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This last month and a half has been one constant stream of activity. Vacationing with Rachel's parents, helping Rachel's mother move her grandmother into a retirement community, weddings, parties, and - of course - work every day of the week. I feel like I've been in "on" mode since the summer solstice, and for me, "on" mode is very tiring. The only time I was able to turn myself in to "off" mode was one weekend where I was so sick I couldn't go anywhere :\

We've had very little time for creative things or for relaxing, but in the midst of it all I've been working on a "comfort writing" project - old-school character bios for my Lord of the Rings Online characters. Researching obscure details about the geography of Middle-earth and making references that only a handful of people are likely to be interested in? Count me in!

My little crew - they'd make quite the ensemble cast! )
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I read this in somebody's DeviantArt comments (Ha! The irony, considering I was just bitching about artists' comments!) and I got this off Wikipedia. Very reliable source, I know, but it has citations.

The show's creator, Greg Weisman, has stated that he believed that Lexington was gay, saying "I believe, in my opinion Lex is gay -- though he may not yet realize it. And that we would be consistent with that knowledge... as I believe we have been up to this point. But that in the current world climate we would not be addressing it on the show at all. Not explicitly or implicitly. It's a damn shame, and since we're talking about episodes that don't exist it would be easy for me to be brave now and pretend that we'd be open about it, but that would be a lie of expectation, and I try to be more honest than that with the fans. All I promised was consistency. It may sound like a subtle distinction, but believe me it is not. It may also sound like a cop-out, and believe me, IT IS. But it's a cop-out that comes out of the fact that if I even attempted an implicit portrayal, it flat out would not get on the air. And I could stand my ground. And I would get fired. And then there'd be no consistency either. Someday, I hope to live in a braver more understanding world... but we ain't there yet. And I think what we're doing is at least a step in the right direction."

However, Weisman apparently has been granted some freedom to develop this character trait to some degree in the Slave Labor Graphics comic book continuation. For instance, the current storyline "Clan Building" has Lexington meet the handsome stag gargoyle, Staghart of the London Clan, who is vaguely suggested for now to be homosexual himself and is attracting Lexington's interest.

Some of you following the comic or more familiar with news about the show probably already knew this, but I thought it was pretty cool. Gargoyles just proves how awesome animation, no matter where it's from, can be.

Randomly, I'm always slightly amused/bemused when creators say "In my opinion, I've always seen this character of mine as *insert adjective*." It's your character! What you say goes! Especially with people whose work has fandoms - fans pounce on every tiny detail and erect a shrine to it. Nobody's going to say "Well, that's only your opinion! You're only the one who made them up and controls their universe, you know." And I know the whole argument about how the author's intention doesn't matter: if you don't think so-and-so was a pirate even though he ran a skull and crossbones flag up his flagpole and pillaged British naval ships, he's not necessarily a pirate, and so forth. I have strong issues with that, but I always can find exceptions (i.e. Utena and Anthy's relationship is significant even if Ikuhara only put them together because he liked teh hot wimmins kissing). But I find it kind of funny when people talk about their own characters like they're just interpreting them.
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I decided I wanted to make some icons using my own artwork (and I feel a teeny bit guilty because I've been so bad about submitting icons to challenges lately -_-;;) so I spent the better part of today and last night making icons. Whee!

With these more than with my usual ones, if you use them, I'd be delighted with credit, as they are my artwork.

Teasers: Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

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More character meme, because I LOVE it! This time with Special Guest Appearance!

1. Choose a few of your own characters.
2. Make them answer the following questions.
3. Feel free to go ahead and add some questions yourself!!
4. Then tag three people.

Characters: Bastian, Pele (Special Guest Star courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] caitirin!), Kyrielle, Shio

Bastian is immortal, crusader turned sailor. Kyrielle and Shio are fantasy types; Kyrielle is Adi'eh, aristocracy who live in an underground city, and Shio is Karai Mishra, one of [livejournal.com profile] caitirin's desert elves.

Whee, more characters! )
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This meme roxxors!

1. Choose a few of your own characters.
2. Make them answer the following questions.
3. Feel free to go ahead and add some questions yourself!!
4. Then tag three people.

