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I had a really interesting dream last night - I can't remember a lot about it, but it was epic in the way my world-ending dreams sometimes are. I was driving with Rachel toward a city where we would be staying on vacation. The city was under attack by gigantic beings: taller than skyscrapers, with lanky humanoid bodies in pale blue and green, faces with features that were squashed into the bottom halves of their heads like in some Brian Fround paintings, and long backwards-sloping rabbit ears. They lurched past the buildings, bent slightly forward, moving ponderously. The destruction they'd left in their wake had flooded the rivers, and we were stuck in traffic on a bridge above the water. The water rose and flooded the bridge, but for some reason I wasn't scared. Our car floated but was taking on water, and I looked out of the car window and saw that one of the bridge's trusses right next to it. It was only covered in an inch or so of water, so we could climb out of the car's windows walk along it. I told Rachel to start getting our luggage out of the car, and most of it was in these big rubbermaid containers, so they floated. We had to leave behind the stuff in the trunk, but it wasn't a big deal. We walked along the truss until we got to the city. We made it to our hotel but everyone was stuck there and no one was allowed to leave. We didn't really mind, though - we thought it would be relaxing to just chill in our hotel room.

In other news, we've been watching Star Trek: The Next Generation while we weave/draw/knit etc. We saw an episode the other night that I was absolutely sure was a veiled attempt to address queerness/GLBTQ rights. In it, a genderless race asked for the Enterprise's help with locating a missing shuttlecraft. A pilot, Soren, ended up falling in love with Riker (and he reciprocated) and it came to light that Soren identified as female. Binary genders were looked down upon by this culture, who considered them to be primitive (people had had genders long ago and evolved into a genderless people). This people, when they found out that anyone identified as male or female, would put them through a treatment that "cured" them and supposedly wiped out any desire to be different in that way. When Soren talked about her feelings, they were very clearly supposed to reflect those of a queer person - she had always felt different but didn't realize what it was until later in life, she had experienced bullying at school and had seen other people be bullied for the same thing she feared in herself, she met other people like her when she was older and realized that she wasn't alone or a freak. Soren was "outed" near the end of the episode and gave an impassioned speech about how no one should dictate who another person loves, how the kinds of relationships people like her have are no different than the relationships of the sexual majority, how she shouldn't be forced to deny her true self and how she wasn't "unnatural". I felt like they copped out by having Soren identify as a woman and be attracted to men (she was played by a female actress, too) but I could tell that they were trying. I've heard that some of the execs who took over Star Trek after Gene Roddenberry died vetoed his plans to bring GLBTQ characters onto the show, and they probably couldn't get anything overt past the censors even in the '90s. Jonathan Frakes evidently thought they could have done better, too: the Wikipedia article on the episode said Jonathan Frakes commented that the episode wasn't "gutsy" enough and that "Soren should have been more evidently male". As for myself, I was torn, because on the one hand it frustrated me that they didn't just face the issue without hiding it behind heterosexuality, but on the other hand I was so happy to see even an attempt at representation. There had been an episode with the Trill where Beverley fell in love with a Trill man whose symbiote had to be moved to a woman's body, and their relationship was dropped like a hot potato. It essentially said "two women can't be together and that's that." We were so discouraged by this that I never expected to see an episode that even tried to deal with queerness in any way. I was glad to be proven wrong, but the end of the episode was, predictably, unhappy - Soren was brainwashed into believing she had been a deviant and accepted the majority way of life as correct. Someday, there will be a character on Star Trek who's a gender or sexual minority, and I'm looking forward to that.
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So, some of you may know that I tend to have a lot of dead people in my dreams. They're almost exclusively inanimate dead people - corpses, normally covered or in coffins or tombs (but I'm always highly aware of them even if I can't see them). The other night, I had a very interesting dream. I often find myself in possession of mummies or other corpse artifacts in my dreams; in this one, I had an entire room of them in glass cases or covered with shrouds. As usual, I was terrified of them and didn't want to have responsibility for keeping them, but I had to check the room to make sure they were safe. One of them was laying on a stone bed with some kind of gauzy cloth draped over it. As I was leaving, to my horror, it started moving. It was laying on its back, and it turned over onto its stomach. As it did, I noticed that its head was an empty shell (no brain left) and I thought "How is it moving with no brain?!" Then all the other corpses in the room started to move too.

