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Holy shit, cats with wings.

No, really.

*flap flap flap*
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Gawd, everyone on DeviantArt is so WANKY. Why I should be surprised at this, I have no idea.

On to more interesting things!

Conversation in the car this evening:

[livejournal.com profile] elaby and [livejournal.com profile] caitirin: *talking about previous Nanos, and how it's very Nano-like to skip important plot explanation or transition or character development because you don't feel like writing it*

[livejournal.com profile] elaby: But with my first Nano*, I wrote that completely in line. Linear. I didn't leave any bits out.
[livejournal.com profile] caitirin: Me too!
[livejournal.com profile] elaby: I realized the major problem with that story, though - I resolved the conflict I was interested in long before I resolved the conflict that made up the actual plot.
[livejournal.com profile] caitirin: Which one was this again?
[livejournal.com profile] elaby: Ali and Etoile**.
[livejournal.com profile] caitirin: Right, right!
[livejournal.com profile] elaby: So I resolved the thing I was interested in, that being Ali and Etoile's relationship, way before...
[livejournal.com profile] caitirin: The political maneuvering overthrow of the government plot.
[livejournal.com profile] elaby: Exactly. And since I wasn't really interested anymore, I was just like "Meh! Etoile has some shiny bracelets that do this thing, and POOF, that's it. Everything's fixed."
[livejournal.com profile] caitirin: Hey, I think Deus ex Jewelria is just fine.
[livejournal.com profile] elaby: *sporfle!*

*The one, for those unaware, with Ali and Etoile.
**The amnesiac and the transgendered princess respectively.
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So, as [livejournal.com profile] caitirin said:

"P.S. Annoying bitchy girl bitched at us in the MUB for talking. Hello? Talking in the community center what is made for gathering of the community? Because she wanted to sleep. Well GO HOME to sleep. OR GO TO THE LIBRARY what is made for quiet! Do not sleep in the community center! Pain in the ass. Also do not come up to my table and beat around the bush asking "Do I know that people try to sleep here?" Yes I do. And if you want to sleep, go for it. If you want to sleep in quiet... GO SOMEWHERE QUIET! Stupid bint. [/rant]"

Yes. This was a strange thing. Number one, it's the MUB, where people talk. Number two, if people just knew how to communicate, life would be so much easier.

It went something like this:

[livejournal.com profile] elaby, [livejournal.com profile] caitirin, and [livejournal.com profile] hak42 - *have dinner and talk at a reasonable level about homework, mind you*
Girl - *comes over and stands beside [livejournal.com profile] elaby*
Elaby - *looks up*
Girl - *with not-particularly-irritated expression* Did you know that people do homework and sleep here?
Elaby - . . . *blank stare*
Girl - *waits*
Elaby - *brain whirrs* *thinks Girl is some kind of Survey Person, whose natural habitat is the MUB, asking about people who spend 24 hours a day at the MUB*
Caitirin and Hak42 - *calmly explain that there's a sign on the door that says this isn't a quiet study room and that people do group work here all the time*
Girl - *argues for a while that she was trying to sleep and got woken up*
Elaby - *brain whirrs, apparently stuck*
Caitirin and Hak42 - *respond logically that this isn't a dorm, or the library*
Girl - *goes away*
Conversation - *resumes at a lower level*
Elaby - *brain whirrs*

Elaby - *brain whirrs* *click* OH. She wanted us to be QUIET. ... Why didn't she just ask us to be quiet?

O_o;; People are weird. If somebody came up to me and said, "Could you please be a little quieter? I'm trying to sleep/study" I would say "Oh, sure! Sorry! I didn't realize we were being loud." But you come up to someone and say something roundabout or sarcastic and people will either respond in kind or misunderstand you completely.
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I'm looking for a 10.5" x 16" plastic or glass clip frame for a poster at work, and I searched "10.5"x16" clip frame" on Amazon.com. What came up when I hit enter?

Player's Handbook: Core Rulebook I (Dungeons & Dragons, Edition 3.5)

Well, yes, I'd love one of those, but that's not a clip frame, is it, Amazon?

Doing a "Ctrl+F" on the page didn't yield "clip", "frame", "10.5", or "16". Just numbers with 10 and 16 in them. How weird is THAT.

Anyway, onto more interesting things: I just read about an awesome way that two women who are getting married beat the system at its own game.

The artist of Venus Envy just proposed to her girlfriend of two years, and they're going to be getting legally married. They live in Washington, where the Supreme Court just denied gay people the right to get married. How are they doing this?

