Aoi Hana

Mar. 1st, 2011 09:25 pm
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I'm not sure if I've squeed about Aoi Hana before, but it deserves it. Aoi Hana ("Blue Flower(s)", known among fan-translation circles as "Sweet Blue Flowers") is a manga series by Shimura Takako. I would call it a yuri manga except that it's unlike any other "girls dating each other" series I've ever come across, even The Last Uniform. It would be more aptly labeled as a GLBT issues series. This is the only manga I have EVER come across that's treated same-sex relationships with seriousness and sensitivity, and not as either comedy or something to squee over/get turned on by. AND COME ON, how can I not love that?

The story is about Manjoume Fumi, an extremely shy girl who has had a couple of relationships with other girls and knows that she's a lesbian, and her best friend Okudaira Akira, who has a lot of confused feelings. In terms of pacing, the story is very slow, but I like it that way - it took the couple I rooted for five volumes to kiss. AND IT WAS SO WORTH IT. It's also a really intelligent story, with lots of references to classic literature (both Japanese and Western). The main cast is focused around the drama clubs at the two schools the main girls go to, and they put on fantastic plays that act as the backdrop of a lot of the plot. The costumes are gorgeous, the drawings are simple but elegant, and I find the characters to be very realistic. I can't tell you how refreshing it is to read manga where same-sex relationships aren't treated as titillatingly forbidden. In Aoi Hana, people don't always understand or approve of same-sex attraction and love, but that's realistic too. And the GLBT element drives the story and the characters' growth; it's not just there to excite readers. There's none of the standard "Oh, my body feels so warm! What is this feeling? But we're both girls!" Heh, there's even a part where one character, after confessing her affection to another girl and hearing her response, says "I'm glad you didn't say 'But we're both girls!'"

The only problem is that I can't find anything about it ever coming out in English T_T I read all of the volumes that are out on and I plan to buy the raw Japanese if I can find it somewhere (my favorite Japanese bookshop, Sasuga, has closed -_-). This sums up my feelings on fan-translating and manga scans online: North American distributors, if you bring it out in English, I WILL BUY IT. Please give me the opportunity.

There's also an anime :3 But I don't think the manga is done yet, so I wonder how far the anime goes. I think it's only like 12 episodes (of course, the stuff that happens in five volumes could probably be put into 12 episodes. It just wouldn't be as gently paced).

Akio, you look much more lascivious in my mood icon than I intended by choosing it. Of course, I should expect no less from you.
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*shamelessly ogles own icon*

Today is a good day for bulleted lists.

- I just had a Lush bath and now I'm utterly covered in sparkles. *turns to and fro, glitters*

- SCREW YOU, UTERUS. I don't need you!

- I hit the jackpot at Barnes and Noble yesterday. I had a gift card from work (yay recognition!) and I hadn't used it because every time I went in, they had nothing I wanted. This time, they had:

+ Kobato, vol 2
+ Kuroshitsuji, vol 2
+ Bleach, vol 1 (I've been enjoying the anime so much! XD But I didn't see most of the first season, so I really want to read the manga. It's pretty awesome so far.)
+ Extremely cheap, gorgeous notebook with pretty girl and trees

And I still have $15 left :D

- Watched first half of Two Towers the other night. Resisted urge to fast-forward through the Frodo-and-Sam parts. Laughed like a fool when Legolas stated where the orcs were taking Merry and Pippin. Remembered how much I <3 Eomer OMG. Also, Theoden FTW.

- [ profile] astillac has this cool book about how to be your own creativity coach, and how to motivate yourself and talk yourself through artistly self-beatings. We decided to do each exercise as she reads about them. This week we assigned ourselves the first one, in which you have a conversation between yourself as artist and yourself as coach and try to tackle the difficult questions, such as "why does my work matter?". It was really, really cool, and I found it very helpful. A brief synopsis of the outcome, in bulleted list form! )
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I keep writing posts and then forgetting to post them! *laughs* I have this backlog of random crap I meant to post about that sometimes ends up being no longer relevant. But manga reviews never go out of date!

