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I haven't posted anything in my art tumblr for years, but I was struck with the need to do Tolkien fanart and there seems to be a really nice, thriving Silmarillion fandom over there. So I drew a picture of Thranduil. If you like, have a look!
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We saw The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies on Tuesday! And as I’m suffering somewhat from post-series withdrawal, I wanted to blather on a bit about it.

I can’t believe it’s over ;_; SILMARILLION MOVIE, ANYONE? RIGHT? RIGHT?

On the whole, I really enjoyed the Hobbit movies a great deal. They were lighter in tone than the LotR movies (but not as light as the book) and they felt like they kept in the spirit of the other films. In the interest of organization, I think I’ll break this up a bit XD

Spoilers, natch. And you know how long-winded Tolkien makes me. )
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Comings and Goings

Rachel’s parents are visiting us right now, which is really nice <3 Her mum has been out a couple of times this year to handle Gramma stuff, but we haven’t seen her dad for a year and a half, so it’s wonderful to get to spend time with him. He’s currently up north visiting his family and Rachel’s mum is staying with us to visit Gramma, who’s been in the hospital. The poor old lady is just getting more and more confused. She knows who people are (in general) and is fairly calm most of the time, but she’s never quite sure what’s going on or what’s been happening to her at any given moment.

Last night, Rachel’s mum taught us how to make stitched bead stars. It was SO much fun and so easy, and I love how mine came out:

Bead star

I want to make a million more!

Prehistoric Monuments

Lately I’ve been having a surge of interest in stone-age monuments like Newgrange and Stonehenge. I’ve always felt a connection/fascination with barrows and passage-tombs (I blame Tolkien for terrifying me with them and Brian Froud for telling me faeries live in them). When I was younger, I had a very vivid dream about being inside one. It seems like the less available information there is about a time period, the more I’m interested in it – my favorite part of Anglo-Saxon England takes place before Christianity arrived to help people write things down, and now I’m very interested in prehistoric Britain. I’m especially interested in the monuments that include stone-carvings (like Newgrange has) and ones that were erected to align with the solstices. Learning about the daily lives and religion of the people who built and used these places excites me. I’ve asked for a couple of books for Christmas :3

Rachel’s brother and sister-in-law currently live in England, and we want so desperately to visit them – both to get to see them (which we hardly ever do) and to sightsee. My dream vacation would be a folklore/history/pagan-themed tour of the U.K. It would include visits to so many Neolithic and Anglo-Saxon sites, and probably a great many locals giving me the side-eye for my epic amounts of squee. Newgrange has a lottery where you can be chosen to enter the barrow (!!!!!!!!!!!!) on the winter solstice, when the rising sun illuminates the passage and falls on the spiral-carved stone at the end. SO. AWESOME.


Because it’s winter and this time of year always gets me in the mood for some Tolkien, I’ve been reading Unfinished Tales, a compilation with notes of some of Tolkien’s unfinished bits of lore. It’s fascinating because it gives little details about the characters and shows how Tolkien’s conception of them changed over the years. I have the vapors for Galadriel, so it’s especially exciting that there’s so much content about her. My favorite bit of knowledge is this:

So, Fëanor, right? Elf of extremely bad judgment who made the Silmarils, shiniest of the shiny gems, and was so possessive of them that he got a large portion of Elves booted out of Valinor and subsequently triggered generations of tragedy and warfare? In those gems, Fëanor captured the light of both of the Trees (the pre-Sun-and-Moon gold and silver trees that lit the world) and he was inspired to create them because Galadriel’s hair was the color of the light of both Trees mixed together. He begged her three times for a lock of hair, just a single strand – but Galadriel told him to get bent because he and his lust for personal glory creeped her out.


I can just see her graciously handing her gift over to Gimli as the Fellowship depart Lothlorien, and Gimli walking off with little hearts popping over his head while Galadriel turns toward the Halls of Mandos to righteously give Fëanor the finger. As Rachel said when I regaled her with this story: “Wow, long game.” XD

I love that lady.
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This last month and a half has been one constant stream of activity. Vacationing with Rachel's parents, helping Rachel's mother move her grandmother into a retirement community, weddings, parties, and - of course - work every day of the week. I feel like I've been in "on" mode since the summer solstice, and for me, "on" mode is very tiring. The only time I was able to turn myself in to "off" mode was one weekend where I was so sick I couldn't go anywhere :\

We've had very little time for creative things or for relaxing, but in the midst of it all I've been working on a "comfort writing" project - old-school character bios for my Lord of the Rings Online characters. Researching obscure details about the geography of Middle-earth and making references that only a handful of people are likely to be interested in? Count me in!