Characters: Dante, Iscariot, Theo, Soria

Dante, Iscariot, and Soria are from the RPG [livejournal.com profile] caitirin, [livejournal.com profile] waywardgrace, and [livejournal.com profile] _melisande_ and I used to write in. Theo is from my 2006 Nano.

I love characters <3 )

Everyone I can think of who would want to post this has been tagged, so I tag myself! Ha! *has to do it again later*
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The weather today is the absolute opposite of what it was the last time I was in [livejournal.com profile] caitirin's library with a laptop, which was Tuesday. That day, it was miserable: cold and dark and driving rain, which gave me weather-associated memories that I couldn't place. Today, it's even brighter than it would be if it were just normally sunny, because it snowed last night. We probably got an inch, if even that, but it was the kind with ice under it (which made it a bitch to scrape the car off but is absolutely gorgeous otherwise). So the trees are all coated with a layer of snow-and-ice, which turns all the branches of the leafless ones white, and lays on the evergreens like icing. The sky is a pale but unbroken blue, and driving in to school, with the sun beaming through the icy branches and lighting up the white-limbed trees on the other side of the road, was an experience. Right now, there's a melting tree outside the window where I'm sitting, and with the sun on the other side of it, it sparkles like the whole thing was made of cut glass.

So before buckling down to do homework this morning, I decided to finish redoing the post that the internet ate on Tuesday. I was surprised at how long it actually turned out in Word (2 1/4 pages) and I feel more justified that I was upset over its vanishing. So here it is, the continuation of why I'm making some of my previously-vampiric characters simply immortal, and leaving some of them as vampires.

Note: I would never want to make people think that I think ANYone making vampire characters is bad or stupid or anything like that. This is just something [livejournal.com profile] caitirin and I decided, mostly because of certain associations we have with the era of our vampire-fangirlishiness. That out of the way...

On we go to Simon, Soria, and Nicodemus. )

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So, today I wanted to ask a question in class, but I was less inclined to, because I knew it was a question that would be obvious to some of the students who are more experienced in this particular subject area. I knew that whatever the answer, if I was aware of the historical context, I would be satisfied and accept it. But I didn't want to ask it in class, because grad school has put The Great Fear Of Looking Intellectually Inferior into me where it really hasn't been for years (boo, I say) and so I went and asked the professor beforehand, which I had no embarrassment doing. And it was nicely cleared up for me.

And then I was validated by having it brought up in class and an Interesting Conversation ensuing.

Randomly, I've begun wondering just WHAT my criteria for locking posts was. I thought it was real-lifey identifying stuff, but apparently not, because then I'd lock anything that talked about my classes. I also wonder how paranoid I ought to be.

Anyway, now I'm going to talk about why I decided to keep some of my characters vampires and why I decided to make some of them merely (merely?) immortal, as [livejournal.com profile] caitirin mentioned we did.

It takes me a while to remember how many vampires I even HAVE. )
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[livejournal.com profile] caitirin made me do it. As if I wouldn't if I'd found it first.

First, write down the names of 12 characters. Then read and answer the questions. You can't look at the questions (or click on the cut) until you write down the 12 characters you're going to use.

1. Luis Devante, Marquis de SomethingSpiffy (illegitimate)
2. Kailen D'jharrin
3. Athos Kimeria
4. Aubrey Who Still Has No Last Name
5. Sef
6. Tiernan Azri
7. Neil Marshall
8. Gideon Baumgarten
9. Bethany Lansen
10. Kirov Renaldi
11. Iscariot
12. Jezebel

Bizarrity ahead )

And a very happy birthday to [livejournal.com profile] border_count!
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I had a really vivid, interesting dream a while ago, and I keep
forgetting to write it down. It was when I was at camp with [livejournal.com profile] caitirin, so
that was about a week ago.

fiction teacher says that other people's dreams are impossible to
listen to. I think that's shit. I love listening to other people's
dreams when they're interesting and not just "whoa, I dreamed I was
going to the store last night, but I bought cream instead of milk". And
since I had a rather horrific nightmare on Friday night that my father
sliced his own head off and I had to pick it up in a bowl and take it
out to the herse in my front yard (yay, how many of my phobias does
that cover?) I thought I'd share this one, which was much cooler.

main character of this dream was a skinny Goth punk boy with very long
black hair. He was in a theatre production at the beginning of it,
trying to learn lines, and he had his lines on a sheet of magnetic
rubber, like those refridgerator-magnet poetry. He was walking through
a mall and he went into a Hot Topic-like store and went into the
bathroom to learn his lines in private. When he left the bathroom, he
forgot his magnetic script.