I finished Kashimashi ~Girl Meets Girl~, the whole series (there are six volumes sold in two omnibuses), and omg I loved it. My discussion of the first half of this series is here.

By the end of the first omnibus - by the middle of it, even - the issue of Hazumu having been physically a boy before and a girl now stopped being important, and I think that's why I like this series so much. Operating as I am under the theory that Hazumu has always been at the female end of the gender spectrum (the story implies as much, in my opinion), it was a relief when the other characters worked through their confusion about how to feel about her. For the rest of the series, the conflict surrounded not Hazumu's gender/others perception of her gender, but the characters all trying to work out how they felt about each other and what to do about it. It was very satisfying to me, as someone who's tired of fictional same-sex relationships being fraught with problems because they're same-sex, not because relationships are complicated.

Babble, spoilers, squee. )
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Life update! Well, more of a fandom update, really. Or a "what I've been up to" update.

What I've been up to has not been writing ¬_¬ The writing has just not been happening. I'm not going to worry too much about it, though, because drawing has been happening instead. Anime and manga have staged a brain-coup, and I've also started studying Japanese again. I bought volume 2 of "Japanese in Mangaland," a textbook and workbook that teaches the Japanese language through lessons with examples from real manga (the dialogue is from real manga, but the pictures have been re-drawn due to copyright reasons, which makes it kind of fun to try to figure out what might've been going on in the original). Volume 2 covers what I covered in my end-of-second and beginning-of-third years of Japanese, so it's a refresher for the more complicated grammar points with some added stuff that I didn't learn in class. There's a volume 3 as well that I want to get when I finish this one.

Last week, I got the third volume of The Last Uniform in the mail from Japan! *armwaving* This way to translation babbling. )

A couple of weeks ago, I borrowed the first volume of Kashimashi ~Girl Meets Girl~ from the library. It was interesting; I had been avoiding it because I figured it was one of those standard cop-out "boy gets turned into girl and makes out with girls" yuri storylines, and I was highly skeptical about its sensitivity to transgender issues. After reading it, I'm actually more impressed with the way the story handles the main character's transition than the way it portrays same-sex attraction. Lengthy thoughts, and spoilers for the first volume. )

I've also been watching (over the past month or two) the first half of the anime Romeo x Juliet. It's pretty freaking awesome, actually - and this is me: not a big fan of the play. The opening sequence was clearly designed for me personally, or at least for anyone who the Utena opening sequence sends into raptures. As [ profile] caitirin pointed out, it's like they made a list of all the cool things from the Utena opening. Flower imagery? Check. Kickass girls in boys' clothes? Check. Swordfighting? Check. Reaching hands? Check. Gravity-defying exploding architecture? Double freaking check XD The characters are pretty cool, too. Squee, blah, spoilers. You know the drill. )
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How about more significant first? I think that's a good idea. I read two articles the other day, found through [ profile] glockgal's journal (where I find many of the most thought-provoking and self-improving things), about fandom perceptions and fandom's impact on people's lives. They're very thoughtful, informative, and important. Italicized quotes are from the articles.

iambickilometer on Dreamwidth writes META: Five+ Ways Being Transgender in Fandom Really Sucks, and Why I Stick With It Anyway

The title is self-explanatory, and this article is very well-written, helpful, informative, and ultimately optimistic. I learned a new term: cisgender means a person whose perceived gender conforms their physical sex and society's view of their gender or sexual identity.

You know what I want to see in source material? I want to see someone transgendered save the world, and pass while doing it. I want to see the guy win the transgirl. I want the genderqueer person in a position of power, kicking ass, taking names. I want the transguy to live happily ever after. I want to read or watch their stories and think, "Hey, maybe that could be me." I want other people, cisgendered people, to read and watch these stories and think, "Hey, maybe that could be me."