My little crew - they'd make quite the ensemble cast! )
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Fiber Camp this weekend was awesome! But before I post about all the cool things I learned, I wanted to share this e-mail I sent Rachel the other day.

I'm the kind of nerd who, when given a choice of canonical peoples from which my LotRO character comes, has to pinpoint exactly where in Middle Earth they grew up, and where their parents came from, if applicable. For example, if you choose to play an Elf character, you can decide whether they came from Mithlond (the Grey Havens), Lothlorien, Rivendell, or Edhellond. Rachel's main character, Faethuil, comes from Lothlorien. Rachel doesn't share quite my level of obsessive fannishness, but she's certainly interested in background development for her characters, so I sent this to her the other day: my ten-cent bicycle tour of the varieties of Elf Faethuil could plausibly be. It also serves a quick-and-dirty summary of some of the events in the Silmarillion, with a focus on the Elves still around by the time of the War of the Ring.


SO. VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATIONS XD You have several choices if you wanted to decide what kind of Elf Faethuil is (based on his being from Lothlorien).

- Silvan: Silvan or Wood Elves are Elves of the "Less Awesome But Still Awesomer Than You (tm)" variety who are pretty populous (as Elves go) in Eriador, the part of Middle Earth we're concerned with. Silvan Elves are descended from a mixture of Elves, but mostly those Elves who, when the Valar summoned them to the Undying Lands, got as far as the Misty Mountains before saying "Uh, no thanks, those are rather tall and it's nice here." In Silvan Elves' ancestry are also Elves who refused the summons entirely (Wild or Dark Elves, who we know next to nothing about) and some Elves who got farther toward Valinor (and some who actually made it). Silvan Elves make up the people of Mirkwood and Lothlorien but are ruled by a Sindarin noble class.

- Sindar: Sindarin Elves are the "Not Quite the Awesomest but Still Extremely Awesome (tm)" variety. They left on the journey to Valinor when summoned, but lost their king on the way (no really, they misplaced him*) and stopped to look for him. Years passed, and once they found him again, the boat to Valinor had already left. Others of the Sindar who were not particularly attached to the king just really liked it there and didn't want to leave. They established Kingdoms of Awesome and, centuries later, the Elves who DID go to Valinor mingled with them after being kicked out. A humongously big battle occurred in the place where they all lived and pretty much the entire country was drowned - its eastern border had been the Ered Luin, which is now the western border of Middle Earth. After this, the Sindar went east of the Ered Luin and settled in various places (Lothlorien, Mirkwood, Eregion). More Sindarin Elves arrived in Lothlorian after the destruction of Eregion some centuries later.

- Noldor: Elves of the "Would Be Awesomer Than Anyone Had They Not Massively Effed Up (tm)" variety. These Elves answered the summons and went to Valinor, but were arrogant and caused trouble and wanted to be masters of their own destinies, so they got kicked out. They returned to Middle Earth, although the Sindar - with whom they mostly got along sometimes - had already established the dominant culture there. Like the Sindar, some Noldor moved to Lothlorien after their country was drowned and some moved first to Eregion and then to Lothlorian after Eregion fell. These are the least populous of the Elves still in Middle Earth at the time of LotR.

For reference! Haldir is a Silvan Elf. Legolas and (usually) Celeborn are Sindarin. Elrond is Sindarin, though he has both Noldor and Vanyar (those who went to Valinor and never left) in his lineage via his human side (I KNOW I KNOW). Galadriel has Noldor and Vanyar in her ancestry, but is all Noldor in attitude.

IN MY UNDERSTANDING, Sindarin Elves tend to have gray eyes and dark hair. Noldorin Elves have the same, but there are some instances of red-, golden-, or silver-haired elves among them. The only absolutely-for-sure-blond elves are the Vanyar, who all went to Valinor and stayed put there. And, uh, strangely enough, Thranduil. But whatevs.