Out in the mall, he was walking past
a t-shirt kiosk when he saw this huge, knarled tree rising up out of
the tiles in the floor. It had dark, shiny leaves and light was coming
through it. He had an apple, inexplicably, and he tossed the apple up
into the tree and it stuck in a branch. Then he saw another apple,
which was red and sort of brushed with a gold sheen. He reached up and
picked it. When he bit into it, gold juice ran all down his face and
shirt, and it solidified into real glittering gold the moment it dried.
Eating the apple had given him the power to heal people.

remembered that he left his script in the bathroom in the Goth store,
but when he went in, all of the energetic teeny-goth sales people had
turned into these large, lumbering, intimidating
beat-you-to-a-bloody-pulp punk types. He scurried into the bathroom and
grabbed his magnets.

Then he was walking through the parking lot
in front of Market Basket (the one in Newington), with someone else. He
looked over toward Panera Bread and saw one of his friends, a blond,
curly-haired boy who was with his father, and the main boy was somehow
resentful and jealous of them right then. Then, he saw that all the
people in the parking lot had some kind of plague. He was about to go
to heal them, when one woman pushed her little girl away from him. The
girl had words on her shirt, and they said what she was saying. He
realized then that eating the apple had given him the power to heal
people temporarily, but now that it wore off, whoever he touched would
instantly die.

And that was it.

~[livejournal.com profile] elaby

P.S. As
I listen to her on the phone, talking about how her parents' boarder
doesn't have to give up the room that used to be [livejournal.com profile] caitirin's when she goes
home to visit for Chrismas, that [livejournal.com profile] caitirin is an extremely mature
individual. Most people would throw an absolute fit if they didn't get
their room back.
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Fridays make my brain implode.

Here's some stuff I wrote up
for Isolde for the Shadowrun game, some very rough information in pure
splat-out-there-it-is form, rather than, you know, using my creativity.
This is all subject to change, if and when I change my mind or find out
that something I wrote about is impossible in Shadowrun world ^^;;

I think I'll blame Teh Brainded on Corwin again, because that seems convenient.

was born in Seattle, to lower middle-class parents whom she disliked
with a lazy sort of intensity. Incidentally, her mother was human. They
were not bad people; they were of the sort of parent who tries to raise
their child in the “right way” early in its development, and if they
find that the child isn’t turning out the way they think it’s supposed
to, they give up and start over with a new one. Isolde didn’t turn out
the way they had hoped. She was obstinate and rash as a child, and
exhibited what might have been a form of OCD if her parents had
bothered to check. By fourteen, she had become convinced that the
salvation of the environment rested on the shoulders of the youth, and
she became rather annoyingly vegetarian and an activist for just about
everything relating to ecology that you could think of. This was most
likely a product of her less than worldly upbringing, in which she saw
only what was propagandized as travesties within the city, and only
heard rumors about the state of the rest of the world. She fought with
her parents quite a bit at this age, as young teenagers are wont to do,
and at sixteen she stuffed any possessions she felt she needed –
everything else was egotistical according to her philosophy at the time
– and ran away from home.

