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Happy Solstice and Yule! I wish love and warmth and happiness to all of my friends as the days start to lengthen again and midwinter takes hold <3

Rachel and I had a really nice weekend. On Saturday, we visited some friends in Boston and had a really, really happy and fun time. Our friends down there are such awesome, kind people <3 We drove home in the evening to host a Call of Cthulhu gaming session (Cthultide! :D) and the campaign was predictably insanity-inducing. My character died horribly – run over while trying to get into the escape vehicle, then put out of my misery by my friends-turned-brainedwashed-cult-followers – but there was so much hilarity that I didn’t mind in the least. My character was lots of fun to play: she was a published paranormal nonfiction author who’d had some really creepy shit happen to her, and she was also a technophobe, so I had all sorts of fun pretending not to know how to work the digital camera the GM brought (complete with local photographs as clues!). She also had inherited her grandmother’s pendulum and I used it mostly to my advantage, although for the first hour or two I don’t think I ever rolled under a sixty no matter which dice I used XD

The next morning, we slept until 11:30 (!!! That’s what happens when you’re up until half past two gaming with a tableful of awesome friends and load of delicious desserts :3) and then we ventured out to Trader Joe’s to pick up food for Christmas Eve, which we’re hosting at our house. We were happily surprised to find the mall area much less jam-packed than we expected, but we got our couple of groceries and beat a hasty retreat nonetheless.

When we got home, Rachel worked on sewing projects for Christmas presents and I started making our Solstice feast. Our original plan was potato soup, which we changed to corn chowder thickened with Rachel’s famous Best Mashed Potatoes Ever. I started by washing and peeling the potatoes.

Potatoes for Solstice soup!

More photos, dinner, and our ritual )
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So this is probably the most charming thing in the history of ever:

Picture of an old manuscript on Nimbuspub's book Tumblr

Medieval book historian Erik Kwakkel tweeted this photo of a 15th century book, and it's been making the rounds on Twitter. Obviously cats have always had the same propensity for jumping right up on their friends' desks, regardless of whatever work they may be doing at the time XD

The icing on the cake is Geoffrey Chaucer's tweet yesterday:


For those of you who aren't experts in early Irish literature*, here's the Wikipedia article on Pangur Ban.

Rachel ran downstairs this morning to tell me the joke while I was in the shower, and it absolutely made my day XD

*I am very far from an expert in early Irish literature. I have, however, watched The Secret of Kells approximately eight billion times.
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Update on 9/5: Six weeks after her accident, Ella is now wandering the house and leaping up on beds and bunks and other things that need cat hair on them. She has a limp, which is probably permanent, but she's not letting that stop her. Read the full update here.

Update on 8/1: Ella is doing well! Anne got a second opinion from a surgeon, who said this type of pelvic fracture would heal better without surgery than with surgery. Ella's leg has moved back into the correct alignment, and she's getting feeling back in the leg. Anne is keeping Ella confined to a large dog crate during the day to prevent her from leaping or running and worsening the fracture. It will take four to six weeks for Ella to heal, and she'll need several more vet visits, but if things keep going as they have been, she won't need surgery.

I'll be posting Anne's updates later today. For now, you can read them directly on her Facebook.

The amazing outpouring of support you all have shown Ella enabled Anne to get a second opinion that she otherwise wouldn't have been able to get. She says, "I don't have to go with 'if it was my cat I wouldn't bother.'" It's also covering vet visits, painkillers, and all the other things that an extended injury brings. Anne isn't going to make a final reckoning until Ella is well and truly out of the woods, but right now, it looks like your donations will more than cover the rest of Ella's care.

Thank you all so much. Your generosity on behalf of Miss Ella is wondrous and staggering. As a personal friend of the little grey lady, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

This is Ella.
Ella in the fullness of her dignity

More pictures of Miss Ella. )

On Thursday night, Ella came home dragging herself by her forelegs. Anne rushed her to the emergency animal hospital. This is Ella's pelvis...
Ella's pelvis

...which is not supposed to look like that.

