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My birthday was Tuesday, and I’ve had a really wonderful birthday week <3 Rachel gave me one of my presents earlier in November, because I was sad and she wanted to cheer me up. It was an exquisite acorn necklace, made out of a real acorn cap with a droplet of amber-colored glass as the acorn itself. Inside the glass, there’s a beautiful metal oak leaf that’s silver on one side and orange on the other. It’s so lovely, and I cherish it <3

My mum’s birthday was the Friday before (November 14th) so we took her to Dobra Tea in Portland on Sunday for our joint birthdays. They moved to a new location, and while it feels a bit smaller, it’s lighter and more airy because it’s right on the street instead of inside another building with no external windows like it was before. The tea, as always, was perfect. I can’t remember the name of mine, but it was from an island in China with a thousand-year-old tea tradition and a statue of Guan Yin that looks out to sea. I also had warm pitas and goat cheese. Rachel had a spicy Middle Eastern tea with honey and almond milk, with rice Casablanca (rice mixed with fruit, nuts, spices, and honey), and my mum had rose tea and a couscous dish with olives and feta cheese. We perused Mexicali Blues in the Old Port and then headed to Whole Foods (the closest one to us), where we bought some sweets and some things for dinner.

For my birthday, my parents got me some cute tree ornaments and a Blu-ray of the Miku concert I went to in Los Angeles in 2011 (gosh, that long ago!). It’s the Western release so it had English subtitles for the songs, which was beyond wonderful. Along with a really skillful, close-up recording of the concert (*swoons*) it also had a “Making of Mikunopolis” short that had snapshots of Miku doing touristy things in California. ADORABLE. My parents also got me a new pair of black and red plaid pants for Aster <3 She's borrowing Taylan's shirt here.

Aster in her new birthday duds

On my birthday, Rachel woke me up by plomping my gift bag down on the bed beside me and going “Happy birthday, daahling!” like Norma Desmond XD I was still half asleep so I just took one of the wrapped presents out and hugged it and laid back down. But I eventually woke up enough to open them :3 She got me the most wonderful present: recent reprints of Cicely Mary Barker’s Flower Fairies books, where the original watercolors were scanned using cutting-edge technology to show every bit of detail. Unlike one of the more recent collections of the Flower Fairies poems, which doesn’t reproduce every illustration exactly like the original, the books she got me include all the illustrations in their whole, unedited forms. They’re breathtaking – a perfect combination of botanical drawings and fairy artwork. I’ve started to read the poems to Rachel in bed before we go to sleep, because poetry deserves to be read aloud <3 Rachel also sneakily bought me a beautiful amethyst bracelet with a tree charm at Mexicali Blues when I wasn’t looking XD

It was so nice to get so many Facebook wishes on my birthday. My coworkers brought me whoopee pies and a Barnes and Noble gift card, and after work Rachel and I had dinner at the Olive Garden with my parents as another joint birthday celebration. My parents had another present for me: a delicate necklace with a silver Moon Stick pendant (Sailor Moon’s first weapon/purification item). There are tiny clear gems in the pendant, and it’s the perfect size – identifiable but not gaudy. I love it so much!

On Wednesday, we saw [livejournal.com profile] _melisande_, and she gave me a gift card to Michaels so I can buy more oil painting supplies <3 I’ve been feeling a little trepidation about the coming winter and how it’ll effect my mood, and this all was a lovely bright spot in the cold November <3

Dolly yoga

Jun. 17th, 2014 09:21 pm
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I haven't posted about my new doll, Aster! She's a LUTS Delf Arwen, and she's 58 cm tall -- the biggest addition to our dolly family. I had no idea how big she would really be! She came so quickly (only a month after ordering her!) that I didn't have time to buy or make her any clothes. I did have a wig for her, and I made her a sweater and some pants soon after she arrived, but they're far from the style I envision for her. Hopefully the new wig and clothes that are coming in the mail now will suit her better :3 Even though her temporary clothes aren't perfect, she still looks cute in them and she's just incredibly gorgeous all on her own.

