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My god, it's been like fandom roulette in my head lately. And naturally none of the fandoms I dream about are ones I'm particularly obsessed with at the moment - some more well-loved than others, but nothing I'm thinking about very much during the day. Oh well, it makes for interesting re-telling!

First, I had a dream the a few weeks ago about the Amberites (thank you for that, Mr. Zelazny) that was weirdly Saiyuki-ish and an all-around AU while still making some sort of sense with the first five Amber books.

This would make one really screwed up fanfic. )

Then, a couple of nights ago, I had a short slashy dream right out of the Pairing List that Ate Fandom.

I suppose a crossover with the X-Files and CSI makes more sense than many other possible combinations... )

And last night, the fandom was even more obscure: did any of you watch Shark, the lawyer show with James Woods, for the couple seasons it was on a few years ago? We watched the first season and then sort of stopped following it, but we did catch a marathon the other weekend. In this dream, it was Sebastian Stark takes on Jack the Ripper, which is entirely the fault of the new Holmes novel I just finished reading, Dust and Shadow (utterly marvelous, by the way - consistently and mind-blowingly squee-inducing).

I am SUCH a DWEEB. )

And, for posterity, two "spectacle" dreams I've had recently:

Hills and burnt people )

Roller coaster ride through Middle Earth, by way of London )
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I was going to post about something. What was it? Oh yes! I had a cool dream the other night. And I was going to post about Amber. They are mostly unrelated.

The dream wasn't quite as cool as if it featured Amberites, but it was pretty cool. )

Okay, Amber. I finished re-reading the first five books today (Roger Zelazny's Chronicles of Amber, if you haven't heard me squee about them before) and the last line, the last paragraph, gives me waves of goosebumps every time I read it. I love this series so hard.

Babbling, mostly about Deirdre, actually )


May. 31st, 2009 10:14 pm
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We're officially out of Starsky and Hutch episodes XD But that's okay, because I'm using my B&N gift card to get some seasons on DVD (they're surprisingly cheap, bwee!) Anyone in the area - Barnes & Noble is having a sale starting June 2, I believe, and the dude at the store told me it'll be going for most of June, where you can buy two DVDs and get a third free. This also counts with box sets and seasons of TV shows.

I need to search LJ for icon communities and make some screencaps. [livejournal.com profile] caitirin is having a marathon crocheting session, working on this awesome shawl, and one of the episodes we just watched was one where Starsky got injected with some poison and had 24 hours to live. I knew this was the first season, for heaven's sake, but it was so freaking stressful XD I need to watch it again now that I know how it turns out so that I can appreciate all the hugging and hand-holding and declarations of friendship.

And only tangentially related - 70's detectives to 30's detectives to a hard-boiled style of narration to Corwin - I've been rereading the first five Amber books, like you do, and I keep noticing all of these new things. Like the fact that Corwin has this long mental monologue about how his current basic philosophy depends on the idea that people can truly change, not just modify existing traits, and then in the next book, he finds out that Julian - with whom he's had a relationship of constant mutual animosity since, as far as we know, birth - no longer hates him and actually wants to help him. Ahaha continuity = love. It's so nice to be rewarded for paying attention when you read something. I <3 these books.

Amber spam

Jul. 14th, 2005 10:29 pm
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Been rereading the second half of the Amber series, since I reread the first half somewhat recently and then [livejournal.com profile] caitirin read it, and she's planning to read the second half sometime as well.

Amber ranting/babbling. Er, spoilers. )

Love this icon. Never get to use it.
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You know how you always get those spam e-mails that are supposedly from
someone in Iraq/India/Botswana who wants to get millions of dollars out
of their country and promises you some incredible amount if you help
them set up an overseas account? Well, I got one today, and that wasn't
the weird part... the weird part was that it was addressed to Saionji.


is, by the way, a character from Utena. One of my favorites. I just
can't figure out where they got that name, though, because I don't
think I would have put it down anywhere instead of my actual name, or
Elaby. *eyes it*

I want to finish my book cover, and I want to make a new playlist, which would entail ripping songs of my Adore CD.

