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I haven't squealed about House of Cards in a long time, have I? Well, I'm watching a few episodes of "To Play the King" today, and here is my list of new things I noticed this time around. It may get added to as I continue watching XD

- Stamper stands up when Urquhart enters the room. (Sarah doesn't.) *armwaving* Why do I find that so utterly adorable? Probably because everything Colin Jeavons does is amazing.
- HOLY CRAP, Corder is played by the same guy who played Little John in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves! I guess I never noticed before because I hadn't seen Robin Hood in so long, but since I just watched it, I recognized him the minute he entered the room. Though he looks totally different, without the long hair and beard and twelfth-century outlaw garb all.

I'm also very amused by how much I'm noticing the way Urquhart is all "Elizabeth, save me!" whenever she comes in the room. It's entirely [livejournal.com profile] liek_woah86's fault, you know, with her brilliant fic.

Stamper: *talking about the king's closest aide being gay* Unfortunately, the press are onto it, Francis.
Urquhart: Really? How did they find out?
Stamper: I think some heartless bastard must've leaked it.

God, Stamper, you're such a horrible little man. Why I do I love you so? *watches a few more seconds* Oh. It's the kicked puppy face. I forgot. And this:

Stamper: Francis Urquhart has had my total loyalty for thirty years.
Sarah: He has my total loyalty; I'm in love with him.
Stamper: Are you? I wonder if you know the meaning of the word.

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In October, [livejournal.com profile] liek_woah86 posted a multi-part prequel to House of Cards, the ending of which had a scene that set me squeeing for days. I was determined to draw it, and I said as much, and she expressed excitement at the idea :3 So the first chance I got to draw after Nano, I drew fanart of her fic!

Here are links to the fic, for your reference.

First part
Second part
Third part

My fanart is from the third part :3 The very end of it, in fact.

Here there be G-rated Urquhart/Stamper )

[edit: Waaarg, there's something wrong with LJ at the moment and I can't upload any icons >_< I have so many new awesome Stamper icons that [livejournal.com profile] liek_woah86 made! *throws very small fit, then settles down to wait until the glitch fixes itself*]
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I kind of threatened a little while ago that I was going to draw House of Cards fan art, and I've gone and done it. It's, um, silly. But possibly not silly in the endearing way; I'm not sure. Of course it's Urquhart/Stamper, but about as G-rated as it gets. Because it's me drawing.

Drawing characters who are supposed to look like real actors is hard, dang it! )


Sep. 14th, 2009 09:17 pm
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Whyyyy do I have no House of Cards screencaps? I thought I did, wtf? Oh well, [livejournal.com profile] liek_whoa86's icons will do just as nicely.

No, I am not attempting to draw fanart, why do you ask?
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I've got one of the pictures drawn that I'd been hoping to do! And I'm pretty happy with it XD I would say that the pencils for two people, one of which has legs and the other of which I didn't bother drawing legs, with pretty complicated costumes and poses (for me), takes me about two hours. Maybe a little less taking into account distraction time. Now just to make sure I don't smudge it before I get a chance to scan it o_o

Last night we watched Who Framed Roger Rabbit on [livejournal.com profile] caitirin's computer, and it was fantastic as always (what better movie for old-time animation fans? It's got cameos by essentially EVERYBODY XD) We had the usual "Is that actually Mel Blanc?" discussion (it was, except for Yosemite Sam and Foghorn Leghorn, for some reason) and played "OMG did you see X character?" in the entrance to Toon Town sequence. Bwee ^_^

Then I watched the first two episodes of To Play the King, because [livejournal.com profile] caitirin is the most patient wife ever XD

Babbling of an extremely Tim Stamper-centric variety )

Need to screencap this for icons! And, like, every other DVD I own. LJ needs a "squeeful" mood.
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So today we bought a whole lot more DVDs than we intended to XD

We were going to get the House of Cards trilogy and the fourth season of Starsky & Hutch (that is, I was going to get them and let [livejournal.com profile] caitirin pick out a third DVD/set for free). We couldn't decide what we wanted for our third one, though, and then [livejournal.com profile] caitirin saw the Stargate: SG-1 seasons and decided to buy her own three-for-two deal. That left me with a free DVD to choose... I briefly thought of getting the filmed version of Edward II starring Ian McKellen (which I didn't know existed! OMFG Marlowe + McKellen = win, am I right?) or the "best of" original Star Trek episodes, but then I saw the first four DVDs of Horatio Hornblower in a set and they had to be mine ¬_¬ I want to at least see Edward II, on general principle alone even if I didn't think it'd be awesome. So, end result, we have lots of things to watch!

And this afternoon I finished watching The Final Cut, the last part of the House of Cards trilogy :D

Spoilers, as usual )

I don't have any House of Cards icons yet! I guess this will have to do n_n
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Okay, I wrote up some actually coherent thoughts (read: squee) about House of Cards and To Play the King.