She got out of the city, luckily, and
in a few days she had traveled north along the coast and come upon an
Indian settlement. By this time, she was seriously rethinking her
actions (though not the thoughts behind them) and she was pretty much
at the end of her rope, afraid she was going to run out of money and
starve to death, etc. She was taken in by a bat shaman there who
tutored her in shamanism, and she did much of her magic training in the
water. She had always been a good swimmer, always liked the sea and
lakes. After her otter shaman magic had advanced to slightly more than
beginner level, which was a few years, she took off again for Seattle.
At this time she was comparatively much more mature, but ecological
activism (particularly on cleaning up the oceans and estuaries) was
still foremost in her mind, and she joined the Nereids at this time – a
city gang that focused mostly on the harbor districts and on companies
that they felt were abusing the oceans. She stayed with them for
another few years, but some time down the line, upon the advent of a
new leader, they began to get more radical than she was comfortable
with. Her kind of activism was protesting in front of companies,
blocking their way on the streets, sabotaging their fuel trucks before
they could get it into the boats – all things that generally didn’t
require the taking of life. Isolde tends to use gel bullets when she
can get away with it, and really doesn’t like the idea of killing
people who aren’t about to kill her. In her early years with the
Nereids, they had always been able to find ways to do what they felt
needed to be done without killing workers or causing any undue damage,
because they felt that wouldn’t meet their ends. The group’s movement
toward more radical, dangerous activism escalated and Isolde got fed up
with it and left.

After this, she moved back north to the area
in which she had originally learned her shamanism, and lived for a
while out in the woods. She was not a complete hermit but she did grow
as much of her own food as she could, or bought it from local farmers.
Without a real job, however, she was unable to survive for very long
after her stores of money gave out, and she moved back to Seattle,
hoping to lead a fairly low-key but environmentally sustainable
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About three pages of it.

Mei's gonna keeeeeeeell me.

I don't care, because she needed to be picked at. She used to be too
new to know anything about, and she wouldn't let me poke at her brains,
but now... bwaaahahaha!

This is kind of... a companion piece to
the bit [livejournal.com profile] caitirin wrote about how Cai's developing a crush on Mei. I'd been
thinking, after she said that, that I needed to write some stuff about
Mei to get her a little bit more straightened out in my own head, but I
couldn't think of a format to do it in. It didn't occur to me that I
could just write about it, here, instead of having to make up some
situation in-character. I've been reading some of the chat logs that RC
and I've done with Mei and Cai, and it just keeps getting clearer.

Mei introspection )

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I've been thinking that I want to revise my whole idea about Kyrielle-land.

How it originally was:

were two races/species of people, the Kaval - the ruling class, warrior
race, who was asked to come in and protect the other race during some
period long long ago - and Kyrielle's people, who have no name yet, who
are the ineffectual upperclass gentry, the
magic-users who needed the protection in the first place. They speak
two different languages, the extent of which I know is that Kaval has
lots more v's in it. *cough*

As a society together they all live in a huge underground kingdom type place -

Random aside:

used to call my Sea Elf island (Erastus) the Erastian Empire, but...
d00d, it's NOT an empire. It's only one island, and a fairly
pacifistic, isolationist one at that.

/random aside

kind of like Tolkien dwarven halls were supposed to have been when they
weren't overrun by Terrifying Things. Spacious and huge and cut right
out of the rock, with cathedrals and things inside stone domes under
the ground. They also had land above the ground, where they would farm
and have vinyards, horses, things like that... the Kaval were a
horse-warrior people (Rohirrim, anyone?).

New ideas:

races would be the same and their relationship would be the same, but
they would have a common language that grew out of a pidgin between the
two original languages. The only places you could see the old languages
would be in proper nouns, rituals, old cultural things, et cetera. They
also wouldn't live underground, but sort of carved into the side of a
mountain, so that halls would go back deep into the rock and there
could be caverns and things like I wanted before, but a lot of the
city/ies could be open to the sunlight. They would overlook the
farmlands and vinyards and the places where the Kaval would do horsey
stuff. They maybe could have some cool trees and then it would moosh
with my Driiaen things I'd always been tryin to do but burnt out on and
had no interst in the actual characters.

Character concept AND how I write my eights. It's been a morning of radical change!

(Rachel supports my regime shift and my paradigm change ;) )

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So I'm finding out all sorts of interesting things about Mei by doing
the reading for my History of Japan class. For example, her family was
opposed to (well, ended up being opposed to... worked with at one time)
Toyotomi Hideyoshi, who was the ruling power before Tokugawa overthrew
him and changed everything. That would make it logical that her family
would have sided with the Tokugawa clan, and would have been one of the
samurai who lived under him.