[ profile] bookshop writes "i know you care for him as much as i do."

The title of this article, some of you may notice, is a line from Sherlock Holmes '09: Mary says it to Holmes about Watson. The article, which I can say reflects pretty much exactly what I think and feel, talks about how slash isn't just a treasure-hunting game, it's what we do to be able to see ourselves in fictional characters when there is a massive dearth of gay protagonists.

I don't slash because I like finding and pointing out homoerotic subtext everywhere I can. I slash because the stories I want, I can't have.


I don't want Holmes and Watson, House and Wilson, Merlin & Arthur, Blair and Serena, to make out onscreen because I am a slasher. I don't want it because I can go "aha!" and add that moment to my collection.

I want those main characters to fall in love and make out because it means that fans of their characters will have to come to terms with their gayness, exactly like they would have to do in real life. [...] The most empowering aspect of slash for me is that it takes beloved, known characters, and strips away their heteronormativity. Yeah, countless people have accidentally discovered Harry Potter slash on the internet, and gone "ACK MY EYES" and hit the back button as fast as they can, but that also means that for half an instant, countless people were forced to grapple with the idea that someone they loved was gay, even if that someone was a fictional character. And maybe they didn't get it, but maybe that moment brought them closer to acceptance or tolerance or empathy.


In less significant fandom news, I really really love this manga called The Last Uniform (Saigo no Seifuku). The art isn't spectacular, but it really gets better over the first two volumes, and the story is sweet and adorable and full of gentle girl-love in which the characters barely get as far as hugging one another. It's also very much about friendship, between the paired-off couples and between all of the characters, which is a nice change after all of the yuri, shounen-ai, and yaoi that's only about physical desire.

But it seems pretty evident that the third and last volume won't be released in English. *sadface* It's been since 2008 that anyone's mentioned it, and as far as I can tell from the publisher's forums, they were putting it "on hold" then because the first volumes didn't sell well. It's only one more volume! The second ended with a cliffhanger! BWAH! T_T

It appears to be available on the website, on backorder, shipping in 2-4 weeks. I don't really trust this, since nowhere else does it say it's been published in English. And the thing is, I would take it in raw Japanese, in scans, anything. But I can't find any scans for volume 3, and my one known resource for Japanese books ( doesn't have it. Since it was a little obscure three-volume series from 2005, I'm not really surprised, but I had hoped they might be carrying it.

Anybody out there know any other Japanese bookstores I could navigate in English and order from online? Any manga sites that put up scans? I'm woefully ignorant about what's out there for raw scans, and I didn't have any luck searching for scanlations. Woe!

[Edit: For my own reference, Kinokuniya has the last volume if you search for it using Japanese characters. Not sure how to order yet.]

Saiyuki OMG

Jan. 3rd, 2009 10:06 pm
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I got Saiyuki Reload vol. 9 today (it's probably been out awhile... and I keep forgetting which volumes I already have since it's been so damn long since the last one came out) and OMG.

Spoilers, yo )
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I had such a nice weekend XD

Last night, [ profile] margaritarussa hosted karaoke for a fundraiser for cancer research. [ profile] caitirin and I met [ profile] _melisande_ there (and she brought me another Justin de Quincy novel! OMG I love them!) It was so much fun! We sang KT Tunstall's Suddenly I See and TMBG's Istanbul (Not Constantinople) and we watched lots of other people sing :) [ profile] margaritarussa has a fantastic voice!

Also, yesterday Caitirin bought me a Moomintroll doujinshi on ebay! T____T *joy* It's in Japanese and it's so freaking cute. I can't wait to get it. It's all adorable with Snufkin and Little My and Moomintroll dancing around on the cover :3

And today, for Mother's Day, we took [ profile] coastal_spirit on a Magical Mystery Tour to Salem, MA and we went to all sorts of fascinating shops, and had vegetable tempura for lunch, and ice cream later n_n Caitirin and I got an iron trinity knot with bells on it to hang on our porch, and I got two beautiful pieces of tumbled clear quartz that have almost no inclusions. I also got a very pretty nearly round piece of smoky quartz and a piece of onyx, which has blue rainbowy shimmery bits in it. I love stones!