*He was on a date with a Maia. A long date.
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Reading The Silmarillion is such a totally different experience from reading LotR. While it's still a narrative, it takes so much more of my concentration to understand, and it triggers all of these grad schooly close-reading thought processes. The edition I have includes a letter Tolkien wrote that explains his reasons behind creating and writing this mythology, his opinions on Art and the human desire to create and what constitutes folklore and fairy tales. Reading it reminded me of reading articles for my grad classes, where I'd have to go over paragraphs several times before I understood them.

The actual text of the Ainulindale (*fails at umlauts*) and the Valaquenta and the Quenta Silmarillion are easier for me to follow than the introductory letter, but only if I pay very close attention. Everything has so many names. You wouldn't believe how long it took me to figure out that Val(i)mar is the city of the Valar in the country of Valinor on the continent of Aman. I remember back when I tried to read this the first time being like ZOMG! to find out that Middle-earth is the name of the continent the action in LotR takes place on, not the world. There's a glossary of names in the back for your convenience, but of course I didn't realize that for a few chapters e_e At least I'm starting to pick up on the linguistic roots, so for example if they talk about Amon Something I at least know it's probably a hill, and Ered Something is probably a mountain range.

But the thinkythoughts reading this is giving me are much more philosophically complicated than anything LotR made me think (although they are related). The Silmarillion is supposed to be mythology, and along with "how we got here" and "why natural phenomenon are the way they are", one point of myths is to teach people how they're supposed to act, right? And The Silmarillion's basic moral confuses me. I think this is because I don't belong to a spiritual belief system that looks to a higher power for rules to live by.

More on this subject, on the nature of good and evil, and some LotR tie-ins )
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As of this year, I've been a Lord of the Rings fan for 20 years. I don't know exactly when [livejournal.com profile] coastal_spirit read the trilogy to me, but I know I was in third grade, which would have been in 1991. She probably read The Hobbit to me sometime before that. It's hard for me to fathom the idea of having done anything for 20 years (except maybe go to school) let alone be consistently interested in something. If I had to pick, I would say that LotR is my most lasting fandom. I've had others more intense - Sherlock Holmes, I'm looking at you - but even Holmes and Utena haven't had the kind of staying power LotR has. For some reason, I always come back to it, and my love and squee doesn't seem ever to falter or wane like it does for other fandoms.

I'm not sure why this is. I've honestly read books that are better written (although I think that's true of everything; there's always something better in some aspects). I have this undying love for the characters in spite of their sometimes minimal development, and the plotline is certainly epic, but I can't say it would hold my interest in any other context. Nostalgia is certainly a factor. I remember clearly how devastated I was when Gandalf died: my mother read it to me one morning when I got into bed with her after my dad got up, and afterward in the bath (I was still little enough that I didn't take showers yet) I remember just staring at the back of the tub in shock, numb. When we used to go to our camp up in Maine, I would play in the woods and pretend I was a descendant of Arwen and Aragorn. I wonder now if I would find the scary parts of the trilogy - the Barrow-downs, the Ringwraiths, Shelob - nearly as frightening if they hadn't been the very foundation my childhood fears were built on. I'll never know; all I know is that they do still scare me, but now it's a delicious sort of fright.

I think, just as much as the characters and the nostalgia, it's the world that keeps bringing me back. I've never read a fantasy realm so perfectly realized, with such vivid geography and this rich, all-pervasive history. I've been reading The Silmarillion again (my second attempt - I didn't get far the first time) and it's written in such a different tone; it's absolutely a mythology and not a close-up story. There's just so much background that shapes the world and lives of the characters in the trilogy, background that most of them don't even know about but which still effects them, and it's amazing how much you can see of it once you know what to look for.

