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Apologies for being terrible at the livejournals! Rachel is begging me to post these XD And I'm not sorry that she is!

We had the MASSIVE AWESOME FINALE of our Shadowrun game this weekend, and it was incredible. See Rachel's journal for a recap. My character, Mika, is a pop star/part-time thief whose millionaire foster father decided that his next business venture would be to use Mika's music and giant fanbase to summon an ancient horror. Mika had to kill him with an orbital satellite death ray that she hacked with her brain. Fun times! (She's going to need therapy.)

I drew Rachel's character Lindir and his soon-to-no-longer-be-ex-boyfriend, Gil. Gil (an NPC) patiently put up with all of us lunatics invading his bar every few days and using it as our home base. He left Lindir at the altar when he found out that Lindir had been KIDNAPPED AND GIVEN A CYBER LEG. (This is what happens when you use the Big Book of Backgrounds to create characters XD You roll dice and consult tables for random events in your character's history. As you can see, there are some weird ones.) But because Jason is an awesome GM, we learned in the course of the game that Gil has cyber-limb baggage because of his little sister having run off to become part cyborg.

Lindir is FABULOUS.

Gil is skeptical. As he should be, considering who hangs out in his bar.

Another thing Gil is: sorry.
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Happy Imbolc :) And happy Brigid's Day (yesterday?). In honor of hearth and light and the very first stirrings of spring, we're going to clean and bake :3

Making characters for [livejournal.com profile] hak42's game last night was wicked fun! I now have a fighter named Christoph Blount, who is aiming to become a pistolier.
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Here's the second part of my three-part art post of pictures I've drawn since last March or so. I need to keep up with my scanning better! Things get smudged otherwise.

Image heavy!

More arts )
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The last time I did an art post was sometime around March of last year, and I pretty much drew one of these every Friday at gaming (when we had gaming) between then and now. So I'm going to split these into three posts, since there's 28 pictures! Because I drew them at gaming, they're all in pencil and I haven't colored any of them. I have plans to color one or two.

I've arranged them in approximate chronological order :) So the first ones are the oldest.

Image heavy!

Sketchy sketchy sketch )
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So along with watching three diverse and fascinating Greek tragedies this weekend (The Trojan Women, Agamemnon, and Electra - see caitirin's post for a more detailed account), we also created characters for [livejournal.com profile] jongleur_gerard's D&D game. We got there late because The Trojan Women went on until 9:15ish, but we still got our character sheets completed, if not our character's completely fleshed out. I've been thinking about it a little more since then, and here's a bio for those interested in such things.

He swims, he pokes things, he has to make saving throws when running on land, he's... well, he has no name yet, but you get the idea. )

More to be added when I come up with it ^_^
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Fridays make my brain implode.

Here's some stuff I wrote up
for Isolde for the Shadowrun game, some very rough information in pure
splat-out-there-it-is form, rather than, you know, using my creativity.
This is all subject to change, if and when I change my mind or find out
that something I wrote about is impossible in Shadowrun world ^^;;

I think I'll blame Teh Brainded on Corwin again, because that seems convenient.

was born in Seattle, to lower middle-class parents whom she disliked
with a lazy sort of intensity. Incidentally, her mother was human. They
were not bad people; they were of the sort of parent who tries to raise
their child in the “right way” early in its development, and if they
find that the child isn’t turning out the way they think it’s supposed
to, they give up and start over with a new one. Isolde didn’t turn out
the way they had hoped. She was obstinate and rash as a child, and
exhibited what might have been a form of OCD if her parents had
bothered to check. By fourteen, she had become convinced that the
salvation of the environment rested on the shoulders of the youth, and
she became rather annoyingly vegetarian and an activist for just about
everything relating to ecology that you could think of. This was most
likely a product of her less than worldly upbringing, in which she saw
only what was propagandized as travesties within the city, and only
heard rumors about the state of the rest of the world. She fought with
her parents quite a bit at this age, as young teenagers are wont to do,
and at sixteen she stuffed any possessions she felt she needed –
everything else was egotistical according to her philosophy at the time
– and ran away from home.

She got out of the city, luckily, and
in a few days she had traveled north along the coast and come upon an
Indian settlement. By this time, she was seriously rethinking her
actions (though not the thoughts behind them) and she was pretty much
at the end of her rope, afraid she was going to run out of money and
starve to death, etc. She was taken in by a bat shaman there who
tutored her in shamanism, and she did much of her magic training in the
water. She had always been a good swimmer, always liked the sea and
lakes. After her otter shaman magic had advanced to slightly more than
beginner level, which was a few years, she took off again for Seattle.
At this time she was comparatively much more mature, but ecological
activism (particularly on cleaning up the oceans and estuaries) was
still foremost in her mind, and she joined the Nereids at this time – a
city gang that focused mostly on the harbor districts and on companies
that they felt were abusing the oceans. She stayed with them for
another few years, but some time down the line, upon the advent of a
new leader, they began to get more radical than she was comfortable
with. Her kind of activism was protesting in front of companies,
blocking their way on the streets, sabotaging their fuel trucks before
they could get it into the boats – all things that generally didn’t
require the taking of life. Isolde tends to use gel bullets when she
can get away with it, and really doesn’t like the idea of killing
people who aren’t about to kill her. In her early years with the
Nereids, they had always been able to find ways to do what they felt
needed to be done without killing workers or causing any undue damage,
because they felt that wouldn’t meet their ends. The group’s movement
toward more radical, dangerous activism escalated and Isolde got fed up
with it and left.

After this, she moved back north to the area
in which she had originally learned her shamanism, and lived for a
while out in the woods. She was not a complete hermit but she did grow
as much of her own food as she could, or bought it from local farmers.
Without a real job, however, she was unable to survive for very long
after her stores of money gave out, and she moved back to Seattle,
hoping to lead a fairly low-key but environmentally sustainable
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So I had extremely bizarre dreams last night. Just forgot to write them down when I got up.

The dream was like one large RPG session, only it was real... [livejournal.com profile] okami36 was
running it, however, and things would randomly happen and he'd be
planning them out, etc. Everyone from the usual gaming group was there.
At first, we all were climbing down a mountain and trying to get down
this sandy path that had large stair-like segments. There were lions
about, but the only one we saw was a cub who was chasing a meercat-like
animal. Then, once we got to the bottom, there was some terrifying
thing that decided to come after us, and we had to run up the mountain
again. When we got to the top, we came out of this cave mouth onto a
flat outcropping. The monster, which was gigantic (about the size of a
building) and looked kind of like a cross between a Tasmanian devil and
a porcupine with a huuuge mouth and sharp teeth, was going to come out
of the mouth of the cave. The only thing that could save us was a
Paths-of-the-Dead-like group of floaty ghost people, who were coming up
the mountain from the other direction (up the face, I guess, since they
could float) and if they hit us and passed through us before the
monster got there, we'd be all right. We were waiting anxiously for the
army of ghosties to show up, and the monster came snarling out of the
cave mouth. Then the ghosts showed up, ran through all of us, and we
turned into little balls of slime O_o But after the monster was
vanquished by the ghosts, we turned back.


Off to do homework!


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