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A few weekends ago, we celebrated my dad's birthday at my parents' camp in Roxbury, Maine. It's a beautiful camp -- it's a very small house that someone used to live in all year round, so it has all the amenities like heat and running water :3 And more bathrooms that our house has! XD It's such a cozy, comfy place, and the area is BEAUTIFUL. We drove to a state park one day and I took a whole bunch of pictures.

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Rachel and my seventh wedding anniversary was October 6, and this past weekend, we took a little vacation to Boston to celebrate <3 Most years, we go to Rhinebeck to the sheep and wool festival on this weekend in October, but this year we didn't manage to plan early enough and when we tried to book a hotel room, they were ALL sold out T_T It all turned out for the best, though, because we had the most wonderful weekend in Boston.

It didn't start out all that smooth XD Our plan had been to park our car at the train station in Dover on Friday, have my parents drive us to an end of the T line, and take the subway in to our hotel. We'd then take the train home on Sunday and our car would be at the station. However, when my parents were waiting to pick us up at the station lot, we discovered that we would have to pay $0.25 per hour all weekend to park there. It's never cost to park there before. I had forgotten my camera, so we had our parents meet us at our house to drive us down. My mother graciously agreed to pick us up from the train on Sunday <3

We arrived in Boston around 11:30. Even though we couldn't check into our hotel until 3:00, they had a luggage storage service, so we went there to drop off our suitcase - and they let us check in early! It was wonderful to be able to settle into the room before going off our adventure. The hotel was a "boutique hotel" (I'm still not sure what that means) and it was very beautiful and fancy. Everything was nautically themed because it was right near the harbor (very close to the New England Aquarium).

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May. 19th, 2008 09:46 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] caitirin and I are off west to visit Caitirin's family and go to her little brother's graduation. We'll be back late on Sunday! Thank goodness we both have Monday off.



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