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Apologies for being terrible at the livejournals! Rachel is begging me to post these XD And I'm not sorry that she is!

We had the MASSIVE AWESOME FINALE of our Shadowrun game this weekend, and it was incredible. See Rachel's journal for a recap. My character, Mika, is a pop star/part-time thief whose millionaire foster father decided that his next business venture would be to use Mika's music and giant fanbase to summon an ancient horror. Mika had to kill him with an orbital satellite death ray that she hacked with her brain. Fun times! (She's going to need therapy.)

I drew Rachel's character Lindir and his soon-to-no-longer-be-ex-boyfriend, Gil. Gil (an NPC) patiently put up with all of us lunatics invading his bar every few days and using it as our home base. He left Lindir at the altar when he found out that Lindir had been KIDNAPPED AND GIVEN A CYBER LEG. (This is what happens when you use the Big Book of Backgrounds to create characters XD You roll dice and consult tables for random events in your character's history. As you can see, there are some weird ones.) But because Jason is an awesome GM, we learned in the course of the game that Gil has cyber-limb baggage because of his little sister having run off to become part cyborg.

Lindir is FABULOUS.

Gil is skeptical. As he should be, considering who hangs out in his bar.

Another thing Gil is: sorry.
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I haven't posted anything in my art tumblr for years, but I was struck with the need to do Tolkien fanart and there seems to be a really nice, thriving Silmarillion fandom over there. So I drew a picture of Thranduil. If you like, have a look!
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I started taking an oil painting class in September, and this past Thursday, I signed my first painting! It was thrilling -- everyone clapped for me <3 I enjoy painting with oils so much. I learned to oil paint when I was in elementary school, taking a class in my slightly-crazy painting teacher's breezeway, with the wood stove blazing at all times of the year and unfamiliar junk food piled in bowls. I loved it then, but I don't remember anything I learned, so I found a freestyle painting class about 45 minutes away from our house when I wanted to start again. This class is wonderful, because the students paint whatever they want at their own pace and the teacher walks around the room giving guidance and advice. You come when you can and pay for each session rather than for a series of classes. Mary, my teacher, is a fantastic painter and a very friendly, kind person. The other students are all older than me and are very welcoming. Every night I go is a refreshing, relaxing experience.

I based my first painting on a bunch of different landscape photos I found around the internet. I snapped some cell phone pictures of it every time I made progress, and after I finished, I put them all together to post here!

Long, loooong images under the cut )
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Last weekend, Rachel and I went to one of my favorite places in the world: the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Rachel’s library has a membership so we can reserve passes to go down there whenever they’re available. Rachel got up early to put the egg strata we’d made the day before in the oven, so it came out hot and smelling delicious when I woke up. She made it using a small loaf of bread we’d bought at the previous weekend’s farmers market and topped it with veggie sausage patties. I usually have to wait a few hours before I want to eat breakfast, but I snarfed this down right after getting up – it was that good <3

We drove down to Boston using a new route, because the last several times we’d gone, the GPS and Rachel’s phone had taken us different circuitous routes every time. This time, we used a freaking map XD And it worked out perfectly. I think it might’ve taken us a bit longer, but the route was simpler and didn’t require that we go all the way downtown first to get to the T station on the north edge of the city. We also went to a different T stop than usual, as recommended by one of Rachel’s coworkers :) It meant we didn’t have to change lines at all and we just had to walk a little ways to get to the museum. We left our house at 9:00 and were through admission by 11:30.

Explore the museum! )
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OMG you guys - so, I used to use Photoshop all the time, even though it was a way toned-down version that came with my tablet... but when I upgraded my operating system version to Lion, my Photoshop was no longer supported. I don't have the cash to buy a more recent one, so was trying out GIMP, which worked okay... except that GIMP and my tablet don't get along, resulting in no pen pressure sensitivity, among other quirks (this means that I can't make lines that are thicker or thinner depending on how hard I press down with my tablet pen). Pressure sensitivity is really important for me in how I ink things and how I draw using a tablet, especially considering a new project I'm working on for our Etsy shop. I've been making do, but it's very frustrating and a lot harder than it needs to be.