I also picked up the first volume of the Neon Genesis Evangelion: Angelic Days manga. It's... sort of like if Eva were a normal story XD So far, at least. All of the characters go to school together (Kaworu included), Rei is all bubbly and inexperienced with the real world (oooh mystery!), Misato is their teacher, and Ritsuko is the school nurse. They all also work for NERV, of course ^^;; It's pretty cute. I also bought two volumes of a manga called The Last Uniform, which is apparently adorable school age girl-love. I haven't read any yet, but it looks really cute. Squee!

We had a really nice time n_______n

And now! It's time to collapse in bed!
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First, the only thing I'll say about the LJ strike: I don't care whether you str... stroke? Striked? Stroked? Ah! Participated in the strike or not, the only thing that bothers me is when people post condemning other people as stupid or bad for whatever they chose to do. I'm equally frustrated by someone who would post "All you people striking are so stupid and what you're doing is totally pointless!" as by someone who would post "Anyone who doesn't strike is a sell-out bigoted pansy!" I'm not talking about anyone who rationally expressed an opinion on the matter, either, because I read posts that did that and I completely respect them. Anyway.

[ profile] caitirin, [ profile] _melisande_, and her sister and I went down to Boston today, and it was wicked tons of fun! I had yasai katsu curry at Wagamama for lunch (SO good!) and picked up some nice stuff at LUSH. I also got a new manga at the anime store - Garden Dreams by Fumi Yoshinaga. She also wrote Antique Bakery - which I need the last volume of - and that was good. Not incredible, but at the top of the range as far as BL manga goes. Garden Dreams was a VERY different sort of BL manga, and I really, really liked it.

It's about a baron living in the "west" (these are the only distinctions they make) and two bards from the "east" who travel to the west after a large war. It looked generally around the 14-1500's from the clothing. The only kissing in the story is het, and backstory, and utterly tame, and obviously doomed to tragedy from the beginning. The story focuses on friendship between the baron and the younger bard, and between the younger bard and the older bard. It's also a story about how different people deal with loss.

The end is... well, it's very happy, but it's also really weird - not at all unsatisfying, but odd. Fumi Yoshinaga's art style is simple but beautiful, and it's really growing on me. I'm very glad I bought this one, and that doesn't happen that often with randomly bought boy's love manga ^_^


Dec. 2nd, 2007 09:53 am
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Okay, this is the scariest thing I've read in - um - a long time.

The Enigma of Amigara Fault

It's a 33-page horror manga. People who are claustrophobic particularly beware.

Of course, I wouldn't be linking it if it also weren't pretty awesome! But freaky.

Today is a cleaning day!
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Haha, this colorbar thing is SO cool.

Icon colorbar )

We have prettyful new windows! They're gorgeous and white and clean and good GOD, they actually OPEN. I know, I know, hard to believe. But they do. And they tilt in to wash, just like the ones my dad put into our old house.

The maintenance guys even moved my bed back and put my curtains back up. Weirdly enough, they didn't do this in any of the other rooms O.o

I went to Barnes and Noble once they got here, to keep out of their way, but didn't buy anything. I just sat in the café and read some, and lugged along my kanji dictionary so I could translate some manga. My Shinsengumi smut manga is entitled Bakumatsu* Adolescence Flowerstorm. Why yes, everyone in it IS gay, thank you. *snickers* It's pretty... dumb, though, which makes me sad. Of course, I shouldn't expect much from just some random manga, and even if the dialogue and plot WAS spectacular, I probably wouldn't be able to translate it. So I should be glad that it was as easy to read as it was. Lots of "Hijikata-saaaaaan!"s and Okita being all "I killed exactly 20 people today ♥ !" and then asking Hijikata out on a date to a new shop he found, just the two of them. Then getting drunk and passing out and catching a fever and asking Hijikata to sleep with him. Not like, sleep with him (because if Okita is the type to say that Hijikata is his kono sekai de ichiban suki (favorite in the whole world!) I don't think he even knows what sex IS) but just sleep in the same futon with him.