It will cost $1500 to $4500 to get medical care for Ella's broken pelvis--$1500 to amputate her leg, $4500 to pin the bone and save her leg. Anne just got hit with a ton of bills and doesn't have enough to cover either operation. Please, donate whatever you can to help save Ella's leg. (Or send a check if you don't want to use Wepay. Message me for the name and address.) Every little bit helps.

And if you can't donate, please repost. Friends-of-friends have already been a huge help.

Donations are now more than enough to cover Ella's medical expenses. Thank you all so, so much.

If you want to link to or repost this from any other platform, please do. Thank you to those of you who are getting the word out, and many, many thanks to those who have donated.

Send questions about donations to [livejournal.com profile] morgansong, who's handling the fundraising for Anne. She can no longer accept Paypal donations because Paypal is having issues. Crisis averted.

Updates on Ella's condition and photos are in the comments: Sunday evening, Tuesday morning, and Tuesday evening. She's hanging in there. Brave little kitty. We've raised $1,548 $2,178 so far*--and by "us," I mean all of us, those who've donated and those who've spread the word. Thank you all so, so much. The kindness of strangers has been wonderful. The Internet has made the world a smaller place, and sometimes, it's a smaller, better place.

* $1,771.45 from Wepay and $406.16 from Paypal.
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Our date yesterday was successful ^_^ We found nice seats at Panera's (they NEED to install outlets in the booths, sheesh) and stayed there for about four hours, having various parts of lunch and goodies. I did no actual plot planning, per se, but now I have names for all of my characters (first and last, even the marginal ones!) and I know how they're all related to each other (complete with family trees!), which is important for a succession story.

We went and walked around downtown a little bit afterwards, and went to a couple of toy stores n_n But it was windy, so we hurried back home after an hour or so.

We had enchiladas for dinner and then we turned off all the lights and all of the appliances we could intelligently turn off (like, not the refrigerator ^_^) and lighted several candles. Caitirin wrote for a little while and I worked with my Brian Froud Faerie Oracle deck, both with a plateful of tea lights. Of course since I was sitting on the floor, Freija couldn't keep away, and we think she singed some of her whiskers o.o She's been walking a tad loopily. We noticed it when we had her harness on so we could try taking her out into the hallway (of COURSE she wanted nothing to do with it! Only when we actually want to leave!) but after we took it off she was still a bit unsteady, and we've read that cats whose whiskers get shortened somehow can be a bit off-kilter. *quiet snerk*

Haha, and we went to the supermarket this morning and Radio Disney was there, and the Disney people were singing along and dancing to all the songs XD It totally made our day.
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Dear Freija:

Yoga time is not Vigorously Attack Mummy's Shirt While She's In Downward Dog Pose time. Also, in the future, please refrain from biting my chin while I'm doing spine stretches.

Love and kisses,


P.S. Why don't you desperately want my affection at any other time, you little gremlin?
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Well, as [livejournal.com profile] caitirin mentioned, our car's breaks went kaput and they're going to have to replace the whole break line from back to front, so it'll cost us just shy of $800 -_- We're going to see about getting a new car (new to us, at least) when we get our tax refunds.

But... we had the dishwasher repair guy over today, because THAT seems to have broken too (we thought it was the soap door neglecting to pop open and let the soap out)... and they've decided to just install a new one XD Since it's so ancient that if we were to move out, they'd replace it anyway. We'll be washing dishes by hand for about a week and then we'll have a brand spanking new dishwasher!

In the meantime, we've been using [livejournal.com profile] coastal_spirit's lovely shiny car, which rides so smooth. We went to LL Beans today and I got some shoes :3 My clogs were wearing out so that the fabric in the heels is pretty much gone, so I got some new ones in a different style. I got them from the men's department *giggles* I tried on a black pair in the women's department, and they felt great, but I asked for brown and the attendant brought out the wrong color. So when she brought out the brown, they felt too small O_o We went and exchanged Caitirin's boots and were going to go to lunch before deciding on whether I wanted shoes or not, and I saw they had the same ones in the men's department and I tried those and they fit great. For future reference, I am a 7 1/2 men's Beans shoe.