I wanted to draw a scene, a tiny snippet of graphic novel, to commemorate my 20 years loving these books. I've got three-ish panels drawn, but my creative mojo has fled and I'm not sure where it's gone. I'm also curiously unperturbed by this, which is unusual. Hopefully I can finish it before the end of the year XD

Last night I cleaned the living room and watched/listened to the cast commentary of The Return of the King (the commentaries are great for having on while you're doing chores). To save your f'lists any more stretching I've put my observations under a cut, but they're probably more amusing than the above ^^;;

Right. I fed the cat... Doris is looking after the budgie... Bugger, I left the gas on. )
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This has been living on my hard drive for a couple of years now, and whenever I feel like writing angsty fanfic I take it out and poke at it. I'm generally far too embarrassed to post LotR fic. Not only is the source material ridiculously dear to me, it also means that - if I'm going to follow my usual habit and try to write fic in the style of the original - things could get quite wordy and the narrative mode isn't for everyone. Emotion in LotR is treated with remarkable frankness, though, and that lends itself to angstfic like none of my other fandoms do. I knew someday I would get over my reticence to post this and accept it as something that I had a damn fun time writing, even if it's not up to my usual self-imposed standards of subtlety.

Also, we've been watching Gone with the Wind over the last couple of days, so you can blame my motivation for posting this now on Clark Gable's valiant attempt to emote. Or maybe, more accurately, on Olivia de Havilland's encouragement ("You will cry in this scene, you will, and you will be wonderful or I will kick you in the shin").

Title: Downhill
Fandom: Lord of the Rings (bookverse, with one teeny movie reference. See if you can spot it.)
Genre: Angstariffic, hurt/comfort
Words: 1,625
Characters: Aragorn, Legolas (slashy if you like, epic Fellowship-love regardless)
Notes: This takes place in The Two Towers, while Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli are tracking Merry and Pippin. Reading the books as an adult, I was surprised how I never noticed how much crap Aragorn has to deal with.

Unfortunately - or perhaps fortunately - while I can try to emulate Tolkien's prose style I do not dare to attempt any singing. )

LotR meme

Nov. 27th, 2010 10:49 pm
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I finally finished that Lord of the Rings meme I started like a billion months ago! Drew the final picture last night. It was so much fun XD

Looooong image. In format, it's pretty much just like the Sherlock Holmes drawing meme I did last year. )

I love you, LotR! Bendy chibis are much easier to draw than serious full portraits XD And LotR lends itself so well to silly parody not-taking-self-too-seriousness. Luckily, since it sometimes wanders into THIS ARE SRS BOOK territory.

I painted and played LOTRO with [livejournal.com profile] astillac and [livejournal.com profile] caitirin all day, and it was absolutely wonderful, and now I fall into bed!

Arts, etc.

Oct. 10th, 2010 03:20 pm
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You know that Lord of the Rings meme I'd been threatening to show you all? It's ALMOST done. One more picture. But I scanned a bunch of my other drawings (mostly fan art) that I had been ignoring in my notebook in favor of the stuff for the meme.

Fandoms include Bleach, LotR, Love Mode, and Caitirin's head )

In other news, I partitioned my MacBook and I'm now running Windows as well as OS X, so I can play LOTRO with all the cool kids :3 It's wicked neat. I knew other people had both on their computers, but that never translated in my brain to something I could accomplish too XD This also means that it's now possible for me to run Vocaloid on my computer! That is, if I can figure out where one would procure a copy, and if however much it costs is within how much I'm willing to spend on something I'm just going to be fooling around with for fun. I have no idea how to write music and have no instruments, so I'd only be creating vocal tracks, and the whole program is, I assume, in Japanese. Including, you know, the menus and instructions and everything XD But if it's not too expensive, I would SO GET IT just to make Miku sing silly songs for me.
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*shamelessly ogles own icon*

Today is a good day for bulleted lists.

- I just had a Lush bath and now I'm utterly covered in sparkles. *turns to and fro, glitters*

- SCREW YOU, UTERUS. I don't need you!

- I hit the jackpot at Barnes and Noble yesterday. I had a gift card from work (yay recognition!) and I hadn't used it because every time I went in, they had nothing I wanted. This time, they had:

+ Kobato, vol 2
+ Kuroshitsuji, vol 2
+ Bleach, vol 1 (I've been enjoying the anime so much! XD But I didn't see most of the first season, so I really want to read the manga. It's pretty awesome so far.)
+ Extremely cheap, gorgeous notebook with pretty girl and trees

And I still have $15 left :D

- Watched first half of Two Towers the other night. Resisted urge to fast-forward through the Frodo-and-Sam parts. Laughed like a fool when Legolas stated where the orcs were taking Merry and Pippin. Remembered how much I <3 Eomer OMG. Also, Theoden FTW.