I also refrained from buying any manga. But then I went and had lunch at Panera, which was probably bad for me, but I had lowfat soup.

*The Bakumatsu was the civil war in Japan where the revolutionists were trying to reinstate the emperor and overthrow the shogunate. I have no idea how to translate it in one word, so I left it as is.


Sep. 11th, 2005 10:23 pm
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Made a new icon, because I have lots of annoyed icons that I never get to use, but no sad ones. Which I probably won't ever use either. But Gojyo angst is pretty. *pets Gojyo*

Saiyuki is totally my guilty pleasure. I adore it. The second series of manga just started coming out! *squee*

Playing with tone overlays is fun. I remade this three or four times, and it's still pretty boring simple.
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And now, for your viewing pleasure (?) I give you...

Excerpt from Ruroni Kenshin volume 17: Saitou's Final Moments in the Kyoto Arc - The Short Form.

(ahou = moron)

Spoiler cut in case anyone out there cares, and hasn't read the translated v. 17 yet )

And on another note... OMGCaiAndMeiFinallyGotTogetherEEEEEEEEE. n_n Which explains this mood of happy silliness.
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Well, I've translated the first 25 pages of Kaze to Ki no Uta (Song of the Wind and Trees). Considering that there are about 330 pages in the first volume, that's not any amazing feat, but it's something. It's not terribly hard to understand, and there have only been two or three sentences I couldn't figure out once I looked up the vocabulary. They seem to have all the furigana by the kanji, so that's lucky.

Whee for pretty 70's-style shounen ai manga of weirdness!

Shower now.
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Trying to translate Cyber Rose. Chisato sings way too bloody fast to make up for mistakes in the romanji I have saved on my computer. I need the kanji for this, because without it, tsuku is heinous.

Got my Kaze to Ki no Uta manga in the mail today! WHEE! Each volume is very long, but OMG tiny @_@ The printing is so little I'll be lucky to be able to read the regular lettering, let alone the furigana by the kanji. Hwuah.

Had dinner at parents' house tonight. Fiddleheads! Very yummy! It felt good to be there and see them and talk to them. *loves them*

... My parents, not the fiddleheads. Though I did love those, I did not talk to them.

And while I was there, [ profile] caitirin called n_____________n


Jul. 11th, 2005 09:51 pm
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[ profile] caitirin called.


Another thing that makes me happy = making someone happy and getting completely random smiley-hugs from somebody on DeviantArt for commenting on their picture.

The Yami no Matsuei manga I bought was VERY good. Tatsumi backstory like whoa. Only it wasn't quite up to the "like whoa" volume; still, I'm very happy with what I got. I likes me the Tatsumi. Full Moon wo Sagashite seems good so far as well. Fluffy, cute, pretty, not very deep yet, but not too frivolous, either.

Shall have to finish it at lunch tomorrow.

Then off to the parents' house! To do laundry, possibly get my brakelight fixed (it's out - crud, should have told my dad on the phone tonight), eat fiddleheads (WHEE!) and possibly watch some Gackt Angst.
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I am a silly, geeky girl

Some Linkin Park is in hexameter. *giggles* Why I find that so amusing... I have no idea.

AND... I figured out what that kanji is in the part of the Hellsing manga I
have that I could never figure out. For those I haven't babbled about
this to, there's this one part where I thought Alucard was having a
flashback or something, because when he wakes up (on a train,
apparently) he has blood tears running down his face. And then he
says... "*kanji*" ... "Kono watashi ga?! (Literally, "this me," but
most likely translatable as "me?!" ... "*kanji* da to...?!
Bakabakashii." Which would mean "*kanji*... that's ridiculous. They
have no helpful hiragana next to the kanji in this manga.

