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Three posts in one day, what?

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is on tonight. While I think this is probably entirely Rickman!Snape's doing, this movie has one of my absolute favorite Snape moments. When the kids are out at the Whomping Willow and the moon comes out and Lupin goes all werewolf, Snape runs up to them - and the first thing he does when he turns and sees a giant slathering hairless monster dog thing is shove these three children he hates like whoa behind him and shield them with his body. That reflex - and it obviously was that - would make me know he wasn't all bad if nothing else did.

LJ needs a "random" mood.

HP Question

Aug. 1st, 2007 09:20 pm
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I've got an HP question for all of you followers of JKR out there: I've been reading her FAQ and responses to questions and things like that on her official page, and I've decided I'd like to write her a letter. But first, I want to make sure she's never actually addressed the thing I think she's never addressed.

Has there ever been any official discussion about sexuality in the wizarding world? Anti-discrimination and tolerance is such a huge theme in HP that I can't imagine everyone in the wizarding world is straight, but I don't know that the topic has ever been touched on. I've written up a letter asking about this, but I wouldn't want to send it if it's already been talked about and I just don't know about it.

I'm SURE that tons and tons of discussion has gone on in the fandom, but has JKR herself had anything to say about it?

Thanks :)

Also: Safe vibes to all our friends in Minnesota. *HUGS*
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*returns to LiveJournal!* I think I read all of my personal-journal filter, so I should be caught up, but if there's anything you'd like to point out to me that I missed, feel free :)

Here are my reactions to Deathly Hallows: all in all, I enjoyed it very much.

And that's all I'm going to say outside of a cut )

Er, that ended up longer than I intended... ^^;;


Aug. 30th, 2005 09:52 pm
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It occurs to me that I don't think I've ever seen any Remus artwork that looks like the Remus in my head. I have serious doubts that I could draw him myself the way I see him, but I think I must try sometime.

There's a huge trend among the Japanese fan contingent that Remus is very blond with a long, thin ponytail, and I really never imagined him at all like that. I also didn't imagine him like David Thewlis, though he did a fantastic job. I was wondering if any of you more diligent fans than I out there remembers whether Remus's facial scars are mentioned anywhere in the books? I don't remember them, but I could have missed it or forgotten it.

At the car repair place today there was a sign for somethingorother, which had the brand name Sirius. Hee. The logo was a cute little white doggy with a black star over its eye.
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For [livejournal.com profile] scribbulus_ink's Candy is Dandy challenge. Takes place before HBP, so no spoilers.

Character: Pansy Parkinson
Candy: Blood-flavored lollipops

A Taste for Blood )
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I suppose I should have known that reading for an entire day and doing essentially nothing else would require a sacrifice of good sleep the next night. Anyway.

Thoughts on HBP, spoilers like whoa )

I need to watch something fluffy now. Or else write my Candy is Dandy ficlet, which I was wanting to do all yesterday.

HBP again

Jul. 17th, 2005 12:54 am
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And approximately 14 hours of straight-through reading (except for meals and taking care of sugar gliders) later...

Finished HBP.



More coherent commentary will ensue later. Once I sleep.


LJ needs an "incredulous" mood icon. But this one is close enough for me.

*collapses into bed*
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It was Ravenclaw at first - the obvious one, since I tend to pride
myself on having something in the brains department. I'm independent
(though not without exceptions) and learning is very important to me.
However, I know for a fact that I may be smart, but I'm not clever...
not in the way, at least, it means in my head. In Britain it may just
be a synonym for smart, for all I know. But I don't think up witty
comebacks. I can't figure out puzzles unless I'm given a substantial
amount of time. And I suck ass at Risk and most other board games that
require strategy and thinking ahead. I know things, and school
has taught me how to synthesize such knowledge the way that scholars
are reputed to do, and I think I do that well. But as for being
naturally clever... I don't know. I tend to feel like I've accomplished
most of the stuff I have because I work my ass off. Which, apparently,
puts me in Hufflepuff.

As for the loyalty thing, I don't know
what to think about that. I'm extremely loyal to a few people, my
family and closest friends, but when somebody crosses a certain line...
no matter if I was close with them before, I tend to stop caring. Which
doesn't sound very Hufflepuff-like (or very nice, but I can't help it.)
But I like the idea of being in Hufflepuff, if only because of
my "OMG must be different" complex. There are so few fans
(comparatively) who place themselves there. And now I just read
something interesting on LJ's daily_snitch about what villains would go
in what houses, and the author mentioned Hufflepuffs as being
followers. Which I most certainly am not, on the large scale... but on
the small scale, I guess I could say that about myself. In terms of
being generally passive and not needing to have my way all the time.
When people suggest something to do, I don't object unless I have an
extreme aversion to it. I don't know if that makes me a "follower".