We're going to have baked tofu and apple-feta-walnut salads for dinner.

I started FFXII last night! It's preeetty. I'm kind of worried, though, because I just got to a part where they were all "This next part is long! You may want to create an additional save file!" and I was like "Er, whatever" and didn't. So I hope I'm not stuck forever in the palace at Rabanastre with no potions or something. *shrugs* Oh well, if I have to start the game over, I've only played a couple of hours.

Time to put away laundry. Woo.

Oh, and! You know how Freija is a total escape artist kitty and always tries to slip out the door at any chance she gets? Well, Caitirin bought a little kitty harness and leash thing the last time she was at the vet's so we could bring Freija out into the hallway like she wanted so badly. And yesterday, we let her get used to the harness a while and then tried to take her out into the hallway and she was like "For the love of all that's holy, LET ME BACK IN!!" *rolls eyes*
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Beatrix's contribution to my Nano:


Thanks for walking across my laptop, kid. Very helpful. *scritches her behind the ears*
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I got this e-mail from her this evening:

Notes: Mushikiri
Nekosai - a play on Hitokiri Battousai, the title of the main character
in Rurouni Kenshin. Hitokiri means "mancutter (slayer)" and Battousai
means one who is a master of battoujutsu. Mushi means "bug" and neko
means "cat", so it's really like "bugcutter master cat" only most
likely grammatically horrible.

Nee-san means "older sister".

Onto the e-mail.

approximately 2:30 pm this afternoon, Nekosai was flying about the
house with godlike speed, puzzling all those who saw him, including his
Nee-san, who was perched atop a chair in the livingroom at the time. At
last, his mother realized that he was chasing some sort of a bug, which
he finally cornered and ate with great relish. He is now off in pursuit
of more bugs; whether someone handed him another black envelope, or
whether he's just doing it in pursuit of the bloodsport, we'll never
know. At any rate, he's still flying about the house ...

That is all."


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She said that in order to get all the information in two pages that
we'd need to get a good grade, we'd have to use a pretty small font

I'd say point 8's pretty good, huh? She's got glasses.

And now I'm taking a small break to tell you about my orc dream.

While Kenshin lays seige to my mother's empty shoe...

There was this huge freaking battle and most of the people on the other
side were orcs, only they were NPC type orcs... Random Dude #2 and
soforth. So we were hacking at them and killing them and everything,
and I wasn't that scared during all this... even though my sword was
huge and heavy and for some reason the blade was made of wrought iron.
It didn't have much of an edge as a result. But I killed me some orcs.
Then me and some of the other people on my side had a bunch of the
enemies (who weren't orcs O.o) surrender, and so we led them across the
street and to these big fields where they could settle and live happy

Then I came back and there were about 100 bad guys
left, all of which were no longer low-XP flunkies but people who
actually knew what they were doing. So I was scared. And apparently I
HAD a katana... a sharp one... but I wasn't using it. The sword I had
was kind of scimitar-shaped (and DULL, the iron one) and had these
weird protrudy-horn things. So anyway I told my commanding officer that
I was afraid of fighting the elite people, which was okay with me
because apparently I wasn't supposed to be fighting anyway, being a
fragile little girl and all... and I was afraid my CO would be mad at
me. I told him something strange like that I felt scrambled... or I
wanted to scramble away... or... something ^^;; So... I was eating
breakfast at this little restaurant and he was sitting out in the
foyer, and I ordered something but they also brought me scrambled eggs,
and said they were from him. Then he came over and I asked if they
meant he thought it was okay for me to feel scrambled/scramble away or
if he was implying I was chicken ^^;; He looked surprised at that, so I
guess he was saying it was okay for me not to fight.

And there we go. Back to studying.


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