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Work this week has been TERRIBLE. Let me explain. No, it is too much. Let me sum up.

- My unit of three individuals has taken on double its normal workload.
- At the same time, the company reorganized, meaning that a) the majority of the people we're working with now don't know us or the processes we need them to follow; b) most of those aforementioned people are new to their jobs and/or our industry; and c) some of those processes I mentioned? Oh yeah, they changed too. Result: No one, including us, knows what the everloving hell is going on most of the time.
- We have yet to hire more staff to compensate for the increased workload. (This is in progress.)
- One third of us are going on vacation next week.

On the bright side:

- My manager has our back, frequently tells us things like "Don't even worry about that," and "I want you to feel empowered make those decisions."
- We're going to hire some new people SOME TIME SOON I SWEAR RIGHT?

ALSO I HAVE BECOME COMPLETELY RE-OBSESSED WITH FINAL FANTASY IX. It's my favorite FF game, because it's adorable and the music is stunning and Rachel showed me how to play it during our courtship.

This may be the very video with which she wooed me into spending hours at her tiny apartment, jabbing the TRIANGLE SQUARE X CIRCLE buttons and crying "I hate battles!" just to hear her say "No, you looooove battles!"

Back then, I had never seen more impressive CG in my life. Even though it's little compared to what they come out with now, it still takes my breath away.

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I just killed Ganon(dorf) again. I used one fairy and a blue potion in doing so (this is entirely a comment on the difficulty of the final boss battle, not on my skill as a player XD). I did spend much of the time dodging and going "Wait, what am I supposed to be doing?" and then looking at the gamer's guide after I finished and going "Man, it would've been so much easier if I'd known to do that." But it's entirely worth it for Do I even have to put a spoiler cut after... how many years of the game being out? )

I can't wait for the next Zelda Wii game to come out (this year, squeal! Well, supposedly, anyway. It's supposed to be "shown off" at E3 this summer; heaven only knows when it'll actually come out). I finally actually HAVE the right platform for it this time!

Ow my eyes

Jun. 21st, 2009 11:07 pm
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Note to self: if you like an icon enough to comment on it, save it, because chances are you'll never find it again. The internets are a large place. That said, if anybody has seen an icon of Riku from Kingdom Hearts (I think) with the words "zipping white light beams" on it, I'd love to know who made it.

I'm several members of Organization XIII away from the end of Kingdom Hearts II, and OW MY EYEBALLS. Zelda never makes me this stressed out, but then again the plot of Wind Waker is about seventeen billion times less dramatic. Cut for spoilers in case anyone else is as slow at video games as I am ) All that said, I love this game and don't want it to end ever. Hence there having been something like a year and a half since I last played it.

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Well, as [livejournal.com profile] caitirin mentioned, our car's breaks went kaput and they're going to have to replace the whole break line from back to front, so it'll cost us just shy of $800 -_- We're going to see about getting a new car (new to us, at least) when we get our tax refunds.

But... we had the dishwasher repair guy over today, because THAT seems to have broken too (we thought it was the soap door neglecting to pop open and let the soap out)... and they've decided to just install a new one XD Since it's so ancient that if we were to move out, they'd replace it anyway. We'll be washing dishes by hand for about a week and then we'll have a brand spanking new dishwasher!

In the meantime, we've been using [livejournal.com profile] coastal_spirit's lovely shiny car, which rides so smooth. We went to LL Beans today and I got some shoes :3 My clogs were wearing out so that the fabric in the heels is pretty much gone, so I got some new ones in a different style. I got them from the men's department *giggles* I tried on a black pair in the women's department, and they felt great, but I asked for brown and the attendant brought out the wrong color. So when she brought out the brown, they felt too small O_o We went and exchanged Caitirin's boots and were going to go to lunch before deciding on whether I wanted shoes or not, and I saw they had the same ones in the men's department and I tried those and they fit great. For future reference, I am a 7 1/2 men's Beans shoe.

We're going to have baked tofu and apple-feta-walnut salads for dinner.