We attended a doll meet in Boston the other weekend and had SO much fun. Everyone was so friendly and it was really nice to talk to other dolly people (and other Vocaloid fans! :D) The next day, Rachel and I decided to do some doll maintenance. I hot-glue sueded Aster's neck joint so her head would pose better, but her other joints were already pretty perfect, and I was afraid adding a layer of hot glue to them would throw off her balance. I started trying out some positions to see if she needed sueding anywhere… and it just seemed natural to put her in all of the poses I've been doing in yoga lately :3

Nude, bald doll in creative positions ahead )
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For my birthday this year (I'm 31, omfg) I asked for donations toward a good camera :3 And using the gifts I got and after saving up a little, I just welcomed home my own Olympus SP-810US! <3 <3 <3 After I bought it, I discovered I'd gotten the same camera as [livejournal.com profile] _melisande_ XD I had grilled her about cameras when I was trying to figure out what one to buy, but I didn't remember what model she had - and since I know she did a ton of research before buying hers (and I did as well), I'm pretty confident in my choice!

I've been experimenting with it ever since it arrived in the mail, and today Rachel dropped me off at the cemetery down the street while she did grocery shopping so I could take some pictures of snow-covered gravestones.

See how I've been experimenting with my camera! )
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Rachel posted recently about our outing on Saturday when we took the dolls out to photograph them in the woods, and I wanted to share a couple more pictures of my girl, Elaine. I took like seven skillion pictures of her so I could be sure I'd have a couple that came out well XD I'm saving up for a new camera, and I can't wait until I get it and we can have two cameras! Then we won't have to keep swapping the camera back and forth.

Also, I need to get poor Elaine some seasonably appropriate clothing XD All she's got are little sun-dresses and short pants (partly because Momocolor's 29cm dolls are slightly taller than most in their size category so the majority of pants are short on them...) She had one sweater that doesn't look too see-through unless you inspect it closely, and she borrowed pants from Lavinia and a hat from the General Knitted Dolly Things Repository. Her only shoes don't fit if she wears socks, so I kept thinking the whole time we were out that she must be freezing to death. This from the girl who, all through high school, changed her American Girl dolls' clothing from light to heavy in the fall and back again in the spring even when she didn't otherwise play with them.

Pictures under the cut! )
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I ordered my second BJD a few months ago, a Momocolor Lucy. Momocolor is a fairly new company (I think they opened in the summer of 2012) and I was really happy to support them. Their customer service was really wonderful <3

I've spent A LOT of extra time at work this week - 12-hour days Tuesday and Wednesday - and when I found out that my doll had arrived at the post office, I was dying to be able to pick her up. Owing to the post office's hours and my crazy overtime this week, I didn't get to go, but Rachel snuck out early yesterday and picked her up for me <3 When I finally got home last night, I got to open her!

Pictures like whoa! SHE IS CUTE, BEWARE XD Also, warning: doll boobies. )
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I'm typing this in my writing nook :3 Right now, it looks like this:

Katie's writing nook

It's too dark in it to take a picture of the inside :\ I have a stick-up battery operated light on the ceiling, but it's very dim indeed. We make the journey to IKEA last weekend and when we were there, I got a very pretty little lamp. I just need to drag an extension cord over here.

I felt compelled to update my LJ with the things we've been doing lately!

York Beach
I had been missing the ocean a lot lately, and the weekend before last, I turned to Rachel and told her I had a sea-craving. Seeing as she's the best wifey in all existence, she was like "Get in the car! :D" So we did XD (We ate lunch and took care of some chores first, but forget that.) We drove to Long Sands in York, Maine (about 45 minutes away) and bought some doughnuts and walked around on the beach, because that's what you do. It was very high tide, but on one side of the beach, there was still a strip of sand. York Beach in the winter is dog-land, and we saw all sorts of cute puppies! And several people with metal detectors. One guy and a boy dug a very large hole but apparently didn't find anything... they didn't fill it back in, either :\ I noticed that another dude who was metal-detecting always filled his holes back in. There were also some surfers (brr!). It had been pretty cold up until then, but that day wasn't bad. We didn't even need mittens! We walked all up and down the beach and listened to the surf, and it filled up my personal ocean reservoir.

Last Saturday, we went to IKEA in Stoughton, MA. The Friday before was Bonus Day at work - I got an "exceeds expectations" on my annual review this year, so I was fortunate enough to receive a bonus :) Normally my coworkers all go out after work on Bonus Day but it was snowing that morning and practically nobody went into the office. I did, but I left at noon to work from home because Rachel's university curtailed MINUTES AFTER SHE GOT THERE and she would have been stranded if I hadn't gone to pick her up. ANYWAY, IKEA!

