XD They are VERY odd, let me tell you to begin with.

Some of it's patchy at best. )
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Okay, so I hadn't listened to the BBC Radio version of "The Valley of Fear" before, because it's my least favorite of the novels and even if it's got a good mystery, it's half boring America crap and doesn't even have any really good character stuff aside from the bit where Holmes asks Watson if he minds sleeping in the same room as a madman. And while the BBC version left that line out (curses!), it far exceeded itself in all other areas.

[livejournal.com profile] janeturenne, I think, told me to listen to it if only for Mr. Mac's sake, and as in everything, she's 100% spot on. He's delightful. They did a good job with the storytelling by switching off between Holmes and Watson and the events in America every track or so, and that way I didn't get dreadfully bored. The radio plays have an amazing capacity to interest me in the stories I wouldn't usually be interested in just by compelling voice acting, and this was no exception.

But the most amazing part of it was something I had to wait for until almost the very end, and god, it was worth the whole thing. In the story, the scene where they find out that Jack Douglas has been lost overboard is fairly rushed and not overly exciting; Holmes suspected it would happen and knew Moriarty was behind it, and that was that. In the radio play, he and Watson were alone when they received the news, Watson writing and Holmes going through the evening post. He doesn't say anything, but you can hear in Holmes's breathing that he's upset, and Watson asks him what's wrong. As he's explaining it, the writers go the route they've gone before, that makes me love them: Holmes blames himself, says that Douglas would still be alive if he hadn't uncovered the deception of his "death," and Watson tells him that's nonsense with the kind of anxious frustrated concern that Michael Williams accels at. "You mustn't do this to yourself," he says then, with a softness and significance that makes listening to any amount of secret society blather worthwhile. "You musn't." And Clive Merrison continues to do that thing where all he has to do is breathe and you know exactly what expression is on Holmes's face.

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Self, I said today, you haven't posted Holmes squee in far too long. Baffles squee is all well and good, but my heart belongs to the boys from Baker Street. I listened to "Shoscombe Old Place," "The Mazarin Stone," and "The Three Gables" BBC radio plays today (can you tell that I'm getting to the end of the ones I haven't heard yet?). SHOS was the best of the three (shock!), especially because we got Watson teaching Holmes how to fish ("No, no, no no no! Lightly, Holmes, lightly! You're going to scare away all the fish within a mile radius!" *insert Holmes grumbling*), Holmes pretending to be part of the Society for Psychical Research, and Holmes switching accents in mid-sentence.

And because I am unrepentantly soppy, there's this Hem song from the album [livejournal.com profile] caitirin got me for our anniversary that is now firmly lodged in my brain as a Holmes-and-Watson song. Like most of my thingies-I-like, it can be interpreted as romantic or not (though I tend toward the romantic). Lyrics and a link to where you can hear the song under the cut!

He Came to Meet Me )
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[livejournal.com profile] _melisande_ kindly gave me her VHS tapes of Jeeves and Wooster when (I think) she got the DVDs, so we've popped them in this evening. We watched the cow creamer episode, since I'm reading it, and now we're watching the one where Jeeves leaves Wooster onnacounta all that trombone playing. And OMG, right there, the unhappy John Hector McFarlane! Playing, er. Chuffy? *giggles* Looking rather happier than he did in "The Norwood Builder".

As an aside, Jeeves and Wooster over noodle soup and grilled cheese are a rather amazing cure for a sore throat.

Fic update

Sep. 8th, 2009 09:12 pm
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Fic update! To make me feel better.

Skating fic: 1,265 words, and almost done. Hello there, brick wall. What the heck? This is utter, shameless, tooth-rotting fluff we're writing here - this particular genre isn't supposed to have brick walls. And it's not like I don't know what happens next. I do. It's just that my writing has suddenly taken a turn towards the abysmal. When you write something that looks okay now but you have this niggling feeling you're going to look at it tomorrow and wonder what on earth possessed you, it might possibly be an indication that it's time to be done for the night!

Lestrade-Holmes-post-Hiatus-giant-row-fic: 1,508 words of notes, by god. *eyes them suspiciously* And 356 words of mostly random disjointed dialogue. I need to work on this hardcore, but I'm determined to finish the skating fic first. It does give me little shivers of excitement when I think about writing it, though XD At least, some parts do. I'm a little afraid of the others o_o

Holmes art

Aug. 25th, 2009 08:27 pm
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For [livejournal.com profile] potatofiend! In that drawble/drabble meme from a million years ago, she asked for a drawble of Holmes and Watson cuddling. And last night I finally finished it! I hope it makes you feel better :)

G-rated hugging, slashy or not, whichever you prefer. )
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I like this fic update thing! Thank you to all of the brilliant writers on my f'list whose lead I'm following in doing so :3

Skating fic: 564 words of absolute fluff written. Fluff will continue unabated, and will most likely get fluffier. I found a bunch of articles on www.victorianlondon.org about ice-skating that I'll have to read in more detail.

Post-Hiatus Holmes-and-Lestrade fic: I probably need to find a shorter label for this one; "the H&L have a giant row fic" also fits, but is equally long. I was kicked in the head by this idea this morning. It needs a lot more planning than the skating fic. Why, Mr. Lestrade, do you demand a full-fledged mystery plot every time I attempt to feature you largely in a fic? 120 words of actual prose in mostly disconnected sentences, 363 words of notes.

I also want to draw tonight, and maybe start one of the pictures I promised people in that meme way back when. Whee!
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This is the first of two ficlets I have planned that feature Holmes and Watson in the winter :) I thought it would be very short, but it ended up a bit longer than I intended. Otherwise, though, it turned out the way I hoped.

Title: Musica Universalis
Rating: G. Oh, so very G. And fluffy.
Character(s): Holmes and Watson
Summary: Temperatures dip below freezing, and the town is transformed.
Warnings: None whatsoever.
Words: 1,627
Author's Notes: This was inspired by contemporary accounts of a snowbound London. It takes place in early 1896, probably - after "The Bruce-Partington Plans," at least.

Winter in London )
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This is that fic I've been working on recently. I started it originally as an excuse to write one scene (I'm sure you'll know which one when you read it) and it kind of got longer than I expected it to be. I also wanted to write something for [livejournal.com profile] watsons_woes that didn't involve Watson's emotional angst, but physical pain or illness. Anyway, here we go :)

Title: Things Unspoken
Rating: PG for violence and mild language
Character(s): Holmes and Watson (slashy if you want it to be, friendship if you don't.)
Summary: Next time, Watson will know better than to assume a task Holmes sends him on will be uneventful.
Warnings: None
Word Count: 2,714
Author's Notes: This is one of my rare attempts at in medias res; I'm usually far too fond of longwinded set-up, but in this case I dove right into the middle of things. It takes place in 1885; make of that what you will.

Things Unspoken )


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