- [livejournal.com profile] astillac has this cool book about how to be your own creativity coach, and how to motivate yourself and talk yourself through artistly self-beatings. We decided to do each exercise as she reads about them. This week we assigned ourselves the first one, in which you have a conversation between yourself as artist and yourself as coach and try to tackle the difficult questions, such as "why does my work matter?". It was really, really cool, and I found it very helpful. A brief synopsis of the outcome, in bulleted list form! )
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Spent an hour revising fic tonight. Wrote like probably 50 words in total XD But they were good words!

Writing fanfic is so weird, because you (and by that I mean I) spend the whole time alluding to this vast well of shared, already-known information. When I write fanfic, my intent is to make subtle, or not-so-subtle, references to elements of the original. Sometimes it's a very obvious reference, like "A week after Holmes came back from the dead, Watson was reading the newspaper..." But I take joy in putting tiny little hints in my fic that people will recognize if they've paid particular attention to a part that I also happened to pay particular attention to. On the one hand, that narrows your audience, but on the other, it strengthens the bonds between the people who do know the source material, or certain parts of it, well enough to get the reference. All I have to do is say "We're not jealous of you" and a segment of the Holmes fandom throws up their arms in squee. When you're writing original fiction, you have to give people the source material before you can reference it.* And it's awesome when you do that, but I don't write fanfic long enough for it, and that's not even what I write fic for. It's to see how subtly I can allude to things in canon. But even though I'm reading LotR right now and it's fresh in my mind, I can't expect my readers to remember every tiny detail, and so I get caught up in figuring out how much to tell. I know that, personally, only a handful of scenes stand out when I haven't read this series in a couple of years, and all the rest blend together in a big blurry lump categorized by general geographic location.

*Unless you're Roger Zelazny, and then you send readers scurrying for Google with seeming non-sequiturs like "The sedge wasn't withered, but he was right about the no birds." I wasn't a member of the "had already read Keats" contingent.
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I keep writing up these long brainy (for a given value of brainy) posts and forgetting to, you know, post them. So!

Legolas and Gimli, blah blah-blah )
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Today I drew more pictures for the LotR meme. Well, I drew one that involved the entire Fellowship. TINY. WHY MUST I INSIST ON DRAWING SUCH TINY THINGS? O_O

That's all :D
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I didn't want to blog today XD [livejournal.com profile] caitirin is making me. It's Writing Night, which is SO MUCH AWESOMENESS, and I wrote Janey and Daitan stuff with [livejournal.com profile] caitirin and worked on my LotR fic. The LotR fic mostly consists of debating individual words and trying to say what I want to say in a sentence without making that sentence eighty words long. Aragorn, your angst is troublesome.
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And, can you believe it, all this whine from drawing chibis? I'm trying to do a LotR drawing meme I found on DeviantArt, and I had all these adorable ideas, and I thought "This will be much easier and save a ton of space (i.e. make it possible to draw scenes with multiple characters within the space of the meme template) if I do chibis!" And let me tell you, my friends, blobs of cute are DECEPTIVELY COMPLICATED.

I did an experimental drawing in five minutes on a post-it at work today and I seem to remember it looking much better than the ones that took me the better part of an hour. My hand hurts from drawing, and my neck hurts from craning over my lap with my face three inches from my sketchbook. Maybe I should start drawing on, like, a hard surface or something e_e

I did succeed in drawing a convincing hat on somebody's head for the first time ever, even if it is in minimalistic chibi form.
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[livejournal.com profile] caitirin has enrolled me in Creative Boot Camp, which for us means that I am to do one creative effort per day for a week. There are several options and rules, such as:

- I have to write at least 400 words, or
- I have to spend at least an hour on writing revisions, or
- I have to draw at least one complete picture ("complete" to be decided by [livejournal.com profile] caitirin; detailed busts are fine. Turtles in party hats are not. Unless they're extremely life-like turtles.)
- I am to journal about my Creative Boot Camp experience, publicly or not.