Well, the Venus Envy artist was born male, and the state has a law that forbids transsexuals from changing their birth certificate to align to their "new" gender. Because of this, the artist is still legally male, and so can marry a woman. On the one hand, all of the discriminatory laws that say that gay people aren't denied the right to marry because they're free to marry a member of the opposite sex, and that prevent transsexuals from legally being the gender they actually are, are awful and depressing - but that two people who love each other could beat the system is awesome :)

You can read the story in her own words at the bottom of the page I linked up there, under "Rant du Jour".

In other news, I bought a couple CDs from BMG and they came in the mail while we were away. I got the the new Matchbox 20 and Goo Goo Dolls CDs, Natalie Merchant, Daniel Powter for [livejournal.com profile] caitirin, and the Dresden Dolls, which has to be my favorite so far. Would that I could play piano like that O.o The CD has a "Parental Warning: Explicit Content" label on the front, and I wonder if BMG is obligated to put those on, or if the group put it on in order to seem more badass or something. Not that they NEED to seem more badass. I can see why the label would be there, I guess; their language isn't too bad, one or two instances of "fuck" usage, but I guess their subject matter could definitely be described as disturbing. I wouldn't call it explicit, though.

It's funny to think of them in connection with Evanescence, which I was listening to on the plane. The Dresden Dolls are kind of like what Evanescence wishes it was. While Evenescence is all "I'm tortured and tormented and in so much pain! Oh, the regret, it bleeds from me in crimson waves! Has no one told you she's not breathing?" The Dresden Dolls say, "You think you're disturbed? Check this shit out, mofo."

Which isn't to say I don't thoroughly enjoy Evanescence. It's just that the badass factor can't even be compared.

I drew some stuff in my sketchbook while I was on the plane, so I'm going to try to scan that sometime. I've got a whole pile of drawings to be scanned... mostly old ones, but I want to put them up anyway.

This is the post of random direction switching!
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Today, I've...

- completely finished one paper
- finished the first draft of another
- read summaries for books I won't get completely read by tomorrow
- done dishes
- watched Caitirin make bread
- put my laundry away
- watched Advent Children (squee to follow)
- posted Auber

Hm. Not bad for a Sunday.

I'm tagged! [livejournal.com profile] terse_scribe tagged me for the five random things meme. Let's see if I can think of any that are entertaining.

1. Whenever I eat Hershey's kisses, I ball up the tinfoil wrapper so that you can only see the color on the outside, and none of the silver insides. Then I collect them on my desk and arrange them symmetrically until I finally manage to throw them out.

2. My first CD was The Smashing Pumpkins' "Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness." People at school (this was around 6th or 7th grade) reacted disbelievingly when I said I had music with swears in it.

3. My first fanfic was Pokémon, written over a Christmas break while I ate lots of Hershey's kisses and walnuts. The fanfic was my attempt at an episode-like adventure. I submitted it to an archive, where they said you could have swears if they were appropriate (the example I remember was Ash saying "Fuck!" if he got shot.) I told them all mine had was an "oh my God", and they rejected it. At the time, it did not occur to me that they were being sarcastic.

4. For some reason, I tend to like all of the literary works that the critics traditionally don't; examples are Titus Andronicus, The London Merchant, The Conscious Lovers, the works of Poe...

5. I'm really bad at games involving strategy. I enjoy playing them, but MAN, do I ever suck at them. I'm better at "random knowledge" games.

Now, about Advent Children. OMFGSQUEE.

Cut 'cause this post is getting a little long )
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Okay, I'm reminded why I like this stuff.

In the earliest instance of fannish behavior that I've come across, Charles Lamb wrote to Coleridge about Burger's ballad "Lenore":

"Have you read the Ballad called 'Leonora' in the second Number of the 'Monthly Magazine'? If you have !!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

That's fourteen exclaimation points, folks. And it's this "rec" that made Coleridge, and then Wordsworth, read this and write things like "The Thorn," which I wrote a paper about a couple years ago.

Fandom never ends.
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[livejournal.com profile] caitirin: *from the living room, talking to herself while translating* Where does the fall go?

Me: *from computer in bedroom* Generally after the temptation.

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I got this e-mail from her this evening:

Notes: Mushikiri
Nekosai - a play on Hitokiri Battousai, the title of the main character
in Rurouni Kenshin. Hitokiri means "mancutter (slayer)" and Battousai
means one who is a master of battoujutsu. Mushi means "bug" and neko
means "cat", so it's really like "bugcutter master cat" only most
likely grammatically horrible.

