Dec. 7th, 2015

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Apologies for being terrible at the livejournals! Rachel is begging me to post these XD And I'm not sorry that she is!

We had the MASSIVE AWESOME FINALE of our Shadowrun game this weekend, and it was incredible. See Rachel's journal for a recap. My character, Mika, is a pop star/part-time thief whose millionaire foster father decided that his next business venture would be to use Mika's music and giant fanbase to summon an ancient horror. Mika had to kill him with an orbital satellite death ray that she hacked with her brain. Fun times! (She's going to need therapy.)

I drew Rachel's character Lindir and his soon-to-no-longer-be-ex-boyfriend, Gil. Gil (an NPC) patiently put up with all of us lunatics invading his bar every few days and using it as our home base. He left Lindir at the altar when he found out that Lindir had been KIDNAPPED AND GIVEN A CYBER LEG. (This is what happens when you use the Big Book of Backgrounds to create characters XD You roll dice and consult tables for random events in your character's history. As you can see, there are some weird ones.) But because Jason is an awesome GM, we learned in the course of the game that Gil has cyber-limb baggage because of his little sister having run off to become part cyborg.

Lindir is FABULOUS.

Gil is skeptical. As he should be, considering who hangs out in his bar.

Another thing Gil is: sorry.


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