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Because everything, in the end, comes back to Utena.

I was reading "Charles Augustus Milverton" yesterday, like you do, and this quote of Holmes's struck me:

"I have said that he is the worst man in London [referring to Milverton], and I would ask you how could one compare the ruffian who in hot blood bludgeons his mate with this man, who methodically and at his leisure tortures the soul and wrings the nerves in order to add to his already swollen money-bags?"

Replace "already swollen money-bags" with "personal power trip" and you have my argument as to why, in the great scheme of things, Touga* is a much worse person than Saionji. While of course I would never say that hitting someone outside of a self-defense situation is okay, I think it's considerably less horrible to lose it and lash out than to purposefully, methodically go about breaking someone's psyche.

I love when I can find points of congruency like this :3 ILU, my fandoms.

*And Akio, of course, but he's on a different level than Touga... who is, admittedly, on a different level than Saionji, but they're closer in scale to one another than Touga and Akio are.
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We are BAD, BAD, BAD fangirls. *slaps self on the back of her hand*

This is even worse than that time with the chibi Amberites.

Elf Yourself, Utena-style

This is all [livejournal.com profile] buttfacemakani's fault, by the way.
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Another First Kiss meme response, again for [livejournal.com profile] jiatra :) I I like this one better than the last one.

Characters: Tenjou Utena and Ophelia, um, of Elsinore.
Words: 780
Notes: I made absolutely no attempt to explain why they're in the same universe. When I was writing it, in my head I imagined them being in Ophelia-land (Denmark, I suppose) but they really could be in either. This takes place, for Utena, after the end of the series, so all revolutionizing of the world has happened. For Ophelia, this'd be after her father died and before, uh, she died.


They were sitting together on the riverbank with the water five feet below, and Utena had taken off her shoes and socks. They lay in a pile in the grass beside her. Ophelia’s sandals had slipped so far off her dangling feet that one hung on her toe by a leather strap, and Utena winced every time she bounced it. Those sandals were destined for the bottom of the river, she thought.
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Sep. 6th, 2006 06:59 pm
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Holy crap, it's been forever since I posted icons from various challenge communities.

Ahahaha, more procrastination! *got some thinking done on the meantime, really*

For [livejournal.com profile] utena_hush:

Lyrical challenge: Oingo Boingo's Elevator Man - "When you climb aboard, baby, there's no getting off"

Heat challenge:
02: 03: 04:

For [livejournal.com profile] shoujoku_awards

Akio Car challenge:

For [livejournal.com profile] utena_choir

Garbage's Metal Heart:
06: 07:
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[livejournal.com profile] amadareneko requested an icon with this line from Much Ado About Nothing: "Trust no agent - beauty is a witch/Against whose charms faith melteth into blood." And a fantastic and Utena-apt quote it was! I couldn't fit it all onto one icon, so I made a set :3

Six icons. Teasers:

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I've been having somewhat odd dreams of late, but I keep forgetting to
relay them... last night I dreamed that I was working at the Eng/Math library
desk, only it was outside, just a desk, in front of this house and I
had to wade through knee-deep mud in order to get anywhere. I was
trying to check reserves out to people, and they were very bizarre
reserves such as tubes of some kind of glucose mixture, which wouldn't
really make sense for Eng/Math.

A few nights ago I dreamed that I was taking a history class in which I
wrote a paper, and there was a teacher's assistant guy whose native
language was not English, and he was marking my paper all up because I
supposedly didn't have anything right in the grammar. He said I was
using dashes wrong, and that I couldn't say "something vs. something".
I told the teacher that I'd never gotten below a B in a paper in
college ever, and she told me I could take the paper to my Romantics professor to
see how he corrected it O_o And when I left the classroom, it was
Halloween and some girl was dressed up like Wing Zero, complete with
plastic wings on her arms. Then, I went to the cafeteria to try to find
RC and everyone to tell them that I really was coming to lunch
eventually, and there were these mirror mazes that you had to go
through to get into the seating part and the food part. I kept
bypassing them by slipping through curtains at their edges, but if you
wanted to get lunch from the seating area you'd have to go through them
four times... to get out, to get into the food place, out of the food
place, and back into the seating place. @_@

I'm going to see Return of the King again today, so's my Mum can see it. Tomorrow we're probably going to go up to LL Bean's so I can maybe get a nightgown or
a new backpack.

YAY, Daitan post! Must respond soon...