This series is truly awesome. I've seen House of Cards and To Play the King so far (although like an idiot I've spoiled myself on The Final Cut... oh well) and they were both fantastic. The characters are brilliant, and the plot is very interesting, even though I'm sadly ignorant of how politics work in the UK so I feel like I'd get more out of it if I knew what all the terms meant ^^;; As always, though, it's the characters I like the best :3

Cut for spoilers and lengthy squee )

As an aside: "Starsky's Lady" is the most depressing episode of Starsky & Hutch EVER. So far. And there wasn't even any hugging*. Get with the program, people.

*There was essentially a declaration of love, but we've had those already. I don't doubt they love each other; I'd just like some comfort to go with all the hurt, plzkthx. I mean, the getting hammered and playing Monopoly was comforting, but... hugs. Time to watch another episode and hope there's lighthearted banter.

I think a happy Solomin Watson icon is in order.
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I finished To Play the King this afternoon (I swear I'll write up an actually intelligent post about both House of Cards and this series soon). OMFG.

Spoilerz, yo )
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So I was terribly disappointed tonight to find that while I thought I had the second House of Cards trilogy DVD, I don't. It turns out that it's unavailable through Netflix at the moment, which explains why I have the first and third DVDs. Luckily for those of you who don't like it when Elaby makes the sadface, the second DVD is available to watch immediately on the Netflix site, so I watched the first episode.

First, of course, Urquhart is evil and wonderful, and his sort of evil and wonderful can only be augmented by a little helping of guiltguiltguilt. Stamper, again, makes me squee with Colin Jeavons love. I adore his acting style; he just has the best expressions.

But holy cow, Nicholas Farrell is in this! I totally love him! This is, I'll note, the second time that I've gone "OMG HORATIO!" while watching a movie he randomly shows up in (he was in Jericho, too) and [livejournal.com profile] caitirin says "What? No!" and we go back and forth a few minutes with the "Horatio!" "No way!" "It's Horatio, I swear!" "What are you talking about?!" before we figure out that she means Horatio (Hornblower) and I mean Horatio (of Elsinore). His name is Mycroft in this, David Mycroft, which amuses me to no end. But he's all tiny and young, and his wife leaves him and he gets mugged, and some nice pretty guy at a club vouches for him so he can come in, and then proceeds to take him home:

David: My life is crap. My house stinks of betrayal.
Nice Pretty Guy: *touches his face* You really do need some TLC, don't you?
David: !! But I-- I'm not-- I haven't since school!
NPG: It's okay. We can just cuddle if you want.
David: *wibbles* I would really like that ;_;

I'm sure it's going to end horribly, but awww. I've never seen him in anything where I didn't want to squish him with hugs. Horatio! Antonio! ... pathetic dude in Jericho! And now David Mycroft.

This calls for a Nicholas Farrell icon. I have two, surprisingly enough.
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I just finished watching the first four episodes of House of Cards, a BBC show from the 90's that's essentially RIII* in Parliament. They even make references. Lots of them. It's SO INCREDIBLY GOOD, and I need to write more about it when I'm not falling asleep. But seriously. Ian Richardson is gold, and like eighteen times better than he was as Holmes in the HOUN I reviewed at some point here, and Colin Jeavons is in it and I could seriously listen to him talk for hours. I don't care what he's saying; I just love the man's voice. He plays such a despicable guy XD Well, seriously, they all do. This feeds my love of eeeeevil characters so SO much. It's also got a fair dose of "holy squick!" to go along with it o_o Which I could have done without, but the disturbingness adds to the drama.

*I'm using RIII to distinguish the play from Richard III the historical person.

Okay, Starsky and Hutch quote of the day. They were undercover throughout this episode, Starsky as an Argentine dancing instructor named Ramone and Hutch as a Texan named Charlie who was learning to dance. At the end, the famous old movie star, Ginger something, who owned the dancing studio came in to talk to them at the precinct, incidentally interrupting Starsky's enthusiastic attempts to teach Hutch to dance. After they talked plot, this ensued:

Ginger: I wish you'd come back to the studio. [Lady Starsky was teaching to dance] really misses you. She says nobody dips like Ramone.
Starsky: *eyebrow waggle* *makes some suggestive comment*
Hutch: *rolls eyes*
Ginger: Bye-bye, boys! *leaves*
Starsky: *to Hutch* Nobody dips like Ramone!
Hutch: Nobody's a dip like Ramone. *chuckles, highly amused with self*
Starsky: *grabs him and dips him low, repeating back Hutch's Texan catch-phrase of the episode* If you've got it, flaunt it, boy.

I love them so much I can't even begin to express it.

[edit: Eee, clip of this scene for you! It was made by [livejournal.com profile] enednoviel and I grabbed the icon from [livejournal.com profile] caitirin's user icons page. *gleesplode*



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