Then, something came across my Tumblr feed last night: Fire Alpaca. Cool name, huh? It's a free painting program, and guess what - IT LOVES MY TABLET AND NOW I HAVE PRESSURE SENSITIVITY AGAIN <3 <3 <3

I spent so long fighting with GIMP that it was like a miracle to just be able to download the program, plug my tablet in, and have it WORK. If you need a paint program and you like free, give it a try! I haven't done much with it so far besides test the pressure sensitivity and then fling my hands in the air with joy, but I have high hopes :)
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I'm extremely excited to announce that we've put our first original art prints up in Cerulean Tree Studios! They're pagan-inspired illustrations done in ink and professional art markers. You may remember one from the Yule edition of Nature Nurtured :) We only have two prints right now (both available in 5x7 inches and 8x10 inches) but we're planning to add to them soon!

We have prints available of these two illustrations:

Warmth Grows thumb

rainbowstar thumb

Please visit our shop to take a look! I'd love to hear what you think of them, and if you have any suggestions for future illustrations, feel free to leave a comment! <3


Mar. 11th, 2013 09:25 pm
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Remember back when I bought a Hujoo Yomi plastic BJD so I could practice faceups?

Himawari thinks your soul looks yummy.

Well, it turns out that you kind of have to have nice weather (45+ degrees and dry) to work on faceups, because the sealant you use as a base and to seal the color has to be sprayed outside and doesn't play well with temperatures near freezing. You know what that means for New Hampshire - once November hits, unless you get lucky on an unseasonably warm weekend, there won't be an opportunity to do faceups until spring. This weekend, though, temperatures rose and I had a few free hours, so I gave little Himawari some color!

Pictures under the cut! )
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I've been following a bunch of tumblrs lately (mostly focused on faeries and mori girl fashion and cute lesbians) and I came across a really adorable one full of drawings (misskattoart) that made me want to draw too. So I'm attempting to draw one picture a day - even if it's just post-it note art - and post it on tumblr. Maybe I can actually keep it up! XD

My tumblr is at lindenleafscribbles.tumblr.com. (I have one at elaby.tumblr.com too but I use it only to follow other tumblrs.) Until I find the scanner and/or tablet, what you get is iPhone photos ^^;;
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I forgot these pictures in my last post! And Rachel says they should get their own post, so here they are XD

Athelthryth and Faethuil, our LOTRO characters, and Kyrielle and Illian, two other characters of ours. )
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I've been trying my hand at making chainmaille jewelry, and I found it really fun. Tiny little extremely shiny circles that fit together in patterns! For some reason that's really satisfying XD I had a little difficulty starting up because I had crappy materials AND a crappy tutorial (blurry pictures and skipped steps and typos in important number sequences! Awesome!) but Rachel got me a couple of books from the library that are super helpful for beginners.

Also, I realized I haven't scanned any drawings for, like, EVER, and so I thought I'd remedy that. I've only drawn a couple of things recently, but I had quite a backlog!

Chainmaille jewelry )

And now for the drawings! Nudity warning.

Mostly pencil but some ink and color zomg! )
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I know I've been kind of absent from LJ-land lately (I'm in the middle of taking a break from social media), so if I haven't been reading/commenting, rest assured I still love you all! I had to post to spread the word about [livejournal.com profile] willow_cabin and [livejournal.com profile] mermaiden's charming, inspiring, magic-filled Etsy store, The Fable Tribe. It's bursting with beauty and love and precious things - their trademark Glamourkins (pendants made from antique and vintage fairy tale illustrations), vintage animal figurines reclothed in glitter and magic, exquisite wall art, sparkly hair clips, crystal invocations - and I just had to share it. They make the most lovely things, and they're such inspiring, hard-working, beautiful ladies. Please take a look at their creations and, if you can, spread the word. The world needs more Fable Tribe magic in it :)

Last weekend, when [livejournal.com profile] caitirin and [livejournal.com profile] hak42 were at Fiber Camp, I went to the Museum of Fine Arts on Saturday and the Harvard Museum of Natural History and the Peabody Museum of Archaeology on Sunday. It was really fun going around by myself; ever since I went to LA, I've noticed that I enjoy navigating cities by myself. I tend to spend forEVER reading the plaques in museums, so it was nice to be by myself and not be holding anyone up XD

The MFA and Harvard museums )
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This is how I spent my Presidents' Day XD

Okay, so, Macbeth, right? There's a version of it with Ian McKellen in the lead role and Judy Dench as Lady Macbeth, filmed in 1979. It's an extremely good production of the play, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes Macbeth. If you're unsure of your capacity to sit through hours of uninterrupted Shakespeare recitation, though, I'm not so sure I'd recommend it, because it's not the most... action-oriented of adaptations. And although the leads are freaking fabulous, it's somewhat lacking in actors who can say a line of Shakespeare in that tone of voice where you know what they mean even if you don't understand the exact words.