Random Amber fangirling approximately #2,809

there was this scene I just read, in Hand of Oberon, which could be
termed as adorable if I was deranged enough. Which I just might be.
Anyway, it was mildly reconciliatory and made me happy. Of course the
fact that Julian was in it, was being decent, and was actually talking
about his feelings has nothing to do with it. It went kind of like

Corwin: *chased by hunting bird* Shit. Julian. *conjures up his own bird*
Corwin: *moments later, exit left, pursued by manticora* Double shit.
Julian's Hellhounds: *make hamburger of the manticora*
Julian: *shows up* I really wish you hadn't killed my bird. I liked that one.
Corwin: ... ¬_¬ Sorry. Are you going to kill me now?
No. Instead, I'm going to be surprisingly candid. By the way, I really
like Fiona a lot, and Brand scares the fuck out of me.
Corwin: ... ?
Julian: And we really had to imprison you, you know, for your own safety, so no hard feelings.
Corwin: Aaannnd... the whole burning out my eyeballs thing, that was just for fun?
Er, no, that was my idea. But I only did it because we couldn't kill
you and not get in trouble for it later, but we couldn't be too lenient
or the Nasty Redheads would have snatched you and killed you, or used
you for their nefarious plans... and then killed you.
Corwin: ... Oookay. I guess I believe you. Because you have big snarling dogs to back you up.
Julian: Now, off you go to save the world. *arm clasp* Be careful, now!
Corwin: ... WTF?
Julian: I just don't hate you anymore. Dunno how that happened.
Corwin: ... Are you SURE you're my brother?
Julian: -_-;; Just go.

I fall asleep at my desk now. No! Must make folder cover!

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When are things NOT Corwin's fault? Only once or twice, I think...

I had this very strange dream that I was hanging around with a group of
people, who were apparently my extended family, at a summer home they
had. It was at a beach town. The people I can remember were a bunch of
little miscellaneous kids, one boy who was about 9, and a girl who was
17 or so with whom I was hanging out. I must have been younger than
her, though. The kids wanted to go out and go sliding (on the grass
O.o;;) but I was staying inside, sulking, because Benedict (of Amber)
was the patriarch of our family and he wouldn't give me my set of
Trumps, even though I was of age. I think it was traditional to give
them to me at the end of my stay there, but I wanted them now. This was
because I wanted to talk to Puck with them.

Puck was friends
with some of my older relatives, like the 17 year old girl, who had
their Trumps already. He popped in to see us, and he told me that he
wished I had my Trumps so he could contact me whenever he wanted. He
looked pretty human, not like any other Puck I've seen, and he had sort
of Dios-like
hair that was blue. I really wanted him to like me, so I wanted my damn
Trumps. Anyway, I was complaining about this to the younger boy, and he
said that Benedict had a laptop that had all sorts of information that
could help me on it. He took it out of Benedict's desk, and it looked
kind of like a large triangular prism-shaped calculator. I said that
I'd better not fool with it, and he kept pressing the on and off
button, which I think was the only thing he knew how to work. I told
him to put it back, and he said he didn't know where it went (even
though he just took it out). I was annoyed, and said that if he left it
out, Benedict would know someone was fooling around with it, and he
said I wouldn't tell on him because I was in love with him. And when I
said I wasn't, he started crying. e_e So in order to make him stop, I
had to tell him that I liked girls. Then he was happy and all "I have a
secret!"-like. Silly boys.

Weirdness plus ^_^

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I am definitely the only one out of four non-specialist type people who is here today O_o Dee and Sharon are on vacation, and Mary is probably sick again, seeing as she's not here yet and she's usually here before me.

Nobody better call with any questions I don't know!

It's raining and I have my previous Nano's characters on the brain, specifically Owen and Jolan.

I swear there was a challenge somewhere once, in a drabble community, that was "On the Edge", but I haven't gone to look yet. Which has nothing to do with Owen and Jolan, but that's okay.

Most of the lights are off here, too, so it's just really weird.

Can't find "On the Edge" as a drabble challenge, but... I haven't looked very hard. Maybe I'll just write it and pretend I didn't imagine the challenge.

Fandom: Amber
Characters: Julian
Challenge: On the Edge, whether that challenge existed anywhere or not.
Words: 100
Notes: Context - Corwin shows up in Julian's forest after 400 or so earth years of MIA-ness. Julian's dogs try to eat Corwin's car, and Corwin eventually takes Julian sort-of hostage. After getting information out of him, Corwin sends him to the edge of a cliff, tells him to look down, and to remember that anyone else would have made him jump.

Did Corwin wonder why Julian wasn’t surprised to see him, after that long?