I started FFXII last night! It's preeetty. I'm kind of worried, though, because I just got to a part where they were all "This next part is long! You may want to create an additional save file!" and I was like "Er, whatever" and didn't. So I hope I'm not stuck forever in the palace at Rabanastre with no potions or something. *shrugs* Oh well, if I have to start the game over, I've only played a couple of hours.

Time to put away laundry. Woo.

Oh, and! You know how Freija is a total escape artist kitty and always tries to slip out the door at any chance she gets? Well, Caitirin bought a little kitty harness and leash thing the last time she was at the vet's so we could bring Freija out into the hallway like she wanted so badly. And yesterday, we let her get used to the harness a while and then tried to take her out into the hallway and she was like "For the love of all that's holy, LET ME BACK IN!!" *rolls eyes*
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Aaand here's the third part of my art post. Since this will be the first one most people see, these are more recent pictures of the huge chunk I just scanned dating back to last March.

Image heavy!

Pencil sketches of various people )
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*cough* Excuse me for a second.


And to think I was going "Oh, man, I don't want to go the Colosseum already! I want something that wasn't in the last game!"

Also, ten tons of James Woods as Hades = YAY. Interesting that he considers Auron "the mother of all bad guys."

I was expecting Sora to do something typically Sora-like and have Auron give him a look, and then respond "Nothing, you just remind me of someone" when Sora asked him what the look was for.

I would have been dead ten times over if he hadn't joined the party. He kicked SO much ass *anime streamy tears of joy* More babbling, involving the girls in Kingdom Hearts and some things that might be construed as spoilers )

Auron Auron Auron. *full of squee*
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I got Kingdom Hearts II for Christmas (WAY behind the times, I know, but I like it that way because the games are cheaper!) and HOMG, it's awesome. I haven't played tons of it so far (just what I'd call the prologue), but I'm just loving it so far.

But... Roxas T_T Spoilers for really early on in the game )


I needs me some KH icons!


Nov. 24th, 2007 11:47 pm
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Okay, so after what, about a billion years of it being out, I've finally beaten Kingdom Hearts. Whee! I figured that since I asked for KH 2 for a possible Christmas present, I ought to finish this one. It was really awesome! The end was much vaguer than I expected, but then again, there IS a sequel, so I guess some of the stuff they didn't explain will be continued there.

I [heart] RPG games T_T They're like interactive movies that last for years! The beginnings of which you've forgotten significantly enough about to warrant replay! Well, in my case.

I haven't done any of the extra things like work my way all through the Colosseum battles, but I beat the million-part final boss and saw the ending sequences, so I'm happy. *used a strategy guide and is a total lamz0r n00b, omg!*

The ever-patient [livejournal.com profile] caitirin cheered me on and registers stringent objection to that last statement. She says I'm quite l33t and that anyone who says otherwise is obviously compensating for something.

I love her! <3
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Okay, lots of subjects for one post:

A Mac question: Ever since I did the last system updates (coinciding with the computer spitting out a CD I'd had in it) I've been getting a message whenever I start up that says "No updates can be found" or something similar. The program running this is called SuperDrive Update 2.1. Anyone know what this is or how I can stop it from trying to find updates whenever I turn my computer on?

Movies: We saw the Fantastic 4 movie on Monday and Live Free or Die Hard on Tuesday (no more movie spending for us for a while ^^;; Er, except Transformers, I guess). They were both WONDERFUL. I friggin' loved every minute of the Die Hard movie, and Rise of the Silver Surfer was really neat. Spoilerz omg! )

Random Twilight Princess tidbit: I'm playing the game over again (whee!) and when you first meet Princess Zelda, she has the Sheika eye symbol on the back of her cloak. It's small, but it's definitely the one Sheik has on his armor. In the Ocarina of Time manga, they explain that it's the symbol of the Sheika because one of them betrayed the royal family long ago or something and hence the eyeball with the teardrop.

And happy 4th of July :)


Jun. 14th, 2007 09:08 pm
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This comic explains why Link's always wearing that hat. XD This artist has a lot of really amusing comics, mostly video game-related.

Weird Hat

And this one's about the stairs in Ganondorf's castle.