BUT anyway, aside from Ian McKellen and Judy Dench, Roger Rees plays the prince Malcolm and he is utterly wonderful. You may recall him, later in life, as the Sheriff of Rottingham in Robin Hood, Men in Tights. That's where I first saw him, and he's SO YOUNG as Malcolm. Not only is he young, but he is a literally shining paragon of virtue and kingliness - while everyone else is wearing flat black, very Victorian, very minimal costumes, he's dressed in a brilliant blinding white fuzzy sweater. He glows, for reals. And my favorite scene is the one where he tries (successfully, much to my shock) to convince Macduff that's really a ROTTEN PERSON - lock your daughters away, Scotland, and hide your treasure and don't expect vows to be kept or loyalties honored, because here comes Malcolm! Riiiight. Roger Rees plays the wibbliest Malcolm known to man. I can't figure out for the life of me how Macduff was fooled by this speech, because Malcolm is very obviously about to burst into tears through the whole thing.

The internets have nearly failed me in trying to find a screencap, but here's the one lonely picture I could find of Roger Rees as Malcolm. The graininess does not do justice to the SHINY WHITENESS that is Malcolm's sweater, but you can see that it does kind of glow. That's Macduff in the background, going "WTF about my wife and children, now?" and Ross with the curly hair on the right. Ohgod that guy (why hello Emperor Palpatine!) played such a bad Ross T_T Ross is one of my much-loved tiny side characters.

BUT OKAY, getting to the point, the comic. I drew a chibi comic essentially retelling Malcolm's "I'm such a heel!" speech and it's consequences. Aaand I gave it a new ending. The last panel is the only thing that DOESN'T happen in this adaptation of the play.

I'm linking it because it's like 3000 pixels wide and would hurt your f'lists if I didn't. It's horizontally paneled, unlike my usual vertical paneled meme things.

Macduff's day is going to get no better from here. And I don't care how cute and wibbly the guy is, if he made ME cry that hard, I'd want to lamp him one too.

"Lamp him one" is courtesy of my favorite [livejournal.com profile] the_arethusa, of course, and will forever be associated with what Tim Stamper wants to do to Sarah.

LotR meme

Nov. 27th, 2010 10:49 pm
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I finally finished that Lord of the Rings meme I started like a billion months ago! Drew the final picture last night. It was so much fun XD

Looooong image. In format, it's pretty much just like the Sherlock Holmes drawing meme I did last year. )

I love you, LotR! Bendy chibis are much easier to draw than serious full portraits XD And LotR lends itself so well to silly parody not-taking-self-too-seriousness. Luckily, since it sometimes wanders into THIS ARE SRS BOOK territory.

I painted and played LOTRO with [livejournal.com profile] astillac and [livejournal.com profile] caitirin all day, and it was absolutely wonderful, and now I fall into bed!

Arts, etc.

Oct. 10th, 2010 03:20 pm
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You know that Lord of the Rings meme I'd been threatening to show you all? It's ALMOST done. One more picture. But I scanned a bunch of my other drawings (mostly fan art) that I had been ignoring in my notebook in favor of the stuff for the meme.

Fandoms include Bleach, LotR, Love Mode, and Caitirin's head )

In other news, I partitioned my MacBook and I'm now running Windows as well as OS X, so I can play LOTRO with all the cool kids :3 It's wicked neat. I knew other people had both on their computers, but that never translated in my brain to something I could accomplish too XD This also means that it's now possible for me to run Vocaloid on my computer! That is, if I can figure out where one would procure a copy, and if however much it costs is within how much I'm willing to spend on something I'm just going to be fooling around with for fun. I have no idea how to write music and have no instruments, so I'd only be creating vocal tracks, and the whole program is, I assume, in Japanese. Including, you know, the menus and instructions and everything XD But if it's not too expensive, I would SO GET IT just to make Miku sing silly songs for me.
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For my, erm, eleventh day of Creative Boot Camp, I determined to finish the picture of Hatsune Miku that I drew with my tablet and have been working on with Photoshop for-seemingly-ever. I didn't do any creative things yesterday (I watched lots of Vocaloid videos XD And we went mini-golfing!) so today I'm doing double-duty, which is allowed on the weekends.