And you know what? I suddenly realized that they were all really nice and all they wanted was to have someone pay attention to them. And so we had a party. A little boy sat in my lap and we ate a chocolate mousse tart together.
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I had a zombie dream last night, like you do, but since we've been mainlining X-Files episodes lately it was somewhat less traumatic than usual. In this dream, I was a little girl, and I was with Agent Scully in this abandoned jail sort of place. It was more like a jail in an Old West sheriff's office than an Alcatraz-type prison. It was very bluish-dark and filled with cobwebs. I looked into one of the cells and I saw a hand, with pale grayish blue fingers with dark spots all over them and white nails, and then a face. It was a woman, with similar blotches on half of her face. She wasn't horribly decayed (she still had a nose and hair, for instance). I freaked out, though, and Scully pulled me away from the door and knelt down and held me. Then we noticed this stone dish on the floor of the cell, shaped like a banana-split bowl, full of ancient desiccated food. Scully, with some sudden insight presumably originating from her well of innate awesome, crushed the food and the zombie lady turned to dust.

She told me that these people had been imprisoned here and were fed poisoned food that turned them into zombies, and if we destroyed the food that had cursed them, we'd put them out of their misery. So they weren't post-death zombies but infection zombies! Less scary on my personal scale. We went around to the other cells and crushed the food, until I came to a door that was already open. I was like "OH CRAP ONE'S LOOSE" and I spun around, and there behind me was another zombie. This one was much more skeletal and shriveled and decayed (= scarier). I saw another stone dish on a stool behind the zombie and I darted around him and shoved the stool over. The cobwebby old food spilled out, but not all of it got crushed, and so only parts of the zombie crumbled O_o Luckily Scully ran up then and crushed the rest so it didn't get me.

The last cell we went to was filled with little zombie children (aaaagh) who somehow got out, and I was afraid they'd sweep me away in their stampede because I was about the same size they were. But, at that point, Mulder crashed through a window (?!) to our rescue. That was where the dream ended. I've definitely had worse zombie dreams!
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I'm feeling somewhat better; at least I'm no longer like @_@ all day long, which means I can be upright for longer periods of time. Yesterday I only had a couple of hours where I felt awful and today we even managed to get out of the house for a little while. I got exhausted pretty quickly, but I bounced back after some rest :) Back to work tomorrow!

My Nano has suffered :\ I'm way behind. But I know where the rest of the story is going, which is kind of a new one on me, and I want to continue this first draft. I feel like writing this draft has really gotten me to figure out what parts I'm not doing right (like maybe get to your other main character BEFORE you hit 25K words, dingbat!) and I think I need to do that for the rest of the story. Otherwise, I'll just plan and plan and not ever write it.

I've had some interesting dreams lately. It's the return of the Holmes dreams! Two, even! And one about Dracula, which was rather unfortunate because it was too scary to be cool.

Dreams )
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My god, it's been like fandom roulette in my head lately. And naturally none of the fandoms I dream about are ones I'm particularly obsessed with at the moment - some more well-loved than others, but nothing I'm thinking about very much during the day. Oh well, it makes for interesting re-telling!

First, I had a dream the a few weeks ago about the Amberites (thank you for that, Mr. Zelazny) that was weirdly Saiyuki-ish and an all-around AU while still making some sort of sense with the first five Amber books.

This would make one really screwed up fanfic. )

Then, a couple of nights ago, I had a short slashy dream right out of the Pairing List that Ate Fandom.

I suppose a crossover with the X-Files and CSI makes more sense than many other possible combinations... )

And last night, the fandom was even more obscure: did any of you watch Shark, the lawyer show with James Woods, for the couple seasons it was on a few years ago? We watched the first season and then sort of stopped following it, but we did catch a marathon the other weekend. In this dream, it was Sebastian Stark takes on Jack the Ripper, which is entirely the fault of the new Holmes novel I just finished reading, Dust and Shadow (utterly marvelous, by the way - consistently and mind-blowingly squee-inducing).

I am SUCH a DWEEB. )

And, for posterity, two "spectacle" dreams I've had recently:

Hills and burnt people )

Roller coaster ride through Middle Earth, by way of London )
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I am such a lucky fandom-type person with these dreams I have. I had a Doctor Who dream the other night, sometime before Christmas (before we got the DVDs, even!), and I keep forgetting to post about it... so here it is XD

It was pretty awesome, if short. And made no canonical sense as far as I can tell, but if I understand correctly, canon has a way of explaining the Doctor meeting other regenerations of himself, so I'm not overly worried. Anyway, it was a dream, so no sense required XD

I dreamed that [livejournal.com profile] caitirin, [livejournal.com profile] _melisande_, and I were at a large metaphysical type store where there were lots and lots of shiny rocks. I was looking at them when I noticed that my finger was bleeding (my cuticles get dry and bleed a lot in winter) and when I asked the guy who ran the store if he had a bandaid, he said that there was a medical student in the building who he sent people to when they needed first aid. So he led the three of us off down the hall and said that the medical student's office was through a set of doors and on the left. The building was one of those old-fashioned school/municipal type buildings, with dark wood paneling, edging, and doors, and linoleum floors. It looked like most of the city halls and old library buildings around where I live. The store manager went back to the shop and the three of us went through the swinging doors and down the hall toward where he said the medical student's office was.