that got me thinking about how those two houses are portrayed in HP
canon, as the two "periphery" houses. I've noticed that Hufflepuffs are
very group-oriented, loyal to one another. They DO seem like
"followers" in the books... they're the ones who generally jump to
conclusions about Harry first, along with the Slytherins (but they're
doing it to aggravate him, which is different). Cedric was fair and
very hard-working, but he's the only one I've notice of the Hufflepuffs
to act very Hufflepuff-like. The others have been kind of paranoid and
fickle. However, I'm not an expert, so my memory of these things can't
be trusted. However... what really struck me was that out of all the
Ravenclaws we've seen, only Luna has showed any signs of real
intelligence, and that was more like... a kind of wisdom, being mature
and able to see past a lot of the petty problems of people her own age.
Luna's a complete weirdo, but she's also got a kind of sageness about
her, in the last few chapters of OotP... and I wonder if it's only
because that's when Harry actually noticed it. Other than her, though,
I can't remember any Ravenclaws who have demonstrated their prodigious
brains at all. Terry Boot and Cho are the only ones I can think of who
we know, and I don't remember Terry doing anything but spectating and
commenting on stuff, and Cho does not ever appear in situations that
would show whether she was "clever" at all. Her emotional state is one
thing; her mental capacity another, and we have no idea as yet what
that is. At least, not that I can remember. That's my big caveat here.
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Luckily, this one wasn't stupid and angsty. Obviously the plot bunny
only made out a little with my subconsious instead of actually shagging
it into the floor.

this dream, I was Blaise Zabini (now that's an obscure point of view).
There was some kind of tournament going on, in which someone from each
house had to pick someone from one of the other houses to duel with
swords. Draco, of course, was the one chosen in Slytherin and he was,
of course, going to go after Harry because he thought he was so much
better at fencing. But then, for some reason, he decided to duel with
me (Blaise) instead. I don't know why; maybe he thought dueling a
Slytherin would give him a better fight or something. So anyway, we
were dueling with swords, and every so often Harry would leap in and
try to whoop Draco's ass with his own... okay, I'm going to stop that
sentence RIGHT THERE. Harry would jump in and try to defeat Draco.
Harry was better, it was obvious from watching, but Draco kept booting
him out of the match because it wasn't his match, it was ours. Draco
cut me on the thigh but I got him in the face (ha!) and then the match
ended. They took me to Madam Pomfrey to sew me up, which she actually
did, without anesthesia, and it tickled. ... O.o;;

Right, so, yes ^_^ Taking the bus in today. Whee!

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I suppose this is what I get for going to bed with Harry Potter on the brain.

this dream, Draco had died. I haven't the slightest clue how, but I
remember thinking it was too good to be true (I was Hermione in this
dream) and that it must be part of the plot that he shows up alive
later. Anyway, the school was in a tizzy, and Harry and I were in this
large lecture room that resembles the ones in Ham-Smith, with tiered
seats and long tables instead of individual desks. Everything was made
of stone, though, instead of wood and plastic and metal. Dumbledore's
office was at the bottom of the lecture hall, through these wide doors,
and he had set up some kind of councelling/comfort thing down there
with a lot of chocolates. They were petit fours, actually. And a whole
lot of the kids were down there, trying to get chocolates rather than
being disconsolate about Draco, and Harry and I (I don't know where Ron
was) went down to investigate but we stayed at the back of the room.

someone else was supposed to teach this class, but whoever it was was
in too much of a state to teach and so Snape was substituting. All of
the kids came back out and took their seats, but the door to
Dumbledore's office was still open and we could see Dumbledore and
MacGonagall through it, talking. Snape had notes for the class and he
started lecturing, walking around the room, but he kept happening upon
things in the lecture which would remind him of Draco - a snake (don't
ask me why), and some kind of creature Draco had had as a pet, and
various other things I don't remember - and he would stop talking,
collect himself, and then start again. Harry and I just kept shooting
looks at each other like o.o Snape also kept taking something out of
his pocket and then stuffing it back in. Then, finally, he got so
pissed off with the notes that he went down to Dumbledore's office, and
he went in and was going to talk to him, but he kept looking through
the doors and seeing all the students... and so finally he just stormed
up through the lecture hall and out. And we were all happy to have no

It's come to my attention that it's been *checks* days since I was an obnoxious LotR geek. Let's try to remedy that, shall we?

evidence that Boromir was nice-ified in the movies. Not that I
particularly dislike the way he was protrayed... and I adore the movies
so much that this isn't so much a criticism as it's just an interesting
observation of the different ways they executed things. So in the extra
scenes in Two Towers, there was a bit which went something like this:

Denethor: Boromir, something important's happening. Go to Rivendell.
Boromir: But I don't wanna... I want to stay here, with my troops, and be heroic and self-sacrificing.
Faramir: Uh... I'll go, if the task is too menial for my sainted, altruistic brother, whom I worship.
No! You're an annoying, scrawny git who just wants to steal your
brother's accolades! Boromir, get your butt to Elvenhome.
Boromir: All right, all right. *sulk*

Now... that's not what Boromir was like at all. For evidence, I give you Gandalf from Return of the King (book.)

Denethor says... " '...My Boromir! Now we have need of you. Faramir should have gone in his stead.'
would have gone,' said Gandalf. 'Be not unjust in your grief! Boromir
claimed the errand and would not suffer any other to have it. He was a
masterful man, and one to take what he desired.' "

also says of Denethor: "... whatever be his descent from father to son,
by some chance the blood of Westernesse runs nearly true in him; as it
does in his other son, Faramir, yet did not in Boromir whom he loved

They didn't really switch Boromir and Faramir's roles so
much as they made Boromir a much less ambitious and selfish person, and
Faramir into a much less noble man who was driven for the most part by
trying to measure up to his brother and please a father who treats him
like shit.

By the way, [livejournal.com profile] caitirin, my little LJ pencil icon thing here at home is acting crazy, too... so I don't think it's just yours ^_^


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