Nee-san means "older sister".

Onto the e-mail.

approximately 2:30 pm this afternoon, Nekosai was flying about the
house with godlike speed, puzzling all those who saw him, including his
Nee-san, who was perched atop a chair in the livingroom at the time. At
last, his mother realized that he was chasing some sort of a bug, which
he finally cornered and ate with great relish. He is now off in pursuit
of more bugs; whether someone handed him another black envelope, or
whether he's just doing it in pursuit of the bloodsport, we'll never
know. At any rate, he's still flying about the house ...

That is all."


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StabbyDeath! a series of haiku, by[livejournal.com profile] elaby.

Maim the bound journals
or burn them, for all I care.
I lack in pull slips.

The things are heavy
and caked with ages of dust.
They won't stand alone.

Even the strongest
among them always falls down,
crunching my fingers.

The racket they make
with those damn'd metal bookends
makes me want to scream.

[livejournal.com profile] merrick42's article on Atlantis was interesting, but it got me to pondering the eternal question...

Is there some law somewhere that scientific books always must have a colon in the title?

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And people say personality isn't genetic.

Me: La la... fanfic n_n

Dad's Genes: Oh my GOD, you're living in a PIT! Look at that STOVE TOP! Get in there and CLEAN THAT RIGHT NOW!

Me: But... I was going to write... *coughreadmorelivejournalscough*

Genes: WRITE? You were going to WRITE when your kitchen smells like
moldy cheese and there are three tons of dishes in the sink?! CLEAN

Me: ... CLEAN NOWWWWWW! *cleans like the Soap Banshees were after her*

Me: Thanks a lot, Dad Genes. Now I'm going to be late for work. *scurries*
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I've been looking for decent PoC fanart for the last half-hour, and
I've come to the conclusion that the internet is one vast miasma of suck.

really wish DeviantArt had a search feature that you could use if you
weren't a paid member, because trying to look for good art on Elfwood
(if it isn't recommended or you don't stumble upon it blindly) is nigh
on impossible. The search engine never works, and trying to use the
Google Elfwood search gets you nothing but "I love PIRATES AND ORLANDO
OMGBBQ!!eleven!" in comments, author/artist bios, and soforth. I don't
think I found any pictures of any of the actual characters - the
closest I got was a few people with actual talent saying "This is NOT
Pirates of the Caribbean fanart! I am pretentious and artistic and am
never influenced by popular media!" and a bunch of "Squee whoa like I'm
drawing the daughter of Jack Sparrow now!"


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More wandering about fandom_wank on www.journalfen.net has found me a group of some of the funniest icons I've ever seen.

okay, so maybe only one of them is REALLY hysterical. But there are
BILLIONS. I don't know how this girl gets this many icons O.o Maybe
paid users get fifty, and such.


the one I originally wanted to show off (can't right click and save on
the computer at work) was the "Goths: They're What's For Dinner" icon
down near the bottom, because it is a heinous pun on SO MANY LEVELS.

Hint: The guys in the picture are Demetrius and Chiron from the weird-ass Titus Andronicus movie.

one, they're Goths in the actual sense - that is, their nationality.
Titus kicked their people's asses and brought them down to Rome from,
uh, Eastern Europe ¬_¬ Fear my specificness. Pun part two, they're ALSO
stereotypical modern "goths" because in the movie, they're all black
leather, piercings, scary kinky badass stuff. And three, they get
killed and baked into a pie, and fed to their mother. Woot, fun times!

But some of my other favorites are (going from the bottom up)...

The Viggo Hammer one. Although I thought it was going to say "boom stick". So disappointed ;)

The various Lilo and Stitch ones.

Pretty much all the Tolkien ones, but especially the angst ones, the Legolas Spoiler one, and poor Faramir and his fangirls.

I'm pretty sure that the "Havo the fuck dad" is something in Elvish...
Havo dad, at least, but I can't remember what it is! Oh, that's going
to drive me craaazy ^^;;

I also am particularly fond of the "Cry 'kerfuffle!' and let slip the Ferrets of Wank!"

Okay, I'm done now.

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So I was studying for my English final tomorrow when I found this rather... unique entry in my notes.

"Poet's intention - who gives a shit? Don't worry about it. We can't tell what he wanted to say if he didn't say it in the poem. What his intention was is irrelevant insomuch as it isn't in the poem.

Falstaff = roast beef."

I swear to god... I have NO idea what the roast beef thing is referring to.

*eyes it curiously and goes back to studying*
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Must write. Must advance plot.