And then! XD One of the office doors opened and the Tenth Doctor stuck his head out, like *pop!* You know how he does, peeking around with both hands on the door frame. He had on a white lab coat and his glasses. And just as we were about to say to each other "ZOMG, is he the medical student?" the Ninth Doctor stuck his head out too, taller than Ten, and they both dashed out and down toward the other end of the hall. We followed them, naturally. The whole way they were bickering, alike and yet different from each other as they are, and then they turned left into a stairwell. There, the Tenth Doctor pulled a tartan blanket from somewhere, threw it over the railing, jumped on it, and started sliding down. The Ninth Doctor just vaulted the railing and hung onto the blanket, dangling in the center of the stairwell.

That was all, but it was very amusing :D
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YAY, return of the Holmes dreams! I'm not quite sure whether this was a dream or a half-asleep daydream, but at any rate, it was very nice.

For those of you excited about the new movie, you'll be happy to hear that this was solidly RDJ-Holmes and Jude Law-Watson, and was actually more like I think they'd be than how I think canon H&W are. It was very short, but the image stuck with me, so there you go.

Slashiness, or not. Even my subconscious is ambiguous about it! )
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I had, I think, five separate weirdo dreams last night. Since two of them involved Colin Jeavons (one as Lestrade), I thought there might be interest in reading what I can remember XD They are VERY odd, let me tell you to begin with.

Some of it's patchy at best. )
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I was going to post about something. What was it? Oh yes! I had a cool dream the other night. And I was going to post about Amber. They are mostly unrelated.

The dream wasn't quite as cool as if it featured Amberites, but it was pretty cool. )

Okay, Amber. I finished re-reading the first five books today (Roger Zelazny's Chronicles of Amber, if you haven't heard me squee about them before) and the last line, the last paragraph, gives me waves of goosebumps every time I read it. I love this series so hard.

Babbling, mostly about Deirdre, actually )
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I really am starting to wonder about my luck having all these Holmes dreams XD This one was plottier, such as it is, and somewhat less cuddlefluffy than the other two, but equally delightful in its own way.

So this is the third dream I've had in which I discovered a Sherlock Holmes movie that I didn't know existed. The other two were Russian Holmes movies, but this one was a Granada Holmes movie - interesting because I actually haven't seen all of the Brett-Hardwicke movies. Anyway, in the dream I was under the impression that this was either one of the movies I haven't seen yet or one I didn't even know existed. Most likely the latter, because it featured Lestrade prominently, and while I've read that they expanded his role in The Master Blackmailer, I doubt it was this prominent.

Unfortunately I remember very little of it, but it was certainly Jeremy Brett and Colin Jeavons circa first/second season (side note: weirdly, my Holmes dreams so far all feature particular actors, not the Holmes and Watson in my head). Holmes and Lestrade were working on a case together, something that was personal to Lestrade, and they were about to send him out to be a decoy or bait for a trap or some kind of thing where he had to go into the midst of the bad guys. Whatever these people had done, the memory of it it was distressing him, and the ruse was going to be extremely dangerous as well. It was dark, and they were hiding in an alley, and I think Lestrade was about to go out onto the street to get into a carriage with the bad people. He put his hand on Holmes's arm, and Holmes covered Lestrade's hand with his and squeezed it, and that was all.

That's all I needed it to be, really. *happy little hand-touching reverie*
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I had another Holmes dream the other night, of similar ilk (though somewhat stranger) to the last one. It was strange, too, because I had a rather horrific dream right before it, and it was like my brain went "Whoops, that one was too much! Here, have this to make up for it."

Dreams, the bad first, then the much nicer one )
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So, the other night I had my very first Sherlock Holmes dream. I was very sad indeed to wake up and find out that it wasn't real. I dreamed there was another Russian Sherlock Holmes movie that I had missed, and when I watched it, oh boy was it wonderful.

I don't remember very much, but...

Apparently my subconscious likes the idea of Holmes and Watson kissing even more than I do. )

This is mostly for my own information (though it may interest you too, [livejournal.com profile] coastal_spirit :3) because I keep forgetting where I put it on my computer. Genealogy going backward in time!

