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*insert obligatory "holywhatthe...?" at the new LJ interface*

Had my Latin final exam this morning. As far as I can tell, the only thing I got wrong was identifying "capient" as 3rd person plural present instead of 3rd person plural future. Silly i-stem third conjugation verbs. Anyway, otherwise it was pretty easy. All of the Latin-to-English translations were things we'd done in class, so I didn't really even have to look at every word to know what they were going to say. I checked to make sure my translation matched up, of course, but I probably didn't have to.

Last school-like obligation of my MA = finished! *does a dance*

Now, to spend a few hours reading something I want to read before I go to work at 2:00.


Dec. 11th, 2006 10:05 pm
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Last paper of graduate school* = done, triple-checked, printed, stapled, foldered, backpacked.


*barring having to rewrite either of these, that is.


Dec. 10th, 2006 08:57 pm
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*collapses* Okay. Paper 1 = finished, triple-checked, printed, stapled, foldered, backpacked. Paper 2 = one section left, 2-7 page leeway and one day to do it in.

I... am tired of spending all weekend writing papers. Yes I am. Yesterday I did about 6 straight hours, today I've done, let's see, 9? Oh, I broke to eat dinner and to help [livejournal.com profile] caitirin with a few jars sometime in the middle.

My parents have a pretty new house! SO pretty! We made guacamole there yesterday. The kitties are adapting predicably (i.e. Mariemaia is exploring the place like Indiana Jones and Kenshin is alternately hiding under/in the bed and slinking about on his belly).

*brain IMPLODES*
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Paper one (due a week from tomorrow): 22 pages that need semi-significant revision and a few additions
Paper two (due a week from Tuesday): 6 pages that don't need much revision at all

I think I'm not doing so bad.

I have this calendar (seen here, but mine is obviously a 2006 version) with drawings of fairies by Ida Rentoul Outhwaite, which I bought up where my parents used to live (used to! HAHA!). The pictures remind me of late Victorian or early 20th century fairy illustrations*, and they all have captions like "Colette Gracefully Descends the Gossamer Thread" and "Bridget Cuddles Up Against a Fat Baby Kookaburra," all things which are just very obvious descriptions of what's shown in the picture. December's caption, however, is "Gwendolyn Sadly Considers Her Plight," and simply shows a fairy girl with drooping wings and her hand to her forehead standing in front of a moonlit lake. There's no indication of what her "plight" might be, unlike all the others, which had really apparent captions. It just struck me as kind of O_o as I turned the calendar to December a few minutes ago.

OMG, Gaia is so cute. I want to wander through the RPG stuff and see how silly it is.

*[edit: Dur, if I'd actually bothered to read the information in the link I put up before I posted this, I would have known that yes, the artist did her work around the turn of the 20th century. She was born in 1888 and had her first exhibition in 1916, I think, and drew stuff apparently while still in school.]
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[vowel]~ = long vowel


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Tonight, since [livejournal.com profile] caitirin is down far away at her class, I'm on my own and amusing myself. I had beans and rice for dinner (yum) and there are all sorts of things I can think of to do: play FFIX or X or X-2, make icons for the various really good challenges this week, work on that fandom100 thing Caitirin signed me up for...

Instead, I'm thinking about theory. -_-

Because I want to be prepared for class tomorrow, I'm writing up notes that will hopefully contain insightful thoughts and questions. I've spent so many hours upon hours reading the assignments, though, that I just want to be DONE with it, and I know that's not good enough. And hence procrastination through posting on LJ.

But the evening is young yet. I need to get going if I want to have any time to relax.

*throws a small fit of not-wanting-to-be-brainy-anymore-today and then goes off to work*
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Last paper of the semester is officially edited, printed, and *runs around room* inserted in folder for passing in tomorrow. Complete with lame-ass title (I swear, I sat here forever trying to think of something better, but then I remembered that This Is Good Enough).

I still have things to do, like dishes and getting ready for Anime Drawing on Friday, but no more school things!

*melts onto the floor*
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The Spade paper is FINALLY finished, printed, and put into my folder for passing-in tomorrow. One paper left to go, but this one only has to be 12-15 pages, so it shouldn't be too bad.

[livejournal.com profile] caitirin is baking like a madwoman! And dancing for me occasionally with her iPod on.

Speaking of hard-boiled detectives, completely by accident I ended up watching Mystery! on PBS last night (because the opening is an Edward Gorey animation sequence). What was on was Jericho, which not only stars Robert Lindsay (Captain Pellew, EEEEEE!) but is how I feel detective stories OUGHT to be. Or at least, how hard-boiled detective types ought to be played. It could just be that I have a mad fangirl crush great respect for Robert Lindsay as an actor, but he's really an absolute pleasure to watch. And after spending about three weeks with a complete jerkoff detective in my head (Sam Spade, you louse), I'm grateful for somebody with a little compassion. The trenchcoat and fedora doesn't hurt, of course.

The next one is on tonight at 9:00! I caught the weekly repeat of last Sunday's episode. There are only four, and that was the first, so I didn't miss any!

Now I ought to start working on my other paper. Rapture. *would rather watch more Jericho, but can wait until tonight*
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I never thought I'd say this, but I really wish this paper didn't have to be double-spaced. I would be content to include every ghost story* people have told me and talk about them in connection with my focus on how they work in community-linked-to-identity. But if I put everything in that I think would be interesting and fruitful to talk about, my paper would be a bazillion pages long. I don't want to do that to my professor; he's a nice man.

I suppose having too much information is better than too little, though. I'll be singing a different tune one I start working on Sam Space and his body descriptors e_e

Moomintroll icons! I must make some of my own now! *bounces*

*My ethnography paper for Folklore is concerned with ghost stories and how they spread, are told, and function on a college campus.
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First day of grad school: accomplished.

Books: bought.

Registration form: signed.

Classes: healthily intimidating.

All: went well.

Mission report tomorrow.


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