Must not watch Lionel Luthor angst in ways I never thought capable on the balcony of his office building.

*hides her video tape*

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Every time Nature has me totally convinced that I hate her with my very soul, she turns around and does something like this.

I was walking home today, looking, I think, rather like some kind of
vagabond bag-lady in my dad's coat and my red hat and twelve-foot long
scarf (maybe eleven feet). I spent the first ten minutes swinging my
umbrella around to Mitternacht and feeling very Nicodemus-y, and then I
walked with Collin, who has been in some of my English classes and who
lives near me. Contrary to popular thought, I actually sometimes talk
to people I meet on campus. So, continuing on, he opted for the quick
way home because he had to study for an exam - also probably because I
talk too much, owing to that he asks me things and then doesn't
give elaborate answers when I ask back. So, I was listening to Cyber
Rose and singing out loud and being generally silly and dancing all
over the road, when I was caught by a flash of light down one of the
side roads. I thought it was a car's headlights, at first, and when I
looked, they seemed to multiply into dozens. My thought then was,
irrationally, that someone was holding a huge festival down there and
had strung up million-watt lights in the trees, kind of like in
Lothlorien, only very bright. As I walked, it moved, and I finally
realized (I say "finally"... this probably all took place in three or
so seconds) that it was the setting sun through the trees. I haven't
often seen the setting sun when it was that color of white-yellow. It
was streaming, and tangible, and beautiful.

And then, I turned, and on the other side of the street I could see that the very tips of
the highest trees were brilliantly illuminated. The sky behind them was
a very dark grey. Everything was wet and grey and bits were lit up all

And just a few moments ago, the whole world was completely pink. It's gone blue, now. Darkness falls fast around here.

Oh, yes! For those involved, I was able to get someone to sub for me on Sunday, so I can go to the support rally. *gladness*

Now if I can just get everything done that's due at random times in the near future, I'll be all set.
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All right, you.

Yeah, you, in the girly pink gi.

There's going to be some inking going on, and there is to be NO SUCKING. You here me?


That's what I thought.


Oct. 7th, 2003 01:19 pm
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(Just like one translation of the first word of Beowulf.)

Tonight was a singular moon-night.

I don't like Tuesdays, because I have to work at twelve and then at
eight, so between that and my classes I get minimal time during the day
to do things like eating. And tonight the Chem building was creeping me
out just a little. I have mace now, which my father gave me, so I had
it in my pocket, and I put my hand in with it when I stepped outside.
It was cold, but I didn't really notice it because the Chemistry
library had been pretty chilly. I walked out, down the new-paved
walkway towards B lot, and then I looked up.

The sky was spottily clouded. It was like quilting. And there was the moon, almost
full, in the middle of a halo that stretched out many times the
diameter of the moon. When the clouds were over the moon, the inside of
the halo was mist-white. It stretched out, and then, at the edges, it
faded into yellow, and orange, and red. These colors all were very
pale, barely discernible... but they were there.

The most amazing part, though, was when the breaks in the clouds moved over the
moon. Then, the halo cast a sort of half-seen mist over the black space
behind the moon, and it looked... for all the world... like there was
something solid behind the moon. Like the sky was not the fathomless
black expanse that it is. Space doesn't look flat; it looks like the
night sky - like it has depth. But this didn't. There was just enough
of that halo to make it really seem as if there was something there. It
was almost... amber-colored. It was like there was something there.

That moment was brief; soon there were clouds again. But they were just as
beautiful. I wanted a camera so badly. It was so clear, and cold, and


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It's no wonder we want to give Thomas a puppy. They incite the fuzziest feelings.

met one on the way home today... a little chocolate cocker spanial who
was incredibly friendly. She licked my hand and was very excited to
come and meet me when she saw me coming down the street. Her owner was
this nice old British lady, which made it even better. *jiiin*

But onto the main point of this post...

I present:

A Concise History of Russia Until 1570.

Before 800 -
Invasion of the Goths.
Invasion of the Huns.
Invasion of the Alans.
Invasion of the Avars.
Invasion of the Khazars.
Invasion of the Varangians (Vikings, later to yield Rurik, the first Grand Prince.)
Varangians settle in Novgorod.

Late 800's - The Rurikids establish Kiev as capital.

- Queen Olga buries alive, poisions, and burns to death her
husband-murdering suitors, then sets fire to the city they were sent

1054-1237 -
Attacks by Swedes.
Attacks by Teutonic Knights.
Attacks by Lithuanians.
Attacks by Mongols (Tatars.)