He had expected Corwin to ask him that, after being grilled on the situation of things back home. Of course, Julian had also expected to have the answers tortured out of him.

He hated being surprised.

Why? Why? He stood with his feet as far from the edge of the cliff as he thought Corwin would allow, looking down into the faraway depths, winds from below lifting and twisting his hair.

The Corwin he knew, loathed, would have killed him. He hated not understanding what had changed.

SO dead in here today. Head aches. *furbles about wanting to write and not work*


Nov. 19th, 2003 04:34 pm
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Found it. And found that the version in my text is DIFFERENT! Gasp!

Corwin version, as I will forever remember it... also known as the version I found online after getting the hints from Amber:

"Oh what can ail thee, knight-at-arms,
Alone and palely loitering?"

Text version:

"Ah, what can ail thee, wretched wight,
Alone and palely lotering;"

Corwin version:

"For sidelong would she bend, and sing
A faery's song."

Text version:

"For sideways she would lean, and sing
A fairy's song."

Corwin version:

"She took me to her elfin grot,
And there she wept and sighed full sore,
And there I shut her wild eyes
With kisses four."

Text version:

"She took me to her elfin grot,
And there she gaz'd and sighed deep,
And there I shut her wild sad eyes--
So kiss'd to sleep."

anyway. I want to put this in my paper... but it's already long enough
and doesn't exactly follow my thesis as straightly as I'd like, because
I diverge about how DAMN COOL it is to go look up all the old meanings
of the words and what they might possibly mean in context... so I don't
think I should add more about a differing version ^^;;

Amber is STILL feckin' awesome for alluding to this.

Hurt me.

May. 25th, 2003 01:10 pm
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I am so in trouble ;)

They say that the best kind of fanfic
you can write is the type that would make the character you're writing
about want to kill you... I'm not so sure about that, in terms of
actual quality, but it's still damn fun.

Watashi wa nattobakketto desu! And as if the Amberites didn't already want my head
on a stick... this situation came to mind this morning. Pay no
attention to the fact that there was probably up to a thousand years
between births ^^;;

Chibi Princes of Amber (and Princesses)

*chibi Julian, with chin-length straight black hair, wearing a white paper
vest-thing with scales drawn on in magic marker, sits on the floor
holding leafy branches in each hand. Next to him is a large plastic toy
horse and a little grey puppy, which goes "mmr?" when he points to his

Chibi Julian - Sic him!

*he is indicating, of course...*

*chibi Corwin, with a very... er... loved silver rose pinned to his black shirt, having a face-off with chibi Eric, in red and black, wearing a red jewel on a necklace, obviously
the kind you get from 25 cent machines*

Chibi Corwin - *holding a wooden sword* Feel the wrath of Graywis... Graswa... Griwasi...

Chibi Eric - *smirk*

Chibi Corwin - *baffs him with the sword, then gives an uber-charming smile to chibi Deirdre, who's watching*

Chibi Deirdre - *claps and hides her little wooden ax, which she would have
used to kick Eric's ass had he done anything to Corwin*

*chibi Flora, with a blonde ponytail and a very froofy dress, hovers around
behind chibi Brand, who is sitting at an easel and fingerpainting in
black, blue, and purple*

Chibi Flora - That's scary, brother...

Chibi Brand - *angstangstgrumblemoodymelodramaticsigh* No one understands me.

*chibi Gérard, in blue and grey, barrels into chibi Caine, in green and black*

Chibi Gérard - WRESTLE!!

Chibi Caine - *beans him with a little toy ship* Go AWAY!

*beside them, chibi Benedict, surrounded by thousands of toy soldiers and wooden swords, gives them a world-weary look*

Chibi Benedict - -_-;;;; *goes back to playing with soldiers*

*chibi Random, with very messy blond hair, bangs away on a group of cooking
pots arranged around him. Green-haired chibi Llewella comes over,
leading a brown-haired girl by the hand*

Chibi Llewella - Random, this is my friend Vialle. She wants to listen to you play.

Chibi Random - *blushes*

*chibi Fiona and chibi Bleys are having a tug-of-war with a flat cardboard
box, which says "Magic Tricks for Young Ones of the Blood" on the cover*

Chibi Fiona - I can do it better! Gimme!