Tonight I worked for a little more than an hour on something from the dark depths of my computer: LotR fic. It's taken me years and years to work up the courage to even write any of my ideas down, let alone contemplate posting them anywhere (eeugh). The one I'm working on now has the most likelihood of seeing the light of day (out of the whopping two I've ever written), and it's still pretty... eeugh. LotR doesn't come easily to me, in spite of how I love it, much in the way that Utena fic doesn't. But I'm enjoying myself and finding my work fulfilling, which is what it's all about :)
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You know, I just love it when people comment on one of my DeviantArt pictures of Holmes and Watson and instead of, you know, mentioning the art, all they do is try to get confirmation that I think Holmes and Watson are "just friends" and don't love each other "like slash". [/sarcasm] I suppose I'm asking for it with my chronic ambiguity, but the "either just friends or slash" idea completely oversimplifies love in general and H&W in particular.

(I'm sure this commenter didn't mean anything insulting, they were just trying to figure out what I meant by the afforementioned chronic H/W ambiguity. But I can't help it: I take it personally when people tell me, or insinuate, that they hate slash or find it gross. To my mind, slash = gay relationships, and therefore my life = slash. So when I read "I hate slash," I hear "I hate your life." I realize many people don't mean it this way, but that's how I feel. Illogical or not, there it is.)

ANYWAY. I'm posting about Lord of the Rings today! Be forewarned, I tend to go on XD

Character babble and relationship musings )

Why don't I have more LotR icons? Seriously?
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I've decided that it's high time for my periodic re-read of Lord of the Rings. Next year, good lord, it'll be 20 years of Elaby + LotR = OTP. TWENTY YEARS. This may not seem like a lot in the grand scheme of things, but that's the vast majority of my life! Logically, I know how old I am, but I still have trouble wrapping my brain around the fact that I've done anything for 20 straight years, let alone been a fan of something that my love for which has never significantly waned.

The other night, [livejournal.com profile] caitirin fixed my copy of Fellowship of the Ring for me. It's probably more than twice as old as I am: I think (and correct me if I'm wrong here, [livejournal.com profile] coastal_spirit) my grandmother owned it, read it, gave it to my mother when she was a teenager, and my mother read it to me when I was 8 or 9 and then bequeathed it into my keeping. The cover is still 2/3 intact, the back somewhat less so, the pages are yellowed and rounded and waterstained and smell marvelous. It clearly shows the signs of my inept attempts to repair it with, oh god, masking tape. We removed both covers, reconstructed them with clear book tape, Rachel attached little strips of new paper to the pages that had fallen out at the beginning and reattached them, and we bound the whole thing back together with more book tape. It looks much the same as it used to (to my relief), only now I don't feel like I have to carry it in a ziplock bag in order to keep it from disintegrating. <3 my librarian wife!

Musings on things I never noticed before. )
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So, apparently (unbeknownst to me, thanks to my mum and Caitirin for
notifying me) when people had been getting e-mails from me and tried to
reply, the address "lstlink@gmail.com" came up in the "reply to:"
field, instead of my own address. Do any of you have any idea how this
might have happened? I fixed it so that my correct address is in the
reply to field now, but nothing on Yahoo! Help (big surprise here) was
very helpful. I also sent them feedback about it, but I don't expect
them to pay attention to it. Hmph.

I've done the laundry, washed a bunch of dishes, and read more of Dune.
I'm reading Dune now! It's really interesting. I'll probably go read
more in a minute.

Particularly amusing highlights from RotK:EE's cast commentary:

Bloom: "We trusted Pete utterly. If he'd told me that Legolas was going
to do this scene naked, I probably would have stripped my clothes off
and pranced around like that. We were all such big Peter Jackson
followers that we'd do absolutely anything he asked without question.
'Okay, at this point, Aragorn grabs Legolas and tongues him.' 'All
right, yeah. That makes sense.' "

And then there was Sean Astin
telling about how, during his wedding scene with Rosie Cotton, Viggo
and Billy were encouraging him by kissing each other. They apparently
showed up in the crowd to encourage Sean, clapped after the wedding
kiss and all, and then when the filming stopped, Viggo grabbed Billy
and snogged him.

They're really helping the fans along, eh? *snickers*


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