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It's a gorgeous slightly snowy day, just enough to be pretty but not dangerous to drive in, and I had a wonderful, wonderful Christmas, and I received the most adorable, perfect Bunny and Raffles fic as my Yuletide gift!

The Holiday Heist

The voices are impeccable, the narration is deliciously clever, the caper is fantastic, and the Baffles slash is adorable and perfect and heart-warming and BWEEE XD I'm so lucky!

I hope everyone who celebrates Christmas had a wonderful Christmas, and I hope everyone regardless of celebration practices had a wonderful December 25th and continues to have a wonderful 26th :D
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Hello! Nice to meet you! :D Here's my Yuletide letter, which I posted last week in a fit of excited dorkitude:

Dear Yuletide Writer
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\o/ I managed to satisfactorily sign up for Yuletide! Woot! Something went a bit wiggy with my offerings, and a couple of them show up on the list more than once, but as they're all things I'm delighted to write, I think it'll be just fine. So I thought I would post my Dear Yuletide Writer letter before Nano gets too crazy! Off we go...

Dear Yuletide Writer:

First, and foremost: OMG, SQUEE, THANK YOU XD

That is to say, please be assured that I will absolutely adore whatever you write for me. I'm in this for the squee and the joy, and that's what I'll get out of it. Don't stress over this, and please have fun! Because I can promise that I will :D

Some blathering about my requests )
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After a wonderful Christmas day of presents, food, playing games, and generally basking in familial happiness, I came home to TWO beautiful Yuletide stories.

You Make Your Pleasures of Your Pains
Twelfth Night, just incredible. Antonio and Sebastian, a more piercing exploration of their characters than I've ever seen. Contains some of the best Shakespearean dialogue I've ever read.

Till the End
Bram Stoker - Dracula Arthur/Jack/Quincey friendship. Sweet and sad and finally tinged with hope.

Thank you SO MUCH, Yuletide authors! *hugs you*
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Thank you in advance for writing me the wonderful story I know you wrote! I'm going to be doing family things today and tomorrow, so I probably won't get a chance to comment on the story you wrote right away. I'll be back to a regular schedule on the 26th, though, so it shouldn't be too long :)
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I thought I better get this out today since we're going on our honeymoon for a week starting tomorrow! EEEE!

Dear Yuletide Writer )



Oct. 18th, 2007 09:41 pm
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I signed up for Yuletide, the obscure fandom fanfic exchange! Whee!

Holy crap, they have Njal's Saga listed as a fandom on there O.o They don't have the Nibelungenlied, though! Sadness.

Right now, I'm reading some hardboiled detective fiction - The Big Sleep, by Raymond Chandler. Marlowe doesn't make me want to strangle him*! Yay! It's funny, and very bizarre, and apparently Raymond Chandler started his career writing poetry in the style of the late Romantics. Knowing that, I can see it in his writing. Marlowe is also fairly self-deprecating and occasionally makes interestingly insightful but seemingly offhand comments about himself. Something I find really weird (but interesting) about this era of writing is that entire stories can be written in the first person and you still have NO IDEA what actually makes that person tick. It's like... In this story, you're Marlowe's eyeballs. You're seeing things from his point of view, you see everything he sees and hear what he says, but as for what's going on in his mind... that's a mystery.

I want to read moooore! I'm hoping I get more clues about Marlowe in the other stories I have in the omnibus I'm reading (it's got Farewell, My Lovely and... something else. The Lady in the Lake.)

*I say this because Sam Spade does. After writing 25 pages exploring his vitriolic hatred of anyone not male/white/straight/emotionally repressed, I harbor a great deal of animosity toward him. As if you probably couldn't guess.


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