*gasp gasp*
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Nothing like massive Zelda plot at 12:50 in the morning! AHAHAHA. *falls off couch*

Um, I think I'm almost done with Wind Waker. Guess I'll have to start Twilight Princess over again!

Time for bed now, methinks.

ZOMG Zelda

Mar. 2nd, 2007 03:46 pm
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The weather is CRAP today.

But I beat Twilight Princess! It was SO COOL. And I had remarkably little difficulty taking down Ganondorf. This is totally the kind of game that I could start right over again because it's just that good, but I think I'll play Wind Waker for a little while first. Or, god forbid, do something productive like write or draw, which I haven't done much of (aside from the commission I'm working on, which I'm very close to finishing).


Anyway, Twilight Princess is probably the best video game I've ever played. Okay, probably nothing. It IS the best.

Spoilers, yo )
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Cute and funny Legend of Zelda art! All of this person's comics are spiffy, but this one was particularly amusing.

Wind Waker comic involving Phantom Ganon and bottles



Jan. 16th, 2007 10:36 pm
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I never have my userpic quota filled because I have this weird fear (or something) that there will be an icon I OMG HAVE TO USE and there will be no space for it. Or something. Even though I could just delete an icon I never use to make room for it.

Anyway, I've filled up all but ~15 of my slots with new and pretty icons, to be seen here. I set a new default the other day :) And I wish I could use more than one icon on a post, because I have so many good ones!

Oh well, I'll just show some here as well as the one on the post. Especially liking:

Head to my userpics for credit, since I only made that second one.

News from the work front: no interviews yet from places where resume was sent; however, there have been "thank you for your interest and we will be conducting interviews at X time so we'll be calling people in the next few weeks" letters from both places. Current work is looking to be not only monetarily sufficient for the time being, but pretty fun and laid-back as well.

In other news: zomg Twilight Princess has eaten my brain. Look forward to possible scannation of Link fanart once I get more than one sketch drawn and once I finish commission things. Also enjoying Children of Mana.

I love not having grad classes X3 I'm still taking Latin, but it's the "sitting in because professor is nice and not getting credit but just taking it to learn" sort of class. That's the way I wish all classes could be!
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I was playing Dark Cloud while I took a break from homework, and it's driving me insane. It's a neat game and it reminds me of Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, but there are just NO places where you can run away to in order to get all your problems healed. In this game, not only do you have to watch your HP, you have to watch your thirst and your weapons' HP. The problem I'm having is that in the beginning of the game, the Mayor gave you supplies whenever you talked to him - but now, you have to buy them from the shopkeeper dude. What I need the most is repair powder to get my weapons' HP back up (if you wear them down, they break, and there goes all of the work you did customizing and building them up with various items and things) and stuff to cure me if I get poisoned by these stupid bats that are all over the place. You can refill your HP meter and your thirst meter by going into springs in the dungeons, but there's usually only one (or none) per dungeon level and I can't find ANYwhere that will replenish your HP and thirst outside of the dungeon... despite the fact that there are rivers and ponds everywhere. You can't go in them.

So my problem is that I can't fight anymore because my weapons are all close to breaking, and I can't get repair powder because the Mayor won't give me any. I can't buy any because I don't have enough money (because I keep dying, and they take half your money when you die in a dungeon) and I can't get more money because the only way to get money is to fight in the dungeon... and I can't fight in the dungeon because my weapons are all close to breaking, and I can't repair them because I have no repair powder >____< ARG.

The walkthroughs don't mention problems like this. Either they're crap, or I am. Probably the latter. It's a cute game, though, and you get to construct the world (the premise is that an evil genie destroyed the world but the faeries put everything into spheres, which you have to find and unlock in the dungeons). You place houses and rivers and trees and things wherever you want. I like THAT part. It reminds me of Legend of Mana. It's the getting my ass kicked repeatedly that bugs me.

I would SO rather be writing about Hero and Leander, and come on - homework over video games? Seriously.
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And so begins the exciting day of no water in my building at work. This will continue until Thursday, but I think I'll come in then instead of Wednesday so the water will be back on. Depends on how annoying I find trekking to the building across the street to use the restrooms.