I watched a bunch of the Utena I got on DVD last night... They CHANGED
THINGS. I assume that they took these copies from new releases of the
series on DVD in Japan, because subtle things are changed... for
example, most noticeably, there was one bit in Saionji's... third duel,
the first one with the gondola and the first one with all the cars
racing around the dueling arena, where at the VERY end after the Sword
of Dios disappears and Anthy draws it from Utena, there's an escalation
in the music and all the headlights of the cars come together and point
at the castle. Well, that DIDN'T HAPPEN in the DVD I have. It was just
the normal sparkly light from the tip of the castle, and then the
headlight thing happened in the next duel I saw... I have no clue why
they would have changed that, as it's the only time that that piece of
animation went along perfectly with the music. Also, they changed some
parts so that Utena and Anthy have lipstick when they don't in the
original, and it was pretty obvious that they had been drawn new
mouths... and when Anthy is feeding Akio shaved ice, his mouth is
actually blue... like she mentions, and it wasn't in my version. @_@

But it's very clear. The subs are different, of course, and they have this
weird-ass bit about Taurus in the end song which was translated
completely differently in my fansubs. There are certain bits that I
know by heart, and the words have been changed around. Most of the
time, though, it could be translated either way... except when they
kept saying "three's a crowd with dates" and they were actually saying
"dates are for two people." And subtle things are different... I don't
remember what they say instead of "come with us, to the world you
desire!" but it's not exactly that. Utena says Akio seems "sort of
dangerous" instead of "sort of bad," which is much less hysterical
considering. Obviously, it would be translated differently because it's
so easy to do that with Japanese, and they're trying to make it sound
better and more flow-y in English. It's nice to be able to see pretty,
crisp images, but I still love my fansubs. No matter what they do with
the DVDs, though, I will be eternally grateful that they put The
Picture, the one of Touga and Saionji with Utena squashed in the
middle, on the last DVD cover and on the DVD and all over the inside of
the case. The last one, no less. Hwah.

Wow, I never shut up.

I want a Rohirrim. I have this intense desire to work on my own species
and get them awesome and complicated like the Karai Mishra. *aspires to
greatness such as that* But that's another post, I think.
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*[livejournal.com profile] elaby watches as her head teeters and falls off, and then rolls around the floor in little confused circles*

about an hour is all I can take of looking up kanji. My brain is FRIED.
However, I did find out some neat things in my Utena artbook... one
thing, on a page of Mikage stuff, said "You don't have to run away
anymore, because my black rose has chosen you." And on Saionji and
Touga's page, it said "Their eternal apocalypse" and "the SOMETHING
that budded in winter," because I can't find the damn kanji for
whatever that something was.

And and and...

On Anthy
and Utena's page, they had The Foolish Lifeform Quote. This was right
when I was planning to stop because my neck hurt and I couldn't look
anything up satisfactorily, but then I had to examine the whole thing
because... BECAUSE. So I got most of it, except, again, for one kanji.
"Baka na ikimono..." (foolish living creature) "oujisama nado sai-KANJI
kara sekai no doko ni mo inai no ni..." Which as far as I know
translates to "there was never any prince to begin with," but my
translation abilities, as SPLENDID as they are, tell me it say
something like "there were never any princes in this world" and the "to
being with" part escapes me, because I just don't know the grammar well
enough. And besides... I could be wrong about the as-far-as-I-know
translation, since I can't manage without extreme self-control to keep
my eyes on the subtitles at that moment in the series.

I bet Milton was the first one to imagine how beautiful the Devil would be, when he cries.


Song survey

May. 4th, 2003 04:51 pm
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Okay, I'm going to attempt this... will probably go through many bands before I pick one with names that work ^^;;

I'm gonna attempt it with Utena first.

--Pick a band/artist and fill in the blanks entirely with their song titles.--

Are you male or female?: Alien Girl
Describe yourself: The One Who Shoots at the Sun
How do some people feel about you?: I Am An Imaginary Living Body
How do you feel about yourself?: Invisible Roses
Describe your girlfriend/boyfriend/interest: No One Has Anything To Tell
Where would you rather be?: Akio Car (I could not resist XD )
Describe what you want to be: Morning Lyrical
Describe how you live: Nostalgia of Diversion
Describe how you love: Tenderness
Share a few words of wisdom: To the Battle Castle

These are SO useful. I wish there were more questions.

*deliberates for an hour because there are so many things that would look nifty even if they're not quite right*

I love Utena ^_^


Dec. 18th, 2002 12:04 pm
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I wonder, I wonder!

Do you know what I wonder?

The king is in the counting-house, counting out, counting out, counting...

What is his kingdom? He presides over lonely rose-weeds in cages, who harbor delusions that they can outwit the Mad Gardener.

You can see stars from his counting-house.

Can you not see his wings? Spindly and world-hugging and clipped.

But who clipped them?

Oh sister mine...

I wonder, I wonder!

Do you know what I wonder?

This moment of unbridled insanity was brought to you by...

The Shadow Girls
Coming Down Off of Two Weeks of Stress
...And the Letter 12.

People say random stuff pops into their heads, but have you ever had completely
random stuff pop into your head? It's happened to me twice... strings
of words that just manifest and make themselves known. The first was
"dead sock demographic." That was about four years ago. About a month
ago I got "Velveeta elves." That one makes a little more sense, it
being something related to alliteration.

I'm done now.


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