Get this. It was on my damn shirt the whole time! I can't believe I didn't
recognize it until tonight O.o Yume. Dream. Alucard was dreaming.

*dances around with the angsty manga*


Aug. 23rd, 2002 11:34 am
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That's what I did last night. I vegetated. It was kinda nice, actually.
I got home around four-thirty... I think... O.o After helping senpai
move into the place she's staying for a couple of days until she gets
an apartment (*prays/wills/makes
[ profile] caitirin get the place we looked at today*) I came home and did some
chore-like stuff, because my parents got home today and I wanted to do
some laundry and I had to water the flowers and do dishes and things.
But after that I just vegetated. It was extremely nice.

Usually I go online when I have free time, but yesterday I didn't feel like it.
It was really quiet in my house, and it's not like it's usually noisy,
because it's not... but it was very quiet last night. I only had one
light on and it was just very warm and darkish and cozy. I read
Reliquary (Relic was better... but Reliquary still has Pendergast in
it, so it's all right by me) for a couple hours, and then I made some
instant frozen vegetable lasagna thing for dinner, with some ramen in
it like RC makes, with parmasian cheese. It was good, but I made far
too much. Anyway, after I read a little more and it didn't look like
they were going to be focusing on Pendergast for a few more chapters
(sensing an obsession, anyone?) I decided that it was a good night to
just sit and veg out. And watch shounen-ai.

Most of the stuff
I've got is all speculative shounen-ai, but I've actually got some real
stuff, too - Song of the Wind and Trees, which was the first manga ever
to focus on a male/male romantic relationship. It was published or
serialized or whatever manga does in 1976, and the anime I have was
made in 1987. The seiyuu who does Akio from Utena, Kosugi Jurota, was
in it... he must have been a voice actor for quite a while ^_^ He
played the headmaster dude of the school. The story is about this boy
named Serge who comes to a French boarding school in the nineteenth
century, the place his father went. His father died in a war when Serge
was little. The anime didn't tell me all this, it was just that my
fansubs tell all about the history of the manga since you were assumed
to be a knowledgeable fan of it before you saw the anime. Anyway, Serge
gets this roommate, Gilbert, who is pretty much the school slut. He
doesn't go to class and lets the other boys *cough* use him in exchange
for term papers and exams and stuff, so he doesn't get kicked out, I
guess. Serge didn't know any of this when he arrived, but he quickly
finds out and gets involved by trying to protect Gilbert, who is rather
a bitch. He's craaaazy. He's got this evil sadistic uncle who is his
guardian, and Gilbert is convinced he's in love with this guy, so when
his uncle writes to say that he can't come to pick him up over
Christmas break, he totally tweaks. Anyway, the anime isn't very
cohesive because it's just a little snatch of the story, and it's kind
of presented as Serge's memories when he visits the boarding school as
an adult. It's very artistically done, very strange, and has lots of
neat Chopin music. The school also has a very interesting atmosphere. I
wish I could read Japanese.

The other shounen-ai that I have,
which I also watched last night, is Zetsuai '89 and Bronze. Those are
two OAVs in the Zetsuai series, and I have two copies of '89 because I
bought one tape with '89 and Song of the Wind and Trees on it, and one
tape with '89 and Bronze on it - because I thought that Zetsuai '89 was
the name of the series, and Song of the Wind and Trees and Bronze were
both names of OAV episodes. Anyway, the two translations of '89 that I
have are extremely different. I have no idea which I like better,
except that the one I got on the second tape, with Bronze, is a lot
more colloquial and I think tries to explain a little bit of the story
more than the other one, which is pretty literal. I think. O.o