I came in this morning (survived the wretched sewer smell outside... dunno what that's all about) and saw that somebody must've been having a duel in the front hallway. Miki was one of them, by the looks of it, and he must have lost, because there were light blue rose petals all over the floor.

What IS it with finding random roses on the floor when I enter a place?*

Anyway, I was playing FFX yesterday, and got so frustrated with how long it was going to take me to get Hastega (which probably wouldn't have helped me beat Seymour Fucking Flux anyway) that I decided to play FFIX instead. OMFG, the nostalgia. This is the game that [livejournal.com profile] caitirin and I played during the majority of our figuring-out-feelings-for-one-another, so I associate it with being deliriously happy that I was able to hang out with her. We'd play into the middle of the night sometimes. It was also my first Final Fantasy game, so the way everything (battle system, skills, equipping) works is kind of imprinted on my brain as the "right" way. I feel like it's a much simpler system, too, and because the graphics are less advanced, I can easily navigate the menus and stuff without being distracted by how shiny and cluttered the menus/battle screens are in later games. And it took me a long time with other games to stop calling Limit Break "Trance" *laughs* Though I guess "Limit Break" is FFVII? In FFX, it's Overdrive. I don't remember what it is in XIII, but I really like the concept of Trance. I just wish it were like Overdrive in that you could save it for whenever you wanted it. Eh.

At any rate, it gave me great joy to play FFIX. I think I beat Kuja the first time I played, though I'm not sure if I just saw [livejournal.com profile] caitirin do it (HA, I just automatically wrote RC, getting back into that mindset of a few years ago). The game I had saved was on a memory card that we sold, though, because we thought that they wouldn't work with PS2. I'm glad to start it over, anyway, because I wouldn't have been able to remember what was going on or where I was headed.

I still need to finish FFX. We spoiled ourselves on what happens so that [livejournal.com profile] caitirin could start FFX-2 and sort of know what was going on, and we found the end video sequence on YouTube, but I still need to know what happens before that. I'm never gonna beat Seymour T_T

*The same thing happened in high school. I walk into the French room, turn around, and there are a purple rose and a pink rose (fabric with pins) lying on the floor behind me. Not there when I walked in. I think I still have mine somewhere; the other one I dutifully pinned on [livejournal.com profile] x_pyewacket_x in case she had to duel *nods*


Jan. 5th, 2006 03:45 pm
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I sat down to play some FFX this afternoon, because there was this one stretch of land that I just could not get across without dying. Stupid lack of save points. Anyway, on my third try (which I think is the longest anything has taken me in this game... even that rassafrackin' Mortibody Seymore) I got through, only to walk into ANOTHER battle with Mr. Stupid Undeadface who should have been sent to the Farplane by now. And the book says THIS one is a real challenge. Like the last one wasn't! I am SO screwed.

I also noticed that Ifrit's ass appears to be on fire all the time.

I figured out systems to fight depending on which enemies popped up - if it was the Big Beastie-Little Beastie-Mecha Thing combo, I'd use Auron, Tidus, and Rikku or Yuna so one of them could steal from the mecha and collapse it. If it was the Plant Thing-Plant Thing-Explody Ball or Ogre Thing combination, which is what killed me the other times I tried it - because my characters kept getting confused and killing each other >_< - I equipped Confuse Wards to whoever had them and used Lulu for fire spells, and Auron or Wakka or Kimahri for beatin' on. And if it was those godforsaken Explody Ball-Explody Ball-Lighning Shaman Guy combo, I summoned Ifrit each time and the Explody Balls cured him with their fire attacks whenever the Shaman dude Thundaga'd him.

I suppose I should be cleaning or doing something productive, but I did the dishes, so... *sits about and waits for [livejournal.com profile] caitirin to get home*


Jan. 15th, 2004 01:21 pm
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I definitely just got killed-and-a-half by a Fucking Zombie. Close-up, too, damn that camera angle. *shivers*

The bottom of the well hates me.



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