We drove down and braved the most ridiculously bad traffic to wander around that grownup wonderland. In case you've never been to one, IKEA has a showroom floor with a labyrinth of rooms set up to look like different styles of kitchens, living rooms, offices, bathrooms, dorm rooms, etc. It was interesting being there while owning a house - we had always gone before when we still lived in an apartment, and there were so many DREAMS and IDEAS and abstract "If we had a house, we'd do THIS!" This time, we were looking for things that would fit the actual space we already have. It was nice because it was less wistful. Also, with our new car - we recently traded the unreliable PT Cruiser for a Ford Fiesta - we couldn't transport big pieces of furniture, so that made decisions easy. We got some desk lamps, some chair cushions, some curtains, and a few other decorations. I love IKEA's stuff because it's reasonably priced and the point of most things is to be space-efficient and practical.

By the end of the day, we were both starting to feel peopled-out (there were BAZILLIONS of shoppers there) and I was getting to the point where I wanted to either hide under a desk or run for the nearest door. The way the store is laid out funnels you toward the exit, and you kind of have to follow the flow in order to get there. We made it to the checkout, after which there's the reward of a cinnamon bun shop, and we bought cinnamon buns and Swedish drinks - Lingonberry juice! Elderflower juice! I felt like a fairy.

Spring Ahead
Spring Ahead murdered me this year. Sunday was fine - we cooked a really lovely brunch for a couple of friends, with vegetarian biscuits-and-gravy and fruit salad and lavender lemonade and lemon cake. Somehow, Monday morning was fine too, even though I got up earlier than usual to meet [livejournal.com profile] hak42 for breakfast. But Tuesday - ugh. I felt so bad when I woke up, exhausted and sick. Wednesday morning was the same, and Thursday was even worse. Most times I'd feel okay by mid-morning, but then the next day it would happen all over again. I felt less horrible Friday, so I can only hope that I'm starting to get used to the time change.

I was able to order myself and Rachel new BJDs because I got my bonus :) Rachel got a FairyLand LittleFee Ante (who has already arrived!) and I ordered a Momocolor Lucy. (Note: We get just the dolls, not the clothes or wigs shown on the web site :3) I'm so incredibly lucky to work for a successful company that appreciates and rewards me. As much as I sigh about how the subject matter isn't interesting, it's a really good job and I'm fortunate to have it. Also, we got an e-mail the other day at work that my company has joined several others in the Business Coalition for DOMA Repeal (DOMA is the Defense of Marriage Act) because of how dehumanizing and harmful the act is, and because it's bad for business. My company has always been very vocal in GLBTQ rights and marches in the Boston Pride Parade :3

Anyway, this morning, we finally did our long-planned Solstice dollie gift exchange photo shoot. It was so much fun to pose them and use all of the to-scale accessories we've made/accumulated over the last few months! I also wired Lavinia to try to get her to stand up better (it didn't really work, but she does pose better now). Click on the link to go see all the photos in Rachel's LJ :)


Mar. 11th, 2013 09:25 pm
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Remember back when I bought a Hujoo Yomi plastic BJD so I could practice faceups?

Himawari thinks your soul looks yummy.

Well, it turns out that you kind of have to have nice weather (45+ degrees and dry) to work on faceups, because the sealant you use as a base and to seal the color has to be sprayed outside and doesn't play well with temperatures near freezing. You know what that means for New Hampshire - once November hits, unless you get lucky on an unseasonably warm weekend, there won't be an opportunity to do faceups until spring. This weekend, though, temperatures rose and I had a few free hours, so I gave little Himawari some color!

Pictures under the cut! )


Jan. 22nd, 2012 10:22 am
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We finally got some shoes for our BJDs in the mail the other day! Now they don't have to have cold feet *chronic anthropomorphizer*

I got two pairs: a pair of brown lace-ups and a pair of Keds-like light green checkered sneakers. We also bought a bunch of socks and leggings because they were really inexpensive. Woot for inexpensive doll accessories!

Pictures under the cut. I didn't consider lighting or a pretty backdrop this time, so you get to see our living room. )

In other news, I have the plague. It's a strange plague in that I don't actually feel sick, I'm just hacking my lungs up all the time. Last night I ate some pineapple and the juice apparently irritated my throat, and I coughed so much Rachel thought I was having an allergic reaction. Rock. She was all ready to administer the Heimlich Maneuver/call an ambulance (<3), but I was fine in a few minutes. It's funny how much you don't appreciate being able to breathe until that ability is compromised.
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I can't believe I haven't posted any pictures of my ball-jointed doll yet! I finally got hair for her (two different wigs!) and made a skirt and a shirt for her. Rachel got the socks for me off Etsy. They're so cute!

Fort Foster had gorgeous settings and even though it was freezing, the light was nice for photography.

Fort Foster 3

More pictures! She's so pretty o_o )


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