Francis [ElabyLastName], 9th generation, died in York, ME (I think) in 1706 and was born in England in about 1625.
More, as far back as I could find that one day I went looking )
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Okay, so I had this dream last night which was freaky at the time but I found it extremely cool upon waking. It was somewhat less cool (as these things usually go) when I actually got up later and thought about it, but it needs to be written down nevertheless.

Sea gypsies and a girl made of vines )
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I had disturbing dreams last night! Probably hormonal, but that doesn't make them any less unpleasant.

Dream One - Dementia, more disturbing )

Dream Two - Apocalypse, somehow less disturbing )

And after all that pleasantness - something really neat I forgot to post about ^_^

Back in April, when we were going to the MUB to write every week with [livejournal.com profile] _melisande_, [livejournal.com profile] caitirin and I came outside into the dark to go to our car. There's a little garden in the middle of the cul-de-sac in front of the MUB with benches and things, and, it being April, the garden had been pretty bare - but I saw these pale white things all over them in the dark. My first thought was, "Oh, I wonder what protest or demonstration put up the little white flags all over the garden." People often put up flags to demonstrate aborted babies, rape victims, and the genocide in Darfur.

Then I realized. They weren't flags. They were daffodils.

And they were beautiful, in the dark, heralding spring.
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I have a long book journally post written up, but that's for another time, because I want to play Zelda. For now! Another dream. This one was much nicer, in a weird "You people should be dead, right? Eh, oh well!" sort of way.

Great-grandparents )

No more work until after Christmas! Whee! I had a relaxing day today. I talked to a tree.

Time to play Zelda!
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Apparently [livejournal.com profile] caitirin isn't the only one to be having weird dreams lately. Here's just a smattering of my nightly adventures:

- Driving with Caitirin's mother through a city very much like one close to here, a pseudo-city I've dreamed of before, dropping off Caitirin and some hobo-looking fellow who was supposedly her brother at various points - and then driving to Canada (right at the edge of town) where we went up a series of hills so steep that we were practically upside down and I felt like I was floating in my seat. Caitirin's mother, naturally, had no qualms, but I thought we were goners for sure.

- Being a small dark-haired girl with violet eyes and glasses who couldn't use her legs very well, who wore an elaborate kimono-like dress much longer than she (I) was (which didn't help with movement), and who kept having terrifying visions of a girl identical to her but with shorter hair and no glasses who kept laughing at her (me) and saying that I had to save her and she was hiding behind the TV watching me, and that she was actually me and one day she would take me over.

- Aaand the one with the painting and the headless woman. That one was more interesting, so I'll go into greater detail.

I haven't had headless-people dreams in a while. But she was incidental. )
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Sigmund Freud - analyze this XD

So, the other day I posted that I had this dream about Advent Children, and I said I'd post about it, so here I am. I don't remember much about it in a concrete way, so I'll just put bullet points.

Everybody lives! )
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I had this ridiculously feel-good dream this morning which included (but is not limited to) a version of Advent Children in which myriad fictional characters discovered that they're loved for exactly who they are, angles and demons, and very pretty angst. Further explanation to come later.

Anyway, I thought I'd pass this along to [livejournal.com profile] glr1114 as she may be interested. Man from Uncle fic:

This is Napoleon/Illya, whatever that means.
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I have to write up the dream I had last night, because it was just THAT strange. Many of you know I have recurring dreams that I'm in a play that begins in anywhere between two or three days and a couple of minutes, and I'm either expected to suddenly remember lines I memorized years ago or I didn't memorize my lines in the first place. This variation, however, was significantly more amusing.

You all know Geoffrey Rush is actually Dracula, right? Also, pirates and slash. )
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The other night I had a dream about being attacked by mummies! And not the nice kind who make you grilled cheeses.

Note to the uninformed: I have a wacky irrational fear of dead people, mummies in particular. At age two (or something near) I ran screaming from the room at the sight of Ernie dressed up as a mummy on Sesame Street.

This dream was scary, but we won, so go us XD

Mummies attack! )

Obligatory reference to LJ/6A turmoil: I'm not leaving LJ. What the policymakers are doing is rotten, discouraging, and disturbing. That said, I have friends here and I'm not leaving. If they were all to migrate, I probably would too, but I don't think it's going to come to that, and I hope it doesn't. [/reaction to current events]

Hey, [livejournal.com profile] amethyst_cat, could you bring a shiny rock book or two when you come to gaming on Friday? ^_^

We had this FREAKING AWESOME corn chowder for dinner, which was pretty cheap points-wise because it had mashed up potato to thicken it instead of cream or something. It was really good. Adding potato makes everything better!


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