Tokugawa put a strict prohibition on anyone travelling outside of
Japan, and the only traders that were allowed to come into the country
were the Dutch, and only at a small island port near Nagasaki. So Mei
would have had to jump one of those ships and taken it to Holland, and
then take another one to France. She'd have to do the same thing when
she came back to Japan, unless the ban on trade had been lifted by
then... which I don't think it was, since she returned before the
Bakamatsu and the reinstatment of the emperor.

No fun if it's not illegal, right, Mei?

Mei - Damn straight.

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Okay, so I'm sick.

I don't ever get sick, either O_o;; Not
really. And I'm not really sick now, I just have a cold. At a very
inopportune time this month, in which I don't need any more reason to
feel sick. But I have Sudafed, which has kicked in by now. This morning
when I woke up I didn't think I needed any, but by Anthropology I
thought I'd be lucky if I could get up to walk out at the end of
class... but now I'm better. Thanks to drugs, [livejournal.com profile] _melisande_'s plum, [livejournal.com profile] hak42's
returned-ness, and [livejournal.com profile] caitirin's Wellness Vibes (tm) ^_^

I need to go to class soon, so I shouldn't be dissertating now... but I wanna!

So I've been reworking Kyrielle's entire society plan. Originally, there was the Adi'eh, his people... and there were two classes, the warrior
class (the Kaval) and the magic-using class (the Striega.) The Kaval
have dark skin and only the females have magic, and it's strictly
healing-based magic (useful for a warrior people, right?) The Striega
have dark skin that is marbleized with lighter streaks, like...
marbleized paint, you know? And they are the upper class, the
aristocrats, the rich ones, but not the ruling class. The Kaval are the
ruling class. Within these two classes, there were two religious sects
which each had members of both classes, and the civil war that just
finished in Kyrielle-land was between these two religious sects.

What I'm changing... is that Kyrielle's people, the magic-using class which
used to be called the Striega, is now a separate species from the
Kaval. Before, both the Striega and the Kaval were Adi'eh, but now
there is no Striega and the magic-using Kyrielle patterny people are
called the Adi'eh. The Kaval is another race that either took over or
was asked to rule the Adi'eh when it was found that they were not
organized enough or did not have enough military power to protect

And now, I must flee away to class. It's a good class, though. Hopefully I will say smart things if I say anything at all ^_^

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Now it's time for the semester's first annual Poetry-That-Reminds-[livejournal.com profile] elaby-Of-A-Character. I still (heart) Byron. More than Blake.

This reminds me of Sere.

Read more... )
~Lord Byron, the crazy, the talented, and the shounen-ai

n_n *swoons*
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Tabular Indent does not lend itself well to style tweaking. *gets
random boxes all over the place and decides to just try and fool with
Purnquin, which seems to like her better*

trying to make permanent layouts for my Friends page and my Calender
page and things, so I can leave them like that and change my main page
according to my whim. Exciting, isn't it? *waves little party

Forgot my brush today. That doesn't quite elicit an "angst!", so I guess what should go here instead is... "irritation!"

elf guy who manifested in my head during Vanilla has a name - Dancross
Iavolen. But Dancross is his family name. He's been doing a lot more
running around in my head, and mostly what I'm getting are pictures of
him when he was younger. He was different then, but not so different as
to make his present personality not a logical progression from his
previous one. It's no Battousai-goes-rurouni thing. He was just a lot
more impulsive, outwardly arrogant and confident in his youth. It's
easy to see how he's mellowed, without losing the confidence or
arrogance, just not being vocal about it so often. I might try to
finagle him into the Kyrielle plot, if I can EVER get that posted...
since the post is on my computer at my place in at school and I haven't
been there since Friday morning. *wants wants wants to finish it and
post it*

That concludes my babble for the moment. Probably going to work on some more DJ tweaking. Yippee!

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So I've had someone running around in my head all evening. And killing
things with arrows and something that vaguely resembles a katana.

That's nothing new, though. The katana, I mean.

an elf, but really a lot more... human... than my other elves. Not
nearly so petite or delicate. He's got dark grey hair,
shoulderblade-length-ish, and I don't think he's altogether friendly...
but very very good at killing people. With arrows.