Zetsuai is a lot newer than Song of the Wind and Trees. I think the
first anime was done in 1992... the second in '96, or something. I'm
not sure when the manga was written, but it's damn pretty. Anyway, I
think the manga classifies as yaoi because it might be considerably
more graphic than the stuff I saw in the OAVs... which was nothing,
really. It's got voice-actor goodness galore, though. Koyasu Takehito
does Izumi, the soccer-playing intense object of affection. He's been
in everything, I swear, and I start to twitch when I hear his voice
over and over. He was Touga in Utena and he'll always be Touga to me,
but he was also Zechs from Gundam Wing, Aya (arg) from Weiss Kreuz, and
tons and tons of other people. Hotohori, Mosquiton... he's in
everything, I tell you. You can't escape him. He's not my favorite
seiyuu, either, but I can't deny the sexiness of his voice. Anyway, it
was Koji's voice that really grabbed me the first time I saw it. Koji
is the agressor, I guess you could say... he's a superstar rock idol
and the one to do the advancing. I suppose he'd be the seme if you have
to label them, but Izumi is so damn intense that uke really
doesn't fit him. Anyway, Koji's voice actor is absolutely wonderful. Of
course his name escapes me... I'll go look it up in a second... but
he's just meltworthy. He also played Wolfwood in Trigun, with an Osaka
accent to boot. Gotta love it. He'll always be Koji to me.

Sho. That's his name. Kyeheh, I love him. The Zetsuai '89 OAV documents
when he and Izumi first met, I think, and it still would help if I
could read Japanese or had any idea what went on in the manga. When I
first got the anime I looked up a bunch of stuff and it became a little
more clear... but ^^;; Anyway, it's really pretty. Everyone is
extremely... pointy. Their faces and hair and fingers are all sharp and
pointy. It's gorgeously animated, especially things like blood and
tears. And the angst. God, the angst. There wasn't as much angst in '89
as in Bronze, which made '89 better for me... at least, there wasn't as
much outward angst. There was still a lot of angst. I still couldn't
really figure out what was with everyone, and what all their neuroses
and things were, so I just sat back and watched the prettiness and
waited for Hayami Sho to do the chokey strangulated angsty voice bit at
the end. Mmm.

Bronze made my eyes do the Kenshin swirly "oro" thing. It starts and Koji and Izumi have a much
different, more advanced, relationship than at the end of '89, and
there was all sorts of neat crap with Koji's crazy siblings. One of
them reminded me of Crawford, kinda... the glasses and the coldness.
The art style was very different in Bronze, too - everyone was even more
pointy than they were in '89. They had narrower eyes, too. And the
angst. It practically killed me. They all cried a lot. I suppose that
was necessary since Koji lost his voice near the beginning (>_<
one of my main reasons for liking '89 more... severe deficit of sexy
voiceness in Bronze) and he had to portray all his emotions through
just looking. Which anime people have never had much of a problem with,
but the voices always add a lot. Anyway, it was aaaaangsty. I luvved it
^_^ It ended all cute, though. Angst is better when it doesn't end in

When I turned it off, I was channel surfing and I
stumbled onto Rocky Horror. I am regrettably (?) not much of a Rocky
Horror aficionado, and I haven't seen much of it, even though all
through high school the kids I hung out with were wicked into
it, so in order to identify it I've either got to see a scene I
recognize (Meatloaf on a motorcycle, maybe) or Tim Curry in drag. So
all I saw was this bald guy with a very odd outfit shooting a lo-fi
laser at... someone. Then I noticed that the guys were wearing
lingerie, and figured it must be Rocky Horror. I need to see the whole
thing someday.

That's all. I liked my vegetative night. I got a
new CLAMP manga today when I was out with Senpai, called "Wish," which
has all these people in it who I believe are genderless even though
they're referred to as "he" or "she" in the translation. I want more.

I ought to go post now. I'm still kind of vegetative. Oh well ^_^


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