Chibi Bleys - No, you can't! You blew up Brand's paint supplies last time and he BIT me *they struggle, and it explodes in sparkly fireworks, getting them both all sooty*

And I think... that's all. I don't think I missed anyone.

Eh heh... eh heh heh ^^;;;;;;;;
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Tiiiiiired O_o

I was reading Amber (again) and there was this part... where Corwin meets a woman in this desolate place where there are lakes. And she's first described as having wild eyes, and she says, "You must be hungry, Knight at arms." She gave him food and wanted him to wile pleasureably away the hours that remain (end of the world's coming, don't you know, you can see it coming over those mountains) and when he says no, she doesn't seem to mind. And Corwin responds, "I must confess that I fully expected you to invite me to a private party which would result in me alone and palely loitering on the cold side of some hill sometime hense were I to accept."

*quotes* "Then I closed her eyes with kisses four, so as not to break the charm, and I went and mounted Star ((that's his horse)). The sedge was not withered, but he was right about the no birds. Hell of a way to run a railroad, though."

At this point, [livejournal.com profile] elaby goes "... O_o Who's 'he'?"


La Belle Dame sans Merci
John Keats

Read more... )

Damn. Amber is SO COOL. As if they didn't have enough neat things already. Random Keats allusions.
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...[livejournal.com profile] elaby has a revelation about that side character whose dogs would eat her for breakfast.

I was reading Amber again today. Mostly because my mother was doing
things on the computer and she was having all sorts of problems, which
kind of guaranteed my not getting it for the next five hours or so. So
I read Amber.

And I'm going to babble about Julian for a while. Again.

Here's my revelation, stunning as it may or may not be:

Julian liked Fiona O_o
You can see that this makes my brain go - poyoyon. Poyon poyon... poyon
poyon. Poyon poyon... poyon poyon. Poyoyon poyoyon poyoyoyon. *sings
silly little song from Tenshi ni Narumon*

So, uh, anyway. Julian
and Fiona. Fiona is... well, one of the redheads, and that says a lot
in itself. The redheads were Clarissa's children, and the sorcerers of
the family. Fiona was maybe the best... maybe not... depending on who
you ask. But she's devious. You know, more than the others ^^;; She
does crazy magic things. And tried to destroy the world, you know, only
she wouldn't exactly put it that way... it just sort of happened as a
side effect. She was part of a triumvirate to take over the throne, and
Julian was part of a rival one.

But anyway! Julian and Fiona! I am terribly divergent tonight O_o

It just adds a little bit to his personality, which is complex because
he's so hard to understand but doesn't have as many facets as, say,
Corwin - who I would never even attempt to analyze. For all those
people who always said Julian wasn't capable of affection... and I
guess this is interesting me because I didn't notice it the first time
around. Let me give you a quote.

Corwin's first person.

"Yet you countenance Fiona in Amber," I said, "In fact, you are more than a little cordial to her whenever she is about."

"Of course," he said, smiling. "I have always been very fond of Fiona. She
is certainly the loveliest, most civilized of us all. Pity Dad was
always so dead-set against brother-sister marriages, as well you know.
It bothered me that we had to be adversaries for so long as we were."

Julian. Says he's very fond of someone. That something bothered him.

Pod person moment, to be sure O_o

And then a few paragraphs later... "I would hate to see Fiona involved." Talking about the impending chaos (no pun intended).

I can't believe I didn't notice that before. It certainly makes Corwin go
O.o because he and Julian both indicate after this conversation that
they really don't hate each other anymore. But when you think about
Julian having... feelings - GOD it's strange to say that O_o - towards
Fiona, you have to wonder what she felt back. And then I remembered a
little scene back, as I described in my other post about Julian, when
everyone was discussing possibilities for who yerked Brand after they
rescued him through the Trumps.

And I quote Fiona after Corwin
questions her indication of Julian in the conspiracy, since he was
friends with Caine and wouldn't have killed him:

She curled her lip.
"Julian has no friends," she said. "That icy personality is thawed only by thoughts of himself. Oh, in recent years he seemed
closer to Caine than to anyone else. But even that... even that could
have been a part of it. Shamming a friendship long enough to make it
seem believable, so that he would not be suspect at this time. I can
believe Julian capable of that before I can believe him capable of
strong emotional attachments."