This is the first picture that I would consider complete that I ever drew entirely on the tablet - no scanned pencils or anything, just blank-canvas-file-to-finished-picture. With a BACKGROUND. LE GASP. (It's a pretty simple background, but it's more than I usually do!)

~Datte kimi no koto ga suki na no~ Because it's you who I love )
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And, can you believe it, all this whine from drawing chibis? I'm trying to do a LotR drawing meme I found on DeviantArt, and I had all these adorable ideas, and I thought "This will be much easier and save a ton of space (i.e. make it possible to draw scenes with multiple characters within the space of the meme template) if I do chibis!" And let me tell you, my friends, blobs of cute are DECEPTIVELY COMPLICATED.

I did an experimental drawing in five minutes on a post-it at work today and I seem to remember it looking much better than the ones that took me the better part of an hour. My hand hurts from drawing, and my neck hurts from craning over my lap with my face three inches from my sketchbook. Maybe I should start drawing on, like, a hard surface or something e_e

I did succeed in drawing a convincing hat on somebody's head for the first time ever, even if it is in minimalistic chibi form.

Art dump

Aug. 1st, 2010 06:42 pm
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*heaps backlog of sketches onto your f'list*

I haven't scanned stuff in my sketchbooks in what seems like forever! Is actually less than forever. For your patience with my non-cleaned-up, non-color scribblings, I'll reward you with actual Photoshop coloring at the end. It may resemble an acid trip, but it's in color!

[ETA: I just noticed that there must've been a little scrap of paper on my scanner, because it appears in at least four of the pictures. Virtual cookies to anyone who spots it.]

Miku, Miku again, Konata, and some original characters this way )
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I keep forgetting to post both of these! I drew Konata a couple of weeks ago and used [livejournal.com profile] astillac's watercolor pencils to color her. I liked them so much I bought a set of my own :3

Link to the picture of Konata on my DeviantArt

And I got this meme from [livejournal.com profile] daegaer equally long ago! Yay for icons :D

1. Reply to this post, and I will pick five of your icons.

2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.

3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.

4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon squee. Whoo!

[livejournal.com profile] daegaer picked...

...the icons under this cut! )
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Next Saturday, [livejournal.com profile] caitirin, [livejournal.com profile] hak42, [livejournal.com profile] astillac, and I are doing a charity craft-along sort of thing where there will be much knitting and crocheting and possibly some sewing, all to be donated to charitable organizations. As I a fiber cheerleader and not much of a fiber doer, I'm going to draw instead :3

SO! My plan is this: For people who donate $5 to one of my charities (more on this below), I'll do a 30-minute drawing for them. This will be a random drawing, but I'll probably have whoever donates in mind when I draw it so that no one will get a drawing of a character they've never heard of or whatever :3 If you want to donate more and make a request, I'll draw what you request, as long as it isn't anything ridiculously complicated XD

You can choose to donate to either of these charities:

Doctors Without Borders

The National Breast Cancer Foundation

There are "Donate Now" buttons in the general upper right areas of both web pages. Please forward me your confirmation e-mail or number or whatever they give you (whatever doesn't have your credit card information or anything else you don't want to share) and I'll draw you something! Let me know if you want me to mail you the original (and send me your address), otherwise I'll scan it and e-mail it to you. Sound good? :D

Thanks, everyone!
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So, you may have noticed that [livejournal.com profile] caitirin and I saw the new Clash of the Titans remake and really, really loved it XD Sooo... I drew fanart. Eh heh. Silly, chibi, ridiculous fanart. You've been warned.

Wide image under the cut. )

Also! One more picture, one which I really like a lot more than the silly scribble above XD You know how I was trying to draw magical girls? Well, this is the only one I came up with that I really liked... which is indicative either of my tastes or my ability to draw frills XD

Foom )


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