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A few weekends ago, we celebrated my dad's birthday at my parents' camp in Roxbury, Maine. It's a beautiful camp -- it's a very small house that someone used to live in all year round, so it has all the amenities like heat and running water :3 And more bathrooms that our house has! XD It's such a cozy, comfy place, and the area is BEAUTIFUL. We drove to a state park one day and I took a whole bunch of pictures.

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Rachel and my seventh wedding anniversary was October 6, and this past weekend, we took a little vacation to Boston to celebrate <3 Most years, we go to Rhinebeck to the sheep and wool festival on this weekend in October, but this year we didn't manage to plan early enough and when we tried to book a hotel room, they were ALL sold out T_T It all turned out for the best, though, because we had the most wonderful weekend in Boston.

It didn't start out all that smooth XD Our plan had been to park our car at the train station in Dover on Friday, have my parents drive us to an end of the T line, and take the subway in to our hotel. We'd then take the train home on Sunday and our car would be at the station. However, when my parents were waiting to pick us up at the station lot, we discovered that we would have to pay $0.25 per hour all weekend to park there. It's never cost to park there before. I had forgotten my camera, so we had our parents meet us at our house to drive us down. My mother graciously agreed to pick us up from the train on Sunday <3

We arrived in Boston around 11:30. Even though we couldn't check into our hotel until 3:00, they had a luggage storage service, so we went there to drop off our suitcase - and they let us check in early! It was wonderful to be able to settle into the room before going off our adventure. The hotel was a "boutique hotel" (I'm still not sure what that means) and it was very beautiful and fancy. Everything was nautically themed because it was right near the harbor (very close to the New England Aquarium).

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Dolly yoga

Jun. 17th, 2014 09:21 pm
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I haven't posted about my new doll, Aster! She's a LUTS Delf Arwen, and she's 58 cm tall -- the biggest addition to our dolly family. I had no idea how big she would really be! She came so quickly (only a month after ordering her!) that I didn't have time to buy or make her any clothes. I did have a wig for her, and I made her a sweater and some pants soon after she arrived, but they're far from the style I envision for her. Hopefully the new wig and clothes that are coming in the mail now will suit her better :3 Even though her temporary clothes aren't perfect, she still looks cute in them and she's just incredibly gorgeous all on her own.

We attended a doll meet in Boston the other weekend and had SO much fun. Everyone was so friendly and it was really nice to talk to other dolly people (and other Vocaloid fans! :D) The next day, Rachel and I decided to do some doll maintenance. I hot-glue sueded Aster's neck joint so her head would pose better, but her other joints were already pretty perfect, and I was afraid adding a layer of hot glue to them would throw off her balance. I started trying out some positions to see if she needed sueding anywhere… and it just seemed natural to put her in all of the poses I've been doing in yoga lately :3

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I've been taking a lot of walks, since the weather has turned pleasant, and I often take my camera. I thought I'd share some of the pictures I've taken as kind of a "here's what I've been up to lately" :)

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Jan. 19th, 2014 08:18 pm
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Last Wednesday, Rachel and Bethany and I went to an event at our town's public library - Paranormal 911. It was a presentation by a paranormal investigation team, a woman (an EMT) and a man (a firefighter) who investigate hauntings with the goal of helping people be comfortable in their homes rather than getting "results" that prove the existence of ghosts. It was a really cool event: the woman was very science-oriented and relied primarily on hard data to draw her conclusions, whereas the man was a Reiki master and described himself as a "sensitive" who drew more on psychic impressions and his understanding of energy. Very Scully and Mulder ^_^ I could have listened to their stories all night. They've investigated a lot of local sites and the woman was an expert and enthusiast in gravestone imagery and death/burial/mourning traditions, so they had a lot of really interesting things to tell us.

We've had a lot of foggy days lately, because it'll snow a lot and then the temperatures will rise and the snow will breathe all of this mist into the air. When we got home from the presentation that night, the full moon was wreathed in an almost rainbow-colored halo. I thought I'd test out my camera's night settings :) And the monopod Rachel got me for Christmas, which is indispensable for taking clear photos at night!

Full Moon

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For my birthday this year (I'm 31, omfg) I asked for donations toward a good camera :3 And using the gifts I got and after saving up a little, I just welcomed home my own Olympus SP-810US! <3 <3 <3 After I bought it, I discovered I'd gotten the same camera as [livejournal.com profile] _melisande_ XD I had grilled her about cameras when I was trying to figure out what one to buy, but I didn't remember what model she had - and since I know she did a ton of research before buying hers (and I did as well), I'm pretty confident in my choice!

I've been experimenting with it ever since it arrived in the mail, and today Rachel dropped me off at the cemetery down the street while she did grocery shopping so I could take some pictures of snow-covered gravestones.

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