Whatta bitch. But that's why everyone loves Fiona, right? *grins*

Am I just taking this way too seriously? Probably. But that's what happens when I focus in on one character. He'd KILL me ^^;;

Another thing I noticed today, which I kind of noticed before but didn't have
enough evidence for it. Julian has this almost sullen, defensive
attitude toward how his family feels about him. Everyone else mistrusts
everyone else, but the others don't quite voice it the way he does.
It's almost childish, in a way. In the aforementioned scene, when all
of the siblings are together trying to deduce who is part of the
conspiracy, Julian eventually goes to bed after asking Corwin if
everything has been discussed. As he goes out the door, he says, "Now
you can all talk about me."

And later on, in the conversation
with Corwin about Fiona, Corwin assures him that he's off the hook for
Brand's yerking, he says something else. Julian had disappeared along
with Fiona during the night, and Corwin said that it looked bad. Julian
replied, "It would not be the first time I've been falsely accused,
suspected." That was just a little character trait that interested me.
Since all things Julian would. And Corwin killed one of his hawks. He
wasn't pleased.

Of course, that won't be the last time in the series that Julian will not be pleased... *coughs some more about Caine*

I was looking through the later books, too, for some quotes... reading
stuff about Jerk and Dolt. I mean, Jurt and Dalt... *snickers*

But I'll get to that when I actually read it.
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Why is it, when it comes to works of fiction, I always go after the
characters who would eat me for breakfast? Or, more appropriately in
this case, who would let his dogs eat me for breakfast.

I'm going to dissert on a minor character in the Amber series now. Feel free to ignore this ^_^

like Julian. The first time you see him described (ingeniously, by the
way... the characters in this series are all drawn on the Trumps of a
set of tarot cards, and the main character has no memory at the
beginning... so he goes through the cards when he first comes upon
them, and presto, you have a perfectly unique and awesome way to
catalogue each person's looks and general personality. It's brilliant.
Wish I'd thought of it. The amnesia thing is absolutely genius in
itself to introduce the immensely complex storyline.)

break in dissertation... I never knew I liked Hostess cupcakes. I do.
Mm. *scrapes frosting out of middle and eats chocolate cake*

Julian. Yeah, the first thing you hear about him is that he's got long
black hair and blue eyes, one of the few nine brothers with long hair,
and he also has this really shibby armor (he would SO kill me for
calling his armor shibby... *laughs*) that looks like white porcelain,
lacquered, I think with scales... and the first thing Corwin (main
character) remembers about him is that (1) he HATES him, and (2) he
once beat him in his favorite game, causing Julian to throw a glass of
wine at him, "shattering a near legendary control." Paraphrasing, of
course. Yeah, that bought me right there.

And I like the name Julian. And near-legendary controls always get me. So. Julian.

also has dogs. Yell hounds. Which scare me. They're big and fearsome
and they can tear a car to itty bitty pieces... or the would have if
Random didn't keep shooting them. He also has a HUGE horse called
Morgenstern. Which is not a Shakespeare reference that I know of, but
it makes me think of one... so I like it. Julian guards and generally
inhabits the Forest of Arden, which IS a Shakespeare reference, but I'm
pretty sure he got it from somewhere, too. And Arden is... is... I
wanna live there. It's a forest. It's huge. It's pretty. It's got

I'm very coherent tonight, aren't I?

I wanted
this to be coherent, too. Because Julian deserves that. He's very
complex. Damn, they're ALL complex. Because... okay. One of the
brothers is called Caine, and he isn't very nice either, but when
Corwin comes back after a long long long time and then some more time,
he finds out that Julian and Caine had been palling around together.
Which surprises him, since he didn't think Julian HAD friends. And I
think Julian was only friends with Caine to the extent that Julian can
BE friends with someone... which, luckily, was probably about the
extent which Caine could be friends with someone.

Then Caine
dies. Slit throat. And Corwin is framed. The only reason he can find to
justify why it's not Julian (his main guess... since they hate each
other) is that he was friends... "friends"... with Caine. And Corwin,
having spent hundreds of years on our Earth, has been softened up and
would like to think that no one is such a miserable sop as to feign
friendship with someone and then kill them. Which is what Fiona (one of
the sisters) proposes... of course, that's Fiona. Who has good reason
to be pointing fingers elsewhere *cough*

But the main point of
my dissertation was Julian's reaction to all this, to the meeting that
was called after Caine died and things were discussed and another
brother was brought back by means of the aforementioned Trumps, which
you can transport people through, and subsequently yerked by one of the
pullers-through. Once the group of them decided that it must be one of
their own who was behind everything, Julian said something to the
effect of wanting to be the interrogator if they found out who it was -
and wanting to, afterwards, be allowed to slit their throat.

proceed to argue about it for a while, and then they agree not to kill
whoever is behind everything if they turn themselves in, but to exile
them. Julian will only agree to this if whoever did it wasn't
personally responsible for Caine's death. They humor him.