1240 - Kiev sacked by Mongols.

1242 - More attacks by Teutonic Knights.

300 years later - Mongols still rule Russia, but leave when Ivan III refuses to pay any more tribute.

1471 - Novgorod sacked by Ivan III.

1570 - Novgorod sacked by Ivan IV (the Terrible.)

Needless to say, this is one oppressed little country. Okay, so maybe not so little.

teacher says that they have huge vast impenetrable forests with trees
as big around as half our classroom, and so dense that present
archaeologists have stumbled across villages of people who fled the
State in 1917 and have not been stumbled across since.

I wanna see the forests! *crazy Legolas look in eyes* Oh Kiiiiiirov...

Hurt me.

May. 25th, 2003 01:10 pm
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I am so in trouble ;)

They say that the best kind of fanfic
you can write is the type that would make the character you're writing
about want to kill you... I'm not so sure about that, in terms of
actual quality, but it's still damn fun.

Watashi wa nattobakketto desu! And as if the Amberites didn't already want my head
on a stick... this situation came to mind this morning. Pay no
attention to the fact that there was probably up to a thousand years
between births ^^;;

Chibi Princes of Amber (and Princesses)

*chibi Julian, with chin-length straight black hair, wearing a white paper
vest-thing with scales drawn on in magic marker, sits on the floor
holding leafy branches in each hand. Next to him is a large plastic toy
horse and a little grey puppy, which goes "mmr?" when he points to his

Chibi Julian - Sic him!

*he is indicating, of course...*

*chibi Corwin, with a very... er... loved silver rose pinned to his black shirt, having a face-off with chibi Eric, in red and black, wearing a red jewel on a necklace, obviously
the kind you get from 25 cent machines*

Chibi Corwin - *holding a wooden sword* Feel the wrath of Graywis... Graswa... Griwasi...

Chibi Eric - *smirk*

Chibi Corwin - *baffs him with the sword, then gives an uber-charming smile to chibi Deirdre, who's watching*

Chibi Deirdre - *claps and hides her little wooden ax, which she would have
used to kick Eric's ass had he done anything to Corwin*

*chibi Flora, with a blonde ponytail and a very froofy dress, hovers around
behind chibi Brand, who is sitting at an easel and fingerpainting in
black, blue, and purple*

Chibi Flora - That's scary, brother...

Chibi Brand - *angstangstgrumblemoodymelodramaticsigh* No one understands me.

*chibi Gérard, in blue and grey, barrels into chibi Caine, in green and black*

Chibi Gérard - WRESTLE!!

Chibi Caine - *beans him with a little toy ship* Go AWAY!

*beside them, chibi Benedict, surrounded by thousands of toy soldiers and wooden swords, gives them a world-weary look*

Chibi Benedict - -_-;;;; *goes back to playing with soldiers*

*chibi Random, with very messy blond hair, bangs away on a group of cooking
pots arranged around him. Green-haired chibi Llewella comes over,
leading a brown-haired girl by the hand*

Chibi Llewella - Random, this is my friend Vialle. She wants to listen to you play.

Chibi Random - *blushes*

*chibi Fiona and chibi Bleys are having a tug-of-war with a flat cardboard
box, which says "Magic Tricks for Young Ones of the Blood" on the cover*

Chibi Fiona - I can do it better! Gimme!

Chibi Bleys - No, you can't! You blew up Brand's paint supplies last time and he BIT me *they struggle, and it explodes in sparkly fireworks, getting them both all sooty*

And I think... that's all. I don't think I missed anyone.

Eh heh... eh heh heh ^^;;;;;;;;

Song survey

May. 4th, 2003 04:51 pm
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Okay, I'm going to attempt this... will probably go through many bands before I pick one with names that work ^^;;

I'm gonna attempt it with Utena first.

--Pick a band/artist and fill in the blanks entirely with their song titles.--

Are you male or female?: Alien Girl
Describe yourself: The One Who Shoots at the Sun
How do some people feel about you?: I Am An Imaginary Living Body
How do you feel about yourself?: Invisible Roses
Describe your girlfriend/boyfriend/interest: No One Has Anything To Tell
Where would you rather be?: Akio Car (I could not resist XD )
Describe what you want to be: Morning Lyrical
Describe how you live: Nostalgia of Diversion
Describe how you love: Tenderness
Share a few words of wisdom: To the Battle Castle

These are SO useful. I wish there were more questions.

*deliberates for an hour because there are so many things that would look nifty even if they're not quite right*

I love Utena ^_^


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