I had this
image of him running through a forest, then leaping over something and
sliding down a bit of grassy hill, and his feet turning as he slid...
and then nocking an arrow and letting it off in an eye blink, into the
trees above.

Oddly enough, this was all to Vanilla. Which I never knew was good for fight scenes. But it is O_o

was getting blinks of personality, too... very stand-offish, not the
type to never smile, but not often and not usually in a particularly
nice way. Professional. Probably cynical. And I imagine people who kill
things for a living must have a reason, but if I don't come up with
something better than the regular angsty motivating past, I'm just
going to let him kill things for undisclosed reasons. I can see him
being rather snide, but not really mean unless it's to someone who
deserves it, if only a little. And probably rather compassionate if the
situation seriously calls for it.

I might have to devise a place for him.

Tra la

Mar. 23rd, 2003 03:16 pm
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I've got this character in my head, and she's singing.

I drew
her dancing once, and it took me so long that I never bothered to give
her any clothes. But she's got clothes now. She's also got
butter-yellow hair that's short and whispy, and looks like it belongs
on a dandelion-fluff three-year-old. Her skin is pink and would sunburn
easily, and she dances with her bare toes in the grass.

Here is what she is singing:

Lavender's blue, diddle diddle
Lavender's green,
When I am king, diddle diddle
You will be queen..

that's how I remember the lyrics, which my mother used to play on the
piano and sing. But whenever I find the lyrics online, they're not
quite right... even though I don't remember the second part I know
they're not quite right. And the midi I found was very wrong. Is
supposed to go like this...

*manifests mother playing piano when [livejournal.com profile] elaby was six*

Like that.

I wonder if we really threw away all of those old piano books... I have no idea where they'd be now even if we didn't.

Suzari with her dancing toes and her dragonfly wings likes this song.

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But here is the real reason for my post - new icons ^_^ Hehe... Here they are. A lot of Utena ones tonight ^_^ One to replace my old Anthy icon. Yippee!

I saw Chicago today. It was spectacular. Flynn insists I must have the
music NOW. Catherine Zeta-Jones is so sexy O.O And everyone did an
amazing singing/dancing/acting job. Go Richard Gere and his hat!

I had ideas for Ishmerai today. You see, this particular plot is in my
hands, and I worry about that ^^;; But I only need one piece and I'll
have everything worked out. I have the whys down, just not all the
hows. But most of them.

And Amber is sucking me in again. Never get involved in a land war in Asia, and never
try to march three thousand troops up Kolvir when all you've got are
two semi-immortals and a bunch of Big Red Guys and Little Hairy Guys,
of whom you've grown strangely fond because of your five-hundred years
living with those damn sentimental Earth people.

And now I'm quite finished.


Dec. 23rd, 2002 03:12 pm
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I'm trying to think up names for people who I haven't written yet but
live in my head. Unlike the seme and uke from Cyber Rose (the dancing
people with the school with ambiance) these characters seem like they
SCREAM for names... the seme and uke don't seem to want them. Or need
them. Or something.

So I'm looking up Japanese, words, trying to find names that mean things. Oyyyy.

I found a page that has a lot of good stuff about surnames, and I found
that -shita means "below" or "under" and I wanted to use that because
of this image I had... but I can't find any good tree names and I'm at
a loss as to what kind of trees actually grow in Japan that fit my
mental image. I was very close to using Umeshita, ume meaning "plum,"
until it happened...

Like every time I get a good name idea. I
search and search until I find something I might like, then JUST as I
almost decide to use it I remember some connotation that I don't like.

blossoms are very bright pink in most pictures, but I was heartened to
find some white ones... white is better in this image. Much better than
pink. Then it hit me.

Who wears white plum fragrance?

Tomoe >_<

really haven't that much against Tomoe... really... but I don't LIKE
her. And I don't want to think of poor little 15-year-old Kenshin angst
when envisioning this character. I wouldn't even know she smelled like
white plum if my mother didn't remind me every time someone in the
vicinity says "plum."

*rants for a while about the unfairness of it all, complete with sakura petals in the background*

Dang. Ignorance is bliss -_-

Back to the beginning...


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