My own
little take on this might be slightly in error. I lean towards the
opinion that this first comment, about the interrogating and
throat-slitting, was an outburst... and Julian doesn't like those.
Corwin mentions, quite often, that Julian dislikes showing strong
emotion. So, in order to make up for that - and, probably more
importantly, because he saw the opportunity to do something that would
make himself look better - he started the bit about having to add
conditions to the no-kill-only-exile agreement. The entire family is
very conniving, self-interested, totally mistrustful of one another.
Well, almost totally.

But that's Julian, in my head. And
there's going to be more speculation as I read these books this second
time. I like this character, and all of them, because they are
unashamed (at least, in the way they are written... neither they nor
the author make any excuses for them) of their bad qualities. Julian IS
a prick. It's very obvious. But he's not JUST a prick, and that's why I
like him... that's what makes these books so damn good.

Going to leave you with a couple quotes ^_^

First, a conversation between Corwin and Julian that made me laugh:

Corwin: "Your words are ill-considered."
"Not so. I considered every one of them. We spend so much time lying to
one another that I decided it might be amusing to say what I really
felt. Just to see whether anyone noticed."

And... something that made me think of the way RC, Bethany, and I write... ^_^

a human on Earth, to Corwin: "I've a peculiar feeling I may never see
you again. It is as if I were one of those minor characters in a
melodrama who gets shuffled offstage without ever learning how things
turn out."
Corwin: "I can appreciate the feeling. My own role sometimes makes me want to strangle the author."


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And now for another session of [livejournal.com profile] elaby Learned Something Neat in British Lit and Has to Share.

Apostrophe - the act of addressing something or someone that is not (or could not be) possibly listening.

Like talking to the moon.

Anagnoresis - the moment of realization.

Jace had one of these last night *grins*

Possibly related to the BFO, from my Young Women's Leadership Conference... Blinding Flash of the Obvious.

for your reading enjoyment, some of the best fight dialogue I've ever
read, courtesy of Corwin of Amber. Watch as with deftness and finesse,
Corwin makes his opponents attempts at eloquent trash-talk fall flat...

Corwin: Who are you?

Evil Horned Being's Minion: Strygalldwir is my name. Conjure with it and I will eat your heart and liver.

Corwin: Conjure with it? I can't even pronounce it. And my cirrhosis would give you indigestion. Go away.


Minion: Who are you?

Corwin: None of your business, Charlie. Ladybird, Ladybird, fly away home--

*clip, in which Corwin cuts Minion and Minion's wounds flame up*

Tonight I will suck the marrow from your bones! I will dry them and
work them most cunningly into instruments of music! Whenever I play
upon them, your spirit will writhe in bodiless agony!

Corwin: You burn prettily.

just love Corwin. I also liked the part where, back in the "real" world
after hundreds of years on the human Earth, he goes "That ratfink!" and
the guy he's with is like "... O.o wha?" Ratfink is a word I need to
have Flynn use.

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But here is the real reason for my post - new icons ^_^ Hehe... Here they are. A lot of Utena ones tonight ^_^ One to replace my old Anthy icon. Yippee!

I saw Chicago today. It was spectacular. Flynn insists I must have the
music NOW. Catherine Zeta-Jones is so sexy O.O And everyone did an
amazing singing/dancing/acting job. Go Richard Gere and his hat!

I had ideas for Ishmerai today. You see, this particular plot is in my
hands, and I worry about that ^^;; But I only need one piece and I'll
have everything worked out. I have the whys down, just not all the
hows. But most of them.

And Amber is sucking me in again. Never get involved in a land war in Asia, and never
try to march three thousand troops up Kolvir when all you've got are
two semi-immortals and a bunch of Big Red Guys and Little Hairy Guys,
of whom you've grown strangely fond because of your five-hundred years
living with those damn sentimental Earth people.